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Result Content Idea Research
1 Matthew Sweeney First Jasper to Receive Udall Foundation Honorable Mention
2 Two Illinois students named Udall Scholars | Illinois
3 Embodying Environmentalism: Matt Sweeney Receives Udall Foundation Honorable Mention
4 Bieniak '21 Awarded National Udall Scholarship | Illinois Wesleyan
5 U of A Student Receives Recognition From Udall Scholarship Foundation
6 Environmental institute could be renamed after Sen. John McCain
7 3 students win Udall scholarship to pursue environmental, tribal careers
8 Rose Albert awarded Udall Scholarship
9 Four students nominated for Udall scholarships | The University of Kansas
10 Udall Scholar combines environmental sustainability research with action
11 Columbia University Indian American Student Amar Bhardwaj Named Udall Scholar, Focus on Environment Policy
12 UConn Sophomore Wins Udall Scholarship
13 UGA Honors student Jonah Driggers receives Udall Scholarship
14 Two UW-Madison students receive Udall Scholarship
15 Information Management: Selected Agencies Need to Fully Address Federal Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements
16 Marcos Moreno '17 is named a 2016 Udall scholar | Cornell Chronicle
17 How Philanthropy Can Help Lead on Data Justice
18 UMass Amherst Junior Michael Crowley Wins Udall Scholarship
19 Nearly 300 U of A Students Receive National Recognition in 2019-20
20 Emory student earns Udall Scholarship for environmental leadership
21 Agencies With Highest & Lowest Average Salary
22 Prestigious Udall award goes to Yaqui student from Tucson
23 One KU junior wins Udall Scholarship; another earns honorable mention
24 MSU students finish strong year of major scholarship wins
25 MSU Native American student Montana Wilson wins prestigious Gates Cambridge scholarship
26 The Filibuster's Power to Block Nominees
27 U of A Students Named as Goldwater Scholars, Udall Honorable Mentions
28 MSU graduate student receives more than $60,000 scholarship from National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
29 Scientist, Environmentalist Margaret Lindeman '15 Wins Udall Grant
30 Tracking Trump's nominations
31 In banner year, more ASU students earning prestigious scholarships
32 How Profit and Incompetence Delayed N95 Masks While People Died at the VA
33 UW-Madison student named Rhodes Scholar; another is finalist
34 Is Christmas Eve a Federal Holiday? What Government Offices are Open on December 24?
35 Masks Sold by Former White House Official to Navajo Hospitals Don’t Meet FDA Standards
36 Did Your Job Give You Masks or Other Protective Gear? Send Us a Picture.
37 We're Making Public Records Requests to Help Us Cover the Coronavirus. Tell Us What We Should Be Asking For.
38 A School on Navajo Nation Stayed Open. Then People Started Showing Symptoms.
39 Remote Alaska Villages Isolate Themselves Further in Effort to Shield Against Coronavirus
40 A Major Medical Staffing Company Just Slashed Benefits for Doctors and Nurses Fighting Coronavirus
41 A Hospital Was Accused of Racially Profiling Native American Women. Staff Said Administrators Impeded an Investigation.
42 Trump Congratulates Businesses for Helping Fight Coronavirus. But His Own Company Has Been Absent.
43 Intellectual Disability Service Providers Want to Protect Clients. The State Isn’t Telling Them How.
44 Internal Messages Reveal Crisis at Houston Hospitals as Coronavirus Cases Surge
45 On the Minds of Black Lives Matter Protesters: A Racist Health System
46 Ignoring Trump and Right-Wing Think Tanks, Red States Expand Vote by Mail
47 When the State Shifted to E-learning, This Rural School Superintendent Shifted to the Copy Machine
48 How the Rich and Powerful Profit From Crises Like Coronavirus
49 Some Towns Still Haven’t Halted Utility Shut-offs for Unpaid Water Bills During Coronavirus, Even as Federal Lawmakers Demand It
50 The Trump Administration Drove Him Back to China, Where He Invented a Fast Coronavirus Test
51 Republican Billionaire’s Group Pushes Unproven COVID-19 Treatment Trump Promoted
52 It’s Hardly Shocking the Navy Fired a Commander for Warning of Coronavirus Threat. It’s Part of a Pattern.
53 This VA Hospital Cited “Misleading” Data to Restrict Mask Use for Health Care Workers
54 Internal Emails Show How Chaos at the CDC Slowed the Early Response to Coronavirus
55 Whether the Ballot You Mail Is Counted May Depend on Where You Vote
56 Do I Know Enough to Get a Job as a Contact Tracer?
57 “All the Hospitals Are Full”: In Houston, Overwhelmed ICUs Leave COVID-19 Patients Waiting in ERs
58 “Immune to Evidence”: How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread
59 Meet the Pastors Holding In-Person Services During Coronavirus
60 Nursing Homes Violated Basic Health Standards, Allowing the Coronavirus to Explode
61 How America’s Hospitals Survived the First Wave of the Coronavirus
62 Lupus Patients Can’t Get Crucial Medication After President Trump Pushes Unproven Coronavirus Treatment
63 Climate Change Won’t Stop for the Coronavirus Pandemic
64 In Desperation, New York State Pays Up to 15 Times the Normal Prices for Medical Equipment
65 Methodology: How ProPublica Mapped Hospital Capacity for Coronavirus
66 The Governor Urged Businesses to Reopen Safely, but a Restaurant at His Luxury Resort Didn’t, Complaints Say
67 ICE Has Repeatedly Failed to Contain Contagious Diseases, Our Analysis Shows. It’s a Danger to the Public.
68 How Climate Change Is Contributing to Skyrocketing Rates of Infectious Disease
69 Taxpayers Paid Millions to Design a Low-Cost Ventilator for a Pandemic. Instead, the Company Is Selling Versions of It Overseas.
70 The TSA Hoarded 1.3 Million N95 Masks Even Though Airports Are Empty and It Doesn’t Need Them
71 “Similar to Times of War”: The Staggering Toll of COVID-19 on Filipino Health Care Workers
72 This Rural Nursing Home Has Lost Nearly a Quarter of Its Residents to COVID-19. Now Its State Is Reopening.
73 Another Private Jet Company Owned by a Trump Donor Got a Bailout — This One for $20 Million
74 Agonizing Lag in Coronavirus Research Puts Pregnant Women and Babies at Risk
75 Families of Special Needs Students Fear They’ll Lose School Services in Coronavirus Shutdown
76 Inside the Jail With One of the Country’s Largest Coronavirus Outbreaks
77 As Doctors and Nurses Grow Desperate for Protective Gear, They Fear They’re Infecting Patients
78 After Discovering a Sailor With Coronavirus, the U.S. Navy Crowded Dozens Into One Room
79 No, President Trump, Testing Is Not Causing Case Counts to Rise. The Virus Is Just Spreading Faster.
80 Medical Staffing Companies Cut Doctors’ Pay While Spending Millions on Political Ads
81 How — and When — Can the Coronavirus Vaccine Become a Reality?
82 The Chicago Housing Authority Was Slow to Protect Residents During the Coronavirus Outbreak
83 Millions of Federal Workers Still Waiting on Work-From-Home Order During Coronavirus Pandemic
84 Calls to Illinois’ Child Abuse Hotline Dropped by Nearly Half Amid the Spread of Coronavirus. Here’s Why That’s Not Good News.
85 In Chicago, Urban Density May Not Be to Blame for the Spread of the Coronavirus
86 The Veterans Health Administration Has Banned Even Administrative Employees From Working From Home
87 Nursing Homes Fought Federal Emergency Plan Requirements for Years. Now, They’re Coronavirus Hot Spots.
88 In a 10-Day Span, ICE Flew This Detainee Across the Country — Nine Times
89 The Feds Gave a Former White House Official $3 Million to Supply Masks to Navajo Hospitals. Some May Not Work.
90 Hidden in the New House Coronavirus Relief Bill: Billions for Defense Contractors
91 Sen. Richard Burr Is Not Just a Friend to the Health Care Industry. He’s Also a Stockholder.
92 How New York City’s Emergency Ventilator Stockpile Ended Up on the Auction Block
93 Can You Be Evicted During Coronavirus? Here’s How to Find Out.
94 House Democrats Demand Trump Administration Stop Rushing Through Deportations of Migrant Children
95 100,000 Lives Lost to COVID-19. What Did They Teach Us?
96 Health Officials Recommended Canceling Events with 10-50 People. Then 33,000 Fans Attended a Major League Soccer Game.
97 Wedding Planner, Caterer, “Brand Builder”: Trump’s Food Aid Program Is Paying $100+ Million to Unlicensed Dealers
98 A Spike in People Dying at Home Suggests Coronavirus Deaths in Houston May Be Higher Than Reported
99 He Removed Labels That Said “Medical Use Prohibited,” Then Tried to Sell Thousands of Masks to Officials Who Distribute to Hospitals
100 Small Businesses Failed by Federal Bailout Program Turn to Cash-Strapped Local Governments for Help