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1 I’m a Muslim and Arab American. Will I Ever Be an Equal Citizen?
2 I'm a Muslim US Marine and I served on 9/11
3 Shariq Siddiqui: Muslim Americans are rising to pandemic challenges
4 American Muslim groups rally thousands to get political on National Muslim Voter Registration Day
5 Michigan's Muslims gaining political influence
6 Muslim Nashville volleyball player wearing hijab disqualified from match over uniform rule
7 How Muslims Are Grappling With Anti-Blackness and Policing | Time
8 Nabilah Islam to head Muslim American PAC | News
9 American Muslim Group Calls on Netflix to Remove 'Cuties' Movie, Citing Offensive Depictions of Islam
10 I’m a Muslim Iranian-American With a Sept. 11 Birthday. Here’s How I’ve Come to Terms With My Identity
11 Book review: Ayad Akhtar’s new novel depicts unease of being a brown Muslim in US
12 Qanta Ahmed: As a Muslim American Trump admirer, I say to Joy Reid and Ilhan Omar: Shame on you!
13 Muslim-American groups mobilise to get voters registered for election day
14 With Wit and Anger, Ayad Akhtar Addresses What It Means to Be American
15 Muslim Americans care more about civil rights than foreign policy, survey claims
16 Author addresses what it means to be American
17 Why it matters that George W. Bush paid lip service to Muslims after 9/11.
18 At Homeland Security, Anti-Muslim Activist Katharine Gorka Maintained Ties With Islamophobes
19 The nightmare of growing up as a Muslim American after 9/11
20 Americans have long been blind to future disasters. But we see this storm coming.
21 Islamic relations groups demand action after Nashville teen was disqualified from volleyball game for wearing a hijab
22 Muslim woman files federal lawsuit over LAPD officers removing her hijab
23 Islamophobia in the US presidential election
24 Sandra Saad’s Ms. Marvel performance is the true star of ‘Avengers’
25 REVIEW: 'Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America,' by Laila Lalami
26 U.S. Presses Other Muslim Nations to Establish Ties With Israel
27 Healing Black-Jewish and Muslim-Jewish divides
28 Behind the scenes of the GOTV sham and foreign policy concessions of Emgage PAC
29 Battleground State of Michigan Key in 2020 Path to White House
30 Muslim DNC delegate on life before and after Trump
31 'Ms. Marvel' Finds Directors in Pakistani Oscar Winner, 'Bad Boys for Life' Filmmakers (Exclusive)
32 Granger on Film: Primary contenders for the virtual Emmy Awards
33 Not so white Emmys: a blip, or real progress on diversity?
34 Footage of black Muslim man who died in police custody renews calls for justice
35 Providing Peace of Mind – Press Releases on
36 19 Years On, Does a Post-9/11 Generation Remember the Attacks?
37 Family of bullied Muslim teen sues Minnesota school district, two years after his suicide.
38 Paul Krugman doubles down on claims understating anti-Muslim sentiments post 9/11
39 Lincoln’s Highway, Trump’s America, My Winnebago
40 Review: Ayad Akhtar's 'fever dream' of a fallen America
41 Writing a clash
42 The Taliban loves China's money, but can it forget its Muslim gulags?
43 Why China is becoming a target of jihadist hatred, like the US
44 Call to Muslim leaders to drop Emgage USA – Mondoweiss
45 Disney's 'Mulan' Criticized for Filming in Xinjiang
46 A bold French film stirs controversy in America
47 Senate Democrats Present $350 Billion Strategy to Counter China
48 Facebook ignored warnings of violent militia, hate groups since 2015
49 Trump announces 'peace deal' between Bahrain and Israel
50 About the growth of radical organisations in the West and their anti-India rhetoric
51 Trump's Serbia-Kosovo Deal 'Middle-Easternizes' the Balkans
52 How foreign policy factors for American Muslims in 2020
53 The Strategic Benefits to the US and Israel of Offering F-35s to the UAE
54 Perry Hooper: Historic 'Abraham Accords' peace deal signed
55 Why Is the Modi Government Targeting Umar Khalid Now?
56 The Incantatory Power of Ayad Akhtar and Shahzia Sikander
57 Donald Trump tries to quash two hugely damaging stories
58 Why do Muslim American organisations still support the police?
59 Is there a terrorism threat in the Balkans? | Daily Sabah
60 Muslim Americans assert solidarity with Black Lives Matter, finding unity within a diverse faith group
61 Kosovo’s Jews cheer their Muslim-majority state’s new deal with Israel
62 At the doorstep of Muslim America: Finding unity of purpose within a diverse faith community
63 Chinese Party Paper Spins Controversy Over Disney's New “Mulan”
64 ‘Ramy’ and the New American Muslims of TV
65 Israeli government ‘funded’ anti-Muslim hate group in US
66 Biden urges Muslim Americans to help him defeat Trump
67 Bernie Sanders has brought out the Muslim vote in ways I’ve never seen before
68 Haunted by 2000 and 2016, Muslim American voters eye opportunities in 2020 | Column
69 American Muslims and George Floyd's killing
70 Tomorrow’s Middle East is Emerging Today
71 U.S. Latino Muslims Speak the Language of Shared Cultures
72 Biden to speak to the nation’s largest Muslim American PAC
73 Who is a 'Muslim American?'
74 How I became an all-American Muslim girl
75 After George Floyd, raw talk and racial reckoning among U.S. Muslims
76 One of the most important sites in Muslim-American history still stands in Cedar Rapids
77 Muslim-American advocates protest upcoming Army War College speaker
78 Muslim Woman Says in Lawsuit that Los Angeles Police Officers Arrested Her and Forcibly Removed Hijab
79 Batman 1989 Batwing Set Coming in October from Lego
80 US House approves bill reversing Trump's 'Muslim ban'
81 This Muslim American congressional candidate sees hateful messages as a chance for dialogue
82 In the U.S. and Western Europe, people say they accept Muslims, but opinions are divided on Islam
83 Can Muslim college students heal divisions in the US?
84 A new estimate of US Muslim population
85 Muslims and Islam Knowledge Quiz
86 American Muslims face a lonely Ramadan during lockdown
87 Deleted Biden video sets off a crisis at Voice of America
88 Muslim Americans: Immigrants and U.S. born see life differently
89 Beyond Bernie: Where Do American Muslim Voters Go From Here?
90 Learn about Muslims and Islam with our email course
91 Muslim and Arab Communities: A Priority for Team Biden
92 Muslim American Society Of Minnesota Decides To Keep Islamic Centers, Masjids Closed
93 Muslims in America experience over-policing too
94 Islam in America
95 Black Muslims account for a fifth of all U.S. Muslims, and about half are converts to Islam
96 US Muslims join calls for police reforms in wake of Floyd killing
97 Un-HolyLand? An Arab Muslim Reckoning With Racism : Code Switch
98 The hidden racism of the Muslim marriage market
99 State's First Muslim American Mayor Takes Negative Comments In Stride
100 ‘I Am Here to Prove You Wrong’