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Result Content Idea Research
1 Indigenous people across the US want their land back -- and the movement is gaining momentum
2 How crime survivors are boosting the movement for less incarceration
3 Feminism Not Militarism: Medea Benjamin on the Movement to Oppose Michèle Flournoy as Pentagon Chief
4 Anti-spending movement gains momentum ahead of Black Friday
5 George Floyd death: On 6-month anniversary of death, did he spark a moment or start a movement?
6 Movement for multiple sclerosis: a multi-site partnership for practice and research
7 New National Yes Network set to unite the movement
8 The TeamUp Fitness App Promotes Connection, Movement, & More with 'Fitness HookUps'
9 NFL Power Rankings for Week 12: Finally some movement
10 Protesting — was it just a trend, or is it a movement?
11 'Bachelorette' Spotlights Black Lives Matter Movement in Rare Conversation About Race
12 How tissue geometry influences the movement of cells through the body
13 Human rights movement
14 Movement for Justice: "Yes. It is racist. Stop the deportation flight"
15 'Frank didn't adhere to any movements': behind the Zappa documentary
16 The Movement to Modernize Math Class
17 No movement in national rankings for Badgers hockey teams
18 How the movement of people has always spread infections
19 From Fins to Limbs and Water to Land: Evolution of Terrestrial Movement in Early Tetrapods
20 Epic Games' Tim Sweeney Compares Apple Lawsuit to Civil Rights Movement
21 The Movement That Cannot Wait
22 Maryville woman offers free meal, starts movement | Features
23 Schumer hints at movement on Covid relief
24 Kshama Sawant: Democrats and the Right Are Attacking Me — And Left Movements Everywhere
25 California vetoed ethnic studies requirements for public high school students, but the movement grows
26 What the thriving sustainability movement means for disrupted retailers
27 What do slight arm movements reveal about our breathing and health?
28 Coronavirus: how anti-vax movements threaten to undermine Covid-19 immunity push
29 Movement & whimsy: International Folk Art Winter Auction features cultural pieces from artists around the world
30 Wesley Matthews thinks off-ball movement makes him great fit for Lakers
31 What is the Indigenous landback movement -- and can it help the climate?
32 Stopping a movement | Reveal
33 "This Outcry Is Personal": Designer Theresa Ebagua On Nigeria's #EndSars Movement
34 Long Island Teen Launches Eco-Friendly Refill Business, Says Taking Small Steps ‘Creates The Movement’
35 New Cape Elizabeth store extends local-sourcing movement to lumber
36 Duke basketball: A look at all Blue Devil movements in NBA free agency
37 Computer mouse movements may reveal appetite for risk-taking
38 Wisconsin business owners talk 'Sober Curious Movement', share mocktail recipe
39 The Birth of the Animal Rights Movement
40 The movement to defeat Trump in 2020: The people and events that shaped the effort
41 Movement of Coffee Restricted from Maui and Hawai‘i Island Due to Coffee Leaf Rust
42 NFL odds Week 12: Opening Lines, Sharp Money & Line Movement
43 Kresge's New Racial Justice Grants Connect a National Movement with Local Action
44 'Defund the police' movement 6 months after killing of George Floyd
45 Inside the Movement to Decolonize Psychedelic Pharma
46 Reaching for Answers: Exploring Movement in the Brain
47 The forgotten Flash Website movement (when websites were 'the new emerging artform')
48 Reports of Hong Kong’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated
49 Black Lives Matter: Kagiso Rabada reiterates commitment to movement as South Africa opt not to take a knee
50 BSU and LWGRC Generate Discussion on the BLM Movement
51 Sunrise Movement Climate Activists Call On Biden To 'Keep His Promises'
52 The Death Positive Movement Encourages Us to Face Death Directly
53 Movement Hopes to Encourage Support for Artists During Holiday Shopping Season
54 WHO: Every type of movement counts towards better health
55 Movement Behind Book Project ‘Black Characters Matter' Continues to Grow
56 Voices of the new movement
57 Trump Administration Labels Movement To Boycott Israel 'Anti-Semitic'
58 Shotzzy is already breaking Black Ops Cold War’s movement in crazy ways
59 Agitated Trump Supporters Coalescing into Distrustful New Election Integrity Movement
60 The Battleground States Where We've Seen Some Movement In The Polls
61 James Moran, the force behind Philadelphia’s worker health and safety movement, dies at 81
62 The radical history of the Red Power movement's fight for Native American sovereignty
63 How I Built Resilience: Varshini Prakash of Sunrise Movement : How I Built This with Guy Raz
64 ‘We’re Literally Fighting For Our Lives.’ A New Political Movement Emerges Outside Puerto Rico’s Two-Party System
65 Karnataka's defining moments: The Gokak movement and Kannada pride
66 NFL Thanksgiving Odds: Line Movement, DraftKings Sportsbook Football Betting Analysis
67 Computer mouse movements 'reveal whether you're a risk-taker', study says
68 The latest movement for South Carolina's class ranking
69 ‘Women Of The Movement’: Niecy Nash Joins ABC Limited Series
70 Colombia’s peace movement is not defeated, just temporarily repressed
71 Cancellations limit movement in Mountain West football power ratings
72 Support for Black Lives Matter movement has decreased significantly since June, local and national polls
73 Top-rated military nonprofit Homes For Our Troops joins Giving Tuesday movement
74 The Movement for Black Lives and Labor's Revival
75 Outside The Confines: Let the free agent movement begin!
76 Harassment of San Isidro movement exemplifies Cuba's assault on free expression
77 It's not a moment; it's a movement | Nov. 18-24, 2020
78 ‘Stand by Her’: In China, a Movement Hands Out Free Sanitary Pads in Schools
79 Ecological insights from three decades of animal movement tracking across a changing Arctic
80 HDOA NEWS RELEASE: Interim Rule Restricts Movement of Coffee from Maui and Hawai`i Island
81 Sheremetyevo Airport Receives "Formula of Movement" Award for Effective Media Coverage During the Pandemic
82 Black Movements Won This Election—Period
83 I saw identity politics tear the Occupy movement apart. Economic leftists must ditch wokeness.
84 Social Movements Lead Recovery from Devastating Back-to-back Hurricanes in Central America
85 WATCH NOW: Sweatshop Movement looks to 'Make Big Moves'
86 Measuring risk-taking
87 A Global Movement to ‘Reject’ the Chinese Communist Party Tours Melbourne
88 Training for Power Part 1: Spine Stiffness & Upper Body Movement
89 How Women Powered Nigeria’s #ENDSARS Movement
90 Spinal motoneurons of the human newborn are highly synchronized during leg movements
91 Arctic Animals' Movement Patterns are Shifting Due to Changing Climate
92 Trump-linked figures have boosted #StopTheSteal movement
93 As Feinstein Steps Down as Top Judiciary Democrat, Sunrise Movement Demands She Go One Step Further: 'Resign'
94 Meet the individuals making the 'financial independence, retire early,' or FIRE, movement more inclusive by challenging norms around saving, debt, and living frugally
95 San Francisco Commits to All-Electric New Homes and Buildings as Movement Gains Steam
96 Trumpism without Trump: Democrats confront a defeated President's growing movement
97 MOVEments Podcast Highlights Service, Civic Engagement
98 Nigeria's #EndSARS Movement and Media Suppression
99 State Department's attack on the BDS movement endangers human rights protection
100 Joe Biden Just Appointed His Climate Movement Liaison. It's a Fossil-Fuel Industry Ally.