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1 Mujahid succeeds in striking out defamation suit
2 National unity elusive until race-based parties go, says ex-minister
3 Mujahid wins bid to quash ex-UUM professor's RM5mil suit
4 Mujahid Yusof Rawa arrives at Bukit Aman to have his statement recorded
5 Malaysian minister criticised over visit to Uygur camp in China
6 Mujahid: PN not focused on Covid-19, but defending 'Sheraton Move' in Parliament
7 Malaysian police investigating 2 politicians, SE Asia News & Top Stories
8 No Tabung Haji inquiry for fear of panic, says Mujahid
9 Mujahid: We want to build this country together
10 Get your facts right, Mujahid tells Ahmad Marzuk on the palm oil issue
11 Take responsibility for your remarks on Nur Sajat, Harakah tells Mujahid after sued for defamation
12 Malaysian police probe two politicians for alleged insult to PM Muhyiddin, King
13 Mujahid 'frustrated' he's not on list of those rumoured to join Bersatu
14 Police probe against Mujahid above board, say lawyers
15 'Don't protect those involved in scandal'
16 Mission impossible? Why national unity need not be an elusive dream
17 Cops summon Mujahid for allegedly questioning ruler's decision
18 Mujahid condemned for using Chinese propaganda term in visit to Xinjiang 'training centre'
19 Malaysia's Islamic affairs minister defends himself over Uighur 'training centre' remarks
20 Mujahid wants action taken on Education Ministry official
21 Mujahid defends Jakim after G25's query on its legality
22 Mujahid shocked Women’s Day march was used to promote LGBT
23 Mujahid unhappy with Nur Sajat's telekung controversy
24 Mujahid: Meeting about LGBT discrimination, not same-sex marriage
25 Mujahid wants MCMC to probe Nur Sajat
26 Mujahid's aide issues ultimatum to The Star over 'khalwat' article
27 Malaysia's religious affairs minister Mujahid Rawa orders removal of LGBT activists' portraits
28 Mujahid: Helping pilgrims a family tradition
29 Mujahid: Catch Covid-19 and put in bottle? I don't know whether to laugh or cry
30 Police confirm report on video advocating splashing acid on Mujahid
31 Let's move on: Mujahid
32 Interrupted repeatedly, MP fails to debate on Tabung Haji
33 BBC's Hardtalk ties up Mujahid in knots
34 Mujahid: No 'U-turn' on Zakir Naik
35 Former minister sues Harakah over Nur Sajat issue
36 There's an effort to undermine Jakim's reputation
37 Saudi presents compensation to families of Makkah crane collapse victims
38 Dr Mujahid: Syariah laws to be streamlined nationwide
39 Speed up RCI on Tabung Haji
40 Annuar Musa mocks Mujahid's interest in Umno-PAS charter
41 Tabung Haji RCI will let the truth be known once and for all, says Abdul Azeez
42 Cabinet gives green light to new Islamic administrative policy paper
43 Mujahid urges MACC to probe Jakim's halal certification dept
44 Grilled on Hardtalk, Mujahid pledges 'new narrative' on Islam, defends policies
45 Minister meets 'inspirational' Zakir Naik
46 LFL hits out at Mujahid for urging MCMC to ban Nur Sajat from social media
47 Najib pokes fun at Mujahid's passionate plea to Nurul Izzah
48 Nurul Izzah and I are like family, says Mujahid
49 Whither Mujahid's proposition, can one be unpredictable yet principled?
50 Mujahid: It's high time for laws to deal with hate speech
51 Saudi Arabia imposes new charge of SAR300 for haj visa
52 Malaysia Should Find 'Right Path' on LGBT Rights
53 Mujahid: Sugarbook advertisements removed, issue resolved
54 Mujahid: 'Hate, enmity' in one corner, 'Islamophobia' in the other
55 Mujahid says no political intervention in sale of Tabung Haji subsidiaries
56 Friday is Jawi Day, Mujahid declares | Free Malaysia Today
57 Mujahid shocked by KL LGBT rally; reaffirms stand against gay lifestyle
58 Seize the day for Bangsa Malaysia, says Mujahid
59 Haziq identified through DNA test, says Mujahid
60 Could be imposters or rogue agents, Mujahid says of Jakim corruption claims
61 Harapan leaders explain backing Anwar, why unity gov't 'unworkable'
62 Mujahid: Stop politicising appointment of Yadim board of trustees
63 Mujahid says raids on Syiahs adhered to SOP
64 No need for RCI or PAC review of Tabung Haji, says Mujahid
65 Mujahid: Pas' call for all-Muslim Cabinet absurd
66 Mujahid: Dear Nurul Izzah, New Malaysia needs its 'princess'
67 Don't discriminate LGBT at workplaces — Mujahid
68 No place for liberalism in the promotion of LGBT lifestyle, says Mujahid
69 Harapan cannot act like 'business as usual' in 2020, Mujahid says
70 Eco-friendly mosque in pipeline for Malaysia, says Mujahid
71 Mujahid refutes claim Najib's seat at royal event changed at last minute
72 Pas's Nasrudin demands crackdown on LGBT community; slams Mujahid for 'inaction'
73 Mujahid: Mismanagement in Tabung Haji is clear, no need for RCI
74 Jais confirms probe into 'de-hijabbing' forum
75 Hate speech is wrong, even against 'deviant' Shias, says Mujahid
76 Najib questions Latheefa, Mujahid over halal meat cartel scandal
77 LETTER | LGBTQ-related govt policies
78 Mujahid: No manipulative accounting of Tabung Haji finances
79 'Rahmatan lil Alamin' concept expected to be adopted as policy soon
80 Sex education should not be taboo, says Mujahid
81 Local waqf sets to move into digitalisation
82 Mujahid hopes to have law on hate speech this year
83 Police report lodged over Tabung Haji-Guan Eng social media posts
84 Dr Mujahid: Malaysia's ratification of ICERD will be done with 'reservations', will adhere to existing laws
85 Govt to introduce 3 new Acts to curb racial, religious hatred: Mujahid
86 Tabung Haji paid dividends illegally since 2014 as debts exceeded assets, says KL minister
87 Shackled by the rhetoric of 'Rahmatan Lil Alamin'
88 In Muslim Malaysia, uproar over LGBTQ groups at Women's Day march
89 Mujahid: No 'permission' for transgender people to use female toilet
90 Tabung Haji can issue dividend after complying with MFRS 9, says Mujahid
91 Mujahid: Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to propagate religious beliefs
92 Amanah still struggling for footing ahead of convention
93 Politics and Policy: The big responsibility of Parti Amanah Negara
94 Tabung Haji depositors need not return dividends despite allegation of management impropriety
95 Tabung Haji SPV has not liquidated any assets, says Mujahid
96 Jail for skipping prayers: Mujahid must intervene, says LFL
97 Ambiga slams Mujahid over latest LGBT remarks | Free Malaysia Today
98 No administrative solution found, so court to rule on use of 'Allah'
99 Yoursay: Time for Muslim leaders to stand up for their colleagues
100 Mujahid refutes claims Syiah widespread in Parliament