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1 Lib Dems 'to focus on what people really need,' says Davey
2 Sir Ed Davey wins Liberal Democrat leadership race
3 Jo Swinson loses Dunbartonshire East seat to SNP
4 Nicola Sturgeon celebrates Jo Swinson losing her seat
5 Rockhampton mum Karen Gilliland's children's book published by friend after tragic death
6 Brexit: Lib Dems to drop commitment to UK membership of the EU
7 Election results 2019: Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson to step down
8 How a misleading story about Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson's husband went viral
9 How Jo Swinson went from Commons reject to wannabe prime minister
10 General election 2019: Jo Swinson interview fact-checked
11 Lib Dem election campaign 'a high-speed car crash', says party inquiry
12 Swinson being lined up for Lib Dem seat in Holyrood
13 Jo Swinson rules out Lib Dems helping Corbyn into Number 10
14 EXCLUSIVE: Jo Swinson 'mulling over' Holyrood run amid rumours Willie Rennie stepping down as Scottish Lib Dem leader
15 Britain’s New Liberal Democrats Leader, Jo Swinson, Could Be a Kingmaker
16 Moran calls Swinson election campaign 'arrogant' as she considers party takeover | ITV News
17 Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie urges Jo Swinson to join him at Holyrood
18 Former Lib-Dem leader Jo Swinson takes on role at business school
19 Lib Dems: Being a woman is not a weakness, says Swinson
20 Lib Dem leadership race starts as party moves to replace Jo Swinson
21 Jo Swinson hopes for powerful role as kingmaker
22 Jo Swinson loses East Dunbartonshire seat | HeraldScotland
23 Jo Swinson: Lib Dem leader pressed on if she'd block a Tory or Labour government
24 Election results: Who are the major political casualties?
25 When the Lib Dem leadership election is happening
26 Jo Swinson says sorry for voting with Tories in favour of austerity
27 Swinson aides told her to stop saying she would be next PM during election campaign
28 Who is Jo Swinson? An unlikely political veteran of unforced choices
29 Holyrood beckoning for defeated East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson?
30 Kirsty Strickland: Jo Swinson complaining about disinformation? Her party is as bad as the rest of them
31 Lib Dem boss Ed Davey: Jo Swinson would be 'great' in Holyrood
32 Jo Swinson's Portillo Moment as she loses her seat on humiliating night for Liberal Democrats
33 Jo Swinson wins court bid to stop SNP 'fracking' leaflet
34 Jo Swinson vows to fight Brexit and become next UK prime minister
35 Election 2019: SNP victory means 'fresh' indyref2 threat'
36 Brexit election: Lib Dems and SNP plan to force earlier poll
37 Jo Swinson: Serious talks on Lib Dem-Plaid election pact
38 Jo Swinson humiliated: The REAL reason behind Lib Dem leader’s election defeat
39 What are Jo Swinson's Liberal Democrats so desperate to hide?
40 Lib Dem mayhem: Party in RUINS as Moran humiliates ex-leader Swinson’s ‘arrogant’ election
41 ‘People are dying’: Jo Swinson confronted over Lib Dems-Tory record
42 Jo Swinson insists Lib Dems can afford to plant 60million trees a year
43 Swinson says Corbyn's no-deal Brexit plan has 'no chance of success'
44 Jo Swinson visits Total Boxer gym in Crouch End
45 General Election: Jo Swinson has a Facebook problem
46 Jo Swinson says she faces 'sexist' coverage but urges women to get 'stuck in'
47 FactCheck: Jo Swinson's track record on Brexit
48 How John Bercow accused Jo Swinson of ‘ruining Remainer plot’ after critical error
49 Jo Swinson criticised for giving short answer to idea of using nuclear weapons
50 Diane Abbott's joy as Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson loses seat
51 Jo Swinson: Clarke and Harman prepared to lead emergency government
52 Jo Swinson still insists: It is absolutely possible I can become PM
53 Election 2019 results: The high-profile casualties of Scotland's election
54 I don't torture squirrels, says Jo Swinson after fake news story
55 Jo Swinson visits Cardiff and says she doesn't regret Lib Dems' Brexit position
56 General election 2019: Lib Dems and SNP in court over TV debate exclusion
57 Swinson: I'll take on both Johnson and Corbyn with positive campaign
58 SNP candidate calls out Jo Swinson after Lib Dem leader spells own constituency wrong on leaflet
59 Jewish politicians and groups welcome Jo Swinson's election as Liberal Democrat leader
60 Jo Swinson vows to revoke Article 50 on day one of Lib Dem government
61 Marr rattles Jo Swinson after saying new allies SNP could STEAL her seat in election
62 Marianne Taylor: Jo Swinson must do anything and everything to stop no-deal
63 Jeremy Corbyn risks scuppering no-confidence vote, says Jo Swinson
64 Jo Swinson: Taking baby into Commons 'felt natural'
65 Jo Swinson blunder: How Lib Dem election campaign CRUMBLED after ‘major unforced error’
66 Jo Swinson confirms Liberal Democrat leadership bid
67 Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson reveals she has called in police over threat to her child
68 Swinson scathing about Corbyn's neutral Brexit stance
69 Jo Swinson wants to sue ITV over the election debate
70 Lib Dems' cancel Brexit policy was a 'big mistake'
71 Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson visits Trumpington Park Primary School
72 General election 2019: Lib Dems 'are only party that will stop Brexit'
73 Jo Swinson accused of thinking Leavers are stupid on Question Time
74 Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson visits Somerset
75 Jo Swinson says ‘absolutely not’ to idea of second Scottish independence vote
76 Mark Smith: Why on earth do so many people have a problem with Jo Swinson?
77 Jo Swinson refuses to be bullied by online trolls
78 Sorry Jo Swinson, the Lib Dems are finished
79 Andrew Neil skewers Jo Swinson with brutal truth in fiery clash
80 General Election 2019: Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson arrives in Hampstead & Kilburn to plant trees and woo Labour voters
81 William Hague tells Swinson to ‘ditch PM fantasy’ – tell us if you support Corbyn or Boris
82 Lib Dems 'looking at court action' over Jo Swinson's exclusion from BBC debate | ITV News
83 Jo Swinson fights back tears as she reveals threat against her child
84 General election 2019: Parties make last pitches on final campaign day
85 Jo Swinson tells Boris Johnson to apologise for 'demeaning' single mothers
86 Lib Dem MP accepts election bar charts can be inaccurate
87 Letters: The reasons why so many people have a problem with Jo Swinson
88 As it happened
89 Lib Dems leader Jo Swinson insists she could be PM by Christmas
90 General election: Are the Lib Dems right about the state of education?
91 Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson visits St Albans
92 MP tells Jo Swinson to 'sit down love' during her Brexit speech
93 Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson loses East Dunbartonshire seat to the SNP
94 Jo Swinson says Brexit 'destroying the country'
95 ‘What’s the point of Liberal Democrats?’ Jo Swinson savaged by Ridge on Brexit stance
96 PM follows Trump's commands, says Swinson
97 Jo Swinson husband: Who is Duncan Hames? The former Nick Clegg aide
98 Lib Dem humiliation: Swinson receives furious backlash as 'Remain Alliance' plan savaged
99 Liberal Democrat’s Jo Swinson tells Sheffield crowd a pact with Labour is more likely if Jeremy Corbyn quits
100 Male MP who shouted, 'Sit down, love!' at Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson branded 'sexist toad'