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1 Muslim Americans assert solidarity with Black Lives Matter, finding unity within a diverse faith group
2 Starbucks barista accused of writing ‘ISIS’ on Muslim customer’s cup in Minn.
3 Muslim community honors Officer Anthony Dia
4 Muslim-American officer of Pakistani origin assumes charge of NYC precinct
5 After George Floyd, raw talk and racial reckoning among U.S. Muslims
6 Q&A: “Stop listening to haters,” says the youngest Muslim to be elected
7 Ramy is an insightful exploration of what it means to be Muslim-American
8 ‘I Am Here to Prove You Wrong’
9 Loyalty to the country you live in is part of a Muslims faith.
10 US Muslims join calls for police reforms in wake of Floyd killing
11 Ramy Youssef Wants to Bring Muslim Culture to 'Mazel Tov Status'
12 Muslim woman who found ‘ISIS’ written on her Target Starbucks cup speaks out: ‘I felt humiliated, I felt enraged, I felt belittled.’
13 Tennessee Voices, Episode 58: Sabina Mohyuddin, executive director, American Muslim Advisory Council
14 Can Muslim college students heal divisions in the US?
15 After Floyd, raw talk, racial reckoning among US Muslims
16 How Badly Is America Doing?
17 In the aftermath of George Floyd killing, an uneasy discussion about racism in Minnesota’s Muslim community
18 Tennessee Newspaper Apologizes for ‘Utterly Indefensible’ Anti-Muslim Ad
19 Muslim groups spread message of peace, unity in N.J. after George Floyd’s death
20 Why 'Ramy' Is So Important to Muslims
21 Muslim Group Files Lawsuit against Jail for Denial of Kosher Food to Jewish Man
22 Fewer medical graduates from Muslim countries entering US under Trump
23 Islamophobia: It's worse than you think!
24 Less Muslim doctors drawn to US under Trump | | AW
25 Black Americans report hate crimes, violence in wake of George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter gains
26 Dearborn mosque: Woodmere Cemetery shutting out Muslims from graves they already purchased
27 Stirling: No allowances for conscience
28 Why Did Cup Foods Call the Cops on George Floyd?
29 The Conversation: Islam's anti-racist message from the seventh century still resonates today
30 Biden’s criticism of India indicative of political bargain with progressives
31 'I was in shock': Muslim woman says Minn. barista wrote 'ISIS' on her Starbucks cup
32 ‘Hate Is Not Welcome Here’: Stillwater Community Rallies To Support Muslim Woman Harassed By White Supremacist Motorcycle Club
33 Muslim civil liberties group to represent inmate denied kosher food in Michigan jail
34 Part 3: China forces birth control on Uygur minority to curb Muslim population in Xinjiang
35 In 1920 US poll, China evoked sympathy
36 Islamists Appropriate Black Lives Matter Movement Despite History of Anti-Black Bigotry
37 How White Supremacy Returned to Mainstream Politics
38 Uighurs Push for International Criminal Court Case Accusing China of Genocide
39 'And She Could Be Next' PBS: Rashida Tlaib on beating Trump
40 What makes America exceptional
41 Tuesday’s primary features N.J.‘s 1st Muslim woman candidate for Congress
42 Ilhan Omar Wants To Build Progressive Power. She’s Starting With This Muslim Candidate.
43 Debating Islamophobia
44 Hindu nationalism, White supremacism threaten to morally impoverish the two democracies
45 Ms Marvel: Trailblazing Muslim superhero goes gaming
46 Coronavirus: Take in-person classes or go home, US tells international students
47 Viewpoint: What Donald Trump gets wrong about Somalia
48 No reason to believe Biden won’t be as friendly to Modi and India as Trump is
49 Ms Marvel is the new Muslim Superhero the World Needs
50 Is 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' Being Canceled — Here's What We Know
51 US Think Tanks Theorizing Islamophobia, Policies against Islamic Resistance: Scholar
53 Trump’s Statue Garden
54 Loudoun County faith leaders share messages amid nationwide protest
55 Why do Muslim states stay silent over China’s abuse of the Uighurs?
56 Pakistani-American superhero Kamala Khan to feature in latest game
57 Yemeni-Americans Stranded Abroad Struggle to Return to New York
58 Who is Kamala Khan? All You Need to Know About Marvel’s First Muslim Superhero
59 Who is a 'Muslim American?'
60 US seizes items thought to be made from hair of Muslims in Chinese labor camps
61 As Saudi COVID Cases Surge, Hajj Restrictions Implemented
62 Kazakh documentary to compete at Kazan Inter'l Muslim Film Festival
63 China uses national minorities as bank of organs
64 Turkey: Hagia Sophia should not be converted to a Mosque
65 How Donald Trump's Administration Has Deepened Inequality | Time
66 U.S. Latino Muslims Speak the Language of Shared Cultures
67 How foreign policy factors for American Muslims in 2020
68 American Muslims and George Floyd's killing
69 This Muslim American congressional candidate sees hateful messages as a chance for dialogue
70 Muslim-American advocates protest upcoming Army War College speaker
71 How I became an all-American Muslim girl
72 Bernie Sanders has brought out the Muslim vote in ways I’ve never seen before
73 ‘Ramy’ and the New American Muslims of TV
74 HBKU's College of Islamic Studies discusses progress of its Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad Project
75 'I was expected to have kids': five women who defied expectations
76 Beyond Bernie: Where Do American Muslim Voters Go From Here?
77 In the U.S. and Western Europe, people say they accept Muslims, but opinions are divided on Islam
78 The political impotence of the Muslim American community
79 Generations of Houston family grapple with what it means to be Muslim American
80 Despite hateful social media attacks, local voters elect Muslim American candidates
81 Experts discuss American-Muslim civil rights challenges
82 Biden's plan for Muslim Americans: A 'good start' but missing policy details
83 North Carolina woman says she's first Muslim American woman to win elected office in the state
84 CAIR, Jetpac, MPower Change: 26 American Muslim Candidates Win in Nov. 5 Elections for Total of 34 Muslims Elected in 2019
85 Muslim American Society Of Minnesota Decides To Keep Islamic Centers, Masjids Closed
86 Stateside: WSU police chief on protests; the Muslim American experience; art's role in tough times
87 Muslims are not ‘others.’ Muslims are Americans.
88 Muslim Comedians Do Stand-Up On Zoom For Socially Distant Eid-Al-Fitr : Goats and Soda
89 Learn about Muslims and Islam with our email course
90 A new estimate of US Muslim population
91 Conflict in Yemen is a Global Threat and Iran's Trump Card
92 Actually, American Muslims are at the centre of the resistance
93 For religious American Muslims, hostility from the right and disdain from the left
94 She Doubted Her Place in America. Now She’s Virginia’s First Muslim State Senator.
95 American Muslim Futures Presents an Online Concert for Ramadan
96 Why Americans are having an emotional reaction to masks
97 Opinion | As American Muslims fast this Ramadan, maybe the rest of America should consider joining in
98 Muslim American mayor says border agents confiscated his phone after he arrived at NY airport
99 CAIR Condemns Trump's 'Divisive and Insulting' Attempt to Target American Muslims During COVID-19 Pandemic
100 'We're Supposed To Do That': Bloomberg Defends NYPD's Spying Of Muslims After 9/11