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1 New Paris Mayoral Contender Is Named After Scandal Topples Macron Ally
2 France Confirms First Death in Europe From Coronavirus
3 Three women go head to head in race for Paris mayor
4 Paris mayor hopeful calls for new armed police force
5 Paris Mayoral Candidates Ditch the Usual Kiss on the Cheek as Coronavirus Spreads
6 Local Elections Deliver Blow to France’s Macron
7 After hearing birdsong during lockdown, French cities vote Green
8 U.S. Says It Will Evacuate Americans From Cruise Ship
9 France confirms 2 cases of virus from China, first in Europe
10 Sarkozy protégée Rachida Dati leads all‑female race to be mayor of Paris
11 Coronavirus: More suspected cases in France
12 France Moves to Lift Ban on Assisted Reproduction for Female Couples
13 Emmanuel Macron defies protests over pension reforms
14 U.K. Declares Coronavirus ‘Imminent Threat’ as Europe Scrambles
15 French police search senior politicians' homes in pandemic probe
16 China coronavirus: Death toll rises as disease spreads
17 Coronavirus: Five infected with deadly virus in France are all British, minister says
18 France announces extra €40m fund for mental healthcare
19 Two wheels bad, cry Parisians in bike row
20 Coronavirus: Death Toll Climbs, and So Does the Number of Infections
21 Coronavirus outbreak: First confirmed cases in Europe as France declares three infections
22 Deaths in China From Coronavirus Reach 811, Surpassing SARS Toll
23 France's Macron defies coronavirus lockdown with elections
24 Heat waves: How France has cut death toll 90% since 2003
25 Madame la Maire: Paris, Reform, and the Improbable Rise of Anne Hidalgo
26 Summer heat killed over 1400 in France, minister says
27 French Ain babies: Missing limb births prompt national inquiry
28 France 'low coronavirus risk' as French suspect clear
29 French President Denies That Fathers Need to be Male
30 France's Macron set for Covid test in local vote
31 France sets out key healthcare reforms for 2022 law
32 Minister 'not against' cannabis cigarettes in France
33 Minister wants larger 'no alcohol when pregnant' logo
34 France debates new emergency number to help hospitals
35 Europe’s first coronavirus death confirmed as patient in France dies amid warnings deadly bug could kill 4
36 Coronavirus: China reports drop in new cases for third straight day
37 In Paris, Cafe Terraces Are an Environmental Battleground
38 Homeopathy no longer reimbursed in France from 2021
39 Dangerous chemicals found in nappy tests by French authority
40 UK Coronavirus news latest: France announces two cases of deadly virus after outbreak in China
41 First Edition: February 18, 2020
42 France issues list of non-reimbursed homeopathy drugs
43 French minister lists 12 emergency hospital measures
44 Coronavirus: France confirms three cases of deadly virus
45 ‘She’s a TIMEBOMB’ Chinese woman hides Coronavirus to enter France
46 Chinese president says he took early behind-the-scenes action against COVID-19
47 Brighton student told to self-isolate over coronavirus link
48 Storm in a wine glass as French doctors criticise Emmanuel Macron's twice-a-day drinking habit
49 Free glasses and dentistry in France... for 2022
50 Unvaccinated French boy reintroduces measles to Costa Rica
51 Tuesday, February 18, 2020
52 What you need to know about coronavirus
53 Calls for health minister to go amid new thyroid study
54 Macron unveils five-year French healthcare overhaul
55 France moves to extend IVF to gay and single women
56 France launches new investigation into babies born with stunted or missing arms
57 Sri Lanka- Coronavirus spreads to Europe as death toll in China rises
58 Tests on farm food near Rouen plant fire 'reassuring'
59 'Flu jabs run low in France as more opt for vaccine
60 Millions with flu-like symptoms could be told to stay off work if coronavirus spreads
61 Cervical cancer screening made free
62 U.S. ‘Headed in the Wrong Direction’ as a 3rd Peak Nears
63 Doctors join emergency hospital strike in France
64 Coronavirus: Flight of more than 200 leaves outbreak epicentre in China for UK | ITV News
65 French flu vaccine season begins, with easier access
66 French agency confirms 'good quality' of Levothyrox
67 Huge jump in coronavirus cases and deaths in China as U.S. confirms 15th case
68 Hundreds of doctors 'resign' in France in new protest
69 EXPLAINED: The 'absurd slaughterhouse' that leaves France with a shortage of doctors
70 Europe heatwave sees temperatures soar to record highs as wildfires take hold in Spain
71 President Macron's En Marche party hit hard in local French polls
72 Heatwaves in France caused an extra 1500 deaths, officials say
73 Global leaders launch Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge
74 IVF for lesbians pits French progressives against traditionalists
75 UK 'could ban ALL flights from China and block foreign citizens from entering'
76 Outrage over death of French woman mocked by emergency operators
77 Sacre bleu! France to stub out on-screen smoking
78 Coronavirus LIVE: First case of deadly virus confirmed in Sri Lanka as death toll at 81
79 Parents demand answers after dozens of babies were born in France missing arms
80 Wuhan woman 'cheated' coronavirus checks to fly out for Michelin-starred meal in France
81 Can France Say Hello Without a Kiss on the Cheek?
82 Occitanie first French region in 2019 'flu epidemic
83 Coronavirus: 70 more cases on Japan cruise ship as China infections pass 68,000
84 EU launches pandemic fiscal firefight
85 IAAF strongly denies latest charge over operations on DSD athletes
86 Health officials in France 'delay long-awaited report'
87 Inquiry into babies born with arm defects in Brittany
88 Heatwave advice: France reacts to 45°C red alert
89 France’s traditional ‘French kiss’ could now be the greeting of the past with social distancing in force
90 Coronavirus conspiracy theories: France riven with fear and distrust
91 First British patient tested for coronavirus reveals he was treated by doctors in 'spaceman suits'
92 Coronavirus latest: US confirms further cases as French citizens prepare to be evacuated from Wuhan
93 French leader decries Islamist terror attack against teacher
94 France to close its cannabis coffee shops | World
95 How the Dutch mastered work from home, climate change during lockdown & other Covid news
96 Macron announces France's new €8bn 'poverty plan'
97 Coronavirus: US death toll jumps to more than 78000 — as it happened
98 Fear Has Yet to Be Extinguished After Chemical Fire in France
99 Wine is different from other alcohols and cannot be blamed for binge drinking, French minister claims
100 Coronavirus: Nearly half of all hospital beds in Paris now occupied by Covid patients, says French PM