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1 Homotopia to stage live performances at the Everyman, Liverpool > Theatre > Style
2 Homotopia Festival will stage first live performances at the Everyman Theatre
3 Am I over the moon with my Mooncup?
4 Menstrual cup misuse can ‘lead to greater risk of pelvic organ prolapse’, experts warn
5 Boots is now selling its own brand of menstrual cup and plant-based applicator tampons
6 How to use a menstrual cup, according to experts
7 Menstrual cups may pose greater risk of toxic shock syndrome than tampons, study claims
8 Menstrual Hygiene Day: From tampons to CBD oil, everything you need to get through your period
9 Menstrual cups as safe and effective as tampons, says scientific review
10 In this new post-coronavirus world, one day of menstrual leave a month is all I ask
11 Asos selling the Mooncup: Why you should start using menstrual cups
12 Period Poverty: Many schools still 'not aware' they can order free tampons and pads for pupils, charity says
13 Tampon and pad shortages in lockdown means now is the time for sustainable period products
14 I tried using menstrual cups, this is what happened
15 World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020: Alternative sanitary products, from period pants to Mooncups
16 Period poverty: Scotland moves a step closer to making sanitary products free for all
17 Free sanitary products made available in all schools in England
18 Sustainable Shopping: Alternatives To Single-Use Products
19 Sarah Keyworth at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival : Video 2019
20 How to Have a Sustainable Period | Style | London On The Inside
21 Free period products made available through Hackney schools
22 Women: the bloody, funny truth
23 Tarot: 4 star review by Kate Nora
24 The Casting Directors Association awards 2018 winners revealed
25 Free period products to be provided in schools in New Zealand, says Jacinda Ardern
26 How to put your money where your mouth is: 20 Eco-friendly products for home, garden and driveway
27 12 Best sustainable period products in the UK
28 'I tried out period-proof underwear
29 Liverpool Pride 2018 line-up and set times
30 The extraordinary haul of rubbish volunteers cleared from Bute Park after Storm Dennis
31 Eco-friendly alternatives to sanitary napkins
32 Special edition of the Big Issue will raise awareness of period poverty
33 Weekend: Sarah Keyworth on her ambitious new show and how she’s turning into her dad
34 Daniel Kitson, Theatre Royal, Brighton
35 If endometriosis affected men and women equally, there would have been an inquiry decades ago
36 Life on the inside: 10 ways to be eco-friendly during lockdown
37 Review
38 Edinburgh comedy reviews: from Flo & Joan to Tez Ilyas – the best shows to see at the Fringe
39 Period dramas: menstruation really can be a bloody nightmare
40 End to periods? Tampon sales plummet as prescriptions rise for contraception that can stop menstrual cycle
41 Concert pic of the morning: Snoop Dogg at the Imperial | Georgia Straight Vancouver's News & Entertainment Weekly
42 The astonishing amount of plastic in period products
43 UK government launches new taskforce to put an end to period poverty
44 Money Diary: A Social Worker Living In London On 47k
45 Period pain causes women nearly nine days of lost productivity at work per year, study finds
46 Giant nappies, CD burning and 'perv bops': when girl bands go wrong
47 Kotex issues international tampon recall after products unravel inside women
48 Pink cab called 'tampon taxi' to distribute sanitary products to homeless women
49 Football player Fran Kirby syncs training schedule with menstrual cycle
50 How women’s menstrual cycles are linked to alcohol, according to recovering alcoholic
51 ‘Like two Abercrombie models at the Wesley disco’: The best and worst of Eurovision 2019
52 Swansong review
53 Comedian Cariad Lloyd hounded off Twitter by anti-trans trolls
54 Review: A Midsummer Night's Dream
55 Readers and critics on the Edinburgh Festival's best shows and places to eat and drink
56 Review: Hannah Gadsby's 'Douglas'
57 Always sanitary products remove feminine symbol in move towards inclusivity
58 13 items under £20 that have changed people's lives for the better
59 Talking about periods is a revolutionary act when women and girls worldwide suffer shame and discrimination
60 Have Period Product Ads Changed To Reflect A More Realistic Experience?
61 Female authors are so in vogue that I’ve missed some great male stories
62 Average schoolgirl takes three days off each term due to period-related issues, study finds
63 You can't ask me that: Why it's never OK to ask someone if it's that time of the month
64 Coquitlam students win national young environmental reporter awards
65 Zoe Saldana thinks America has a problem with diversity in the workplace – here’s how she’s trying to fix it
66 A life-changing cup
67 Reducing Waste: Third instalment: waste-free feminine care
68 Households helping to cut carbon emissions
69 Police to give women in custody free sanitary products under new law after detainees left to 'bleed out'
70 Doctor goes viral for telling women to stop putting garlic in their vaginas – because apparently it’s a thing
71 6'98: Redefinitions preview
72 I've given up work to help women in remote Africa
73 England footballer Steph Houghton calls for end of period poverty to build young girls’ confidence
74 'It's time for change': The Teesside group tackling period poverty
75 One in five girls and young women bullied or teased over periods, study finds
76 Nadia Kamil
77 Edinburgh Fringe 2015: The 'tampon tax' has inspired new wave of female comedians to reclaim period jokes
78 No, Mommy Doesn't Need More Wine: Challenging the alcohol-as-lifestyle narrative
79 Helen Monks on 'Raised by Wolves' and the real story of the writer Caitlin Moran and her feral siblings
80 Feminist American stand-up Jena Friedman on breaking taboos
81 Meet the people behind London's best festivals
82 This is why you should REALLY avoid flushing THESE items down the toilet
83 Why is Romola Garai Britain's angriest (and most right-on) actress?
84 'There's a very real hole in my life right now'
85 Errors & Omissions: Time to lay down the rules for those awkward
86 Bella Younger: I'm fed up with skinny women peddling chia seeds and beach yoga
87 'Ecstatic' couple become parents to babies conceived with help of lesbian surrogates
88 Zero waste living: 'You regret not starting earlier
89 Washable toilet paper? Perth's Earth Girl embraces zero waste
90 GOLF: Enmore Park win the Pickeridge Bowl
91 Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded missus? Hersband? Anything but wife?
92 Talking rubbish: the woman who stores hers in one jar