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1 I’m a Muslim and Arab American. Will I Ever Be an Equal Citizen?
2 Shariq Siddiqui: Muslim Americans are rising to pandemic challenges
3 I'm a Muslim US Marine and I served on 9/11
4 Michigan's Muslims gaining political influence
5 I’m a Muslim Iranian-American With a Sept. 11 Birthday. Here’s How I’ve Come to Terms With My Identity
6 How Muslims Are Grappling With Anti-Blackness and Policing | Time
7 The problem with the Emmy attention for 'Ramy'
8 88 Counties: Wood County's Muslim community has grown over the years as part of the fabric of the region
9 Post 9/11 America: Islam and Muslims still suspect
10 Arab-Americans report unprecedented interest in US politics as election looms
11 At Homeland Security, Anti-Muslim Activist Katharine Gorka Maintained Ties With Islamophobes
12 ‘I Feel Sorry for Americans’: A Baffled World Watches the U.S.
13 Islamophobia in the US presidential election
14 How the Trump Administration Has Harmed Faith Communities
15 MINORITY HEALTH FILM FESTIVAL to feature Filmmaker of American Muslim
16 With Wit and Anger, Ayad Akhtar Addresses What It Means to Be American
17 Muslim PAC won't endorse Nehls or Kulkarni
18 'This Is Personal': Minnesota's Somali Americans Fear Reckoning in Second Trump Term
19 Book review: Ayad Akhtar’s new novel depicts unease of being a brown Muslim in US
20 Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity campaign for Barrett confirmation
21 Life in an America Where Some Are Only ‘Conditional Citizens’
22 Instant View: Reaction to Trump Plan to Pick Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court
23 The Arab Americans voting for Trump
24 Opinion | For Joe Biden, push relentlessly until Nov. 3
25 Opinion: A lie nearly destroyed a small business in Conn.
26 Trump’s Foreign Policy Brilliance? Let Me Count the Disasters
27 Ginsburg's empathy born of Jewish history and discrimination
28 Democratic leadership becoming mute spectator to Hinduphobia in party: HAF
29 Behind the scenes of the GOTV sham and foreign policy concessions of Emgage PAC
30 Board candidate defends anti-Muslim posts | City News |
31 We ALL back Biden/Harris
32 How foreign policy factors for American Muslims in 2020
33 Muslim Americans assert solidarity with Black Lives Matter, finding unity within a diverse faith group
34 Black Lives Matter ignites activism among Asian Americans
35 Indians in US raise $3.3mn for Biden in one night, seek moderate positions on Kashmir, CAA
36 Michael B. Roberts: Why do white Americans fear black Americans in 21st-century America?
37 Federalist Society: the obscure organisation shaping America’s future
38 The Long History of Xenophobia in America
39 How faith groups in Pa. align with Biden and Trump and why they could play a pivotal role in the election
40 Two immigration memoirs explore how even the “exceptional” will be alien in the U.S.
41 2020 Emmys: 'Schitt's Creek' dominates with comedy category sweep at Emmy Awards on ABC
42 Progressives Slam Biden’s Foreign Policy Team
43 Spike Lee, Samantha Bee, Jay Ellis Encourage Americans to "#VoteBecause" in PSA
44 Under 10 Percent of Americans Have Covid-19 Antibodies, Study Finds
45 For Joe Biden, push relentlessly until Nov. 3
46 At the doorstep of Muslim America: Finding unity of purpose within a diverse faith community
47 China's Abuses Against Uighurs in Xinjiang Spark Anger in Islamic World
48 Deseret News/BYU survey: Americans are talking more about race with kids
49 Senate Democrats Present $350 Billion Strategy to Counter China
50 Four experienced candidates seek to represent northwest Modesto on City Council
51 How a secret wave of early South Asians found a home in America long before the H-1B immigrants
52 Will Trump-Modi’s courtship matter in November US elections?
53 Muslim Ban Dissent Is A Part Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Legacy
54 Why do Muslim American organisations still support the police?
55 How corrosive politics make us all less safe
56 'The juice is really good': A toast to historic distiller Nearest Green
57 Biden urges Muslim Americans to help him defeat Trump
58 ‘Ramy’ and the New American Muslims of TV
59 Effect of pandemic lockdowns on domestic violence rates in Minnesota mixed
60 Learn about Muslims and Islam with our email course
61 Haunted by 2000 and 2016, Muslim American voters eye opportunities in 2020 | Column
62 Donald Trump tries to quash two hugely damaging stories
63 Trump, Obama have different views on Middle East
64 After George Floyd, raw talk and racial reckoning among U.S. Muslims
65 Aboard a Winnebago in Search of Better Angels
66 In the U.S. and Western Europe, people say they accept Muslims, but opinions are divided on Islam
67 American Muslims and George Floyd's killing
68 Muslims in America experience over-policing too
69 Arab Muslims are People of Color, Arab Christians are White
70 Letter: In defending Trump, Graham has 'sacrificed his dignity'
71 Muslim Teen Disqualified From Volleyball Match Because Of Her Hijab
72 Islam in America
73 Muslim Americans care more about civil rights than foreign policy, survey claims
74 Muslim Americans: Immigrants and U.S. born see life differently
75 Bernie Sanders has brought out the Muslim vote in ways I’ve never seen before
76 A new estimate of US Muslim population
77 Who is a 'Muslim American?'
78 Coronavirus Travel Restrictions Disrupting Pilgrimage Trips For Muslim Americans
79 Black Muslims account for a fifth of all U.S. Muslims, and about half are converts to Islam
80 Intercepted Podcast: Bloomberg's Stasi-Style Police and Surveillance Operations Against Muslim Americans
81 Deleted Biden video sets off a crisis at Voice of America
82 How I became an all-American Muslim girl
83 American Muslims face a lonely Ramadan during lockdown
84 Muslims and Islam Knowledge Quiz
85 Biden's plan for Muslim Americans: A 'good start' but missing policy details
86 Muslims are not ‘others.’ Muslims are Americans.
87 Biden to speak to the nation’s largest Muslim American PAC
88 ‘Mulan’: U.S. Senator Blasts Disney For “Whitewashing Genocide” In China
89 We Need More American Muslims in Public Life | Opinion
90 U.S. Muslims Concerned About Their Place in Society, but Continue to Believe in the American Dream
91 The role of Black Muslims in America's fight for racial justice
92 Beyond Bernie: Where Do American Muslim Voters Go From Here?
93 Biden courts Muslim Americans
94 Muslim Americans' Choice for President Must Be Joe Biden
95 I am not your token: American Muslims and the 2020 election
96 Many Americans see religious discrimination in U.S. – especially against Muslims
97 Despite hateful social media attacks, local voters elect Muslim American candidates
98 Opinion: A Message of Support for San Diego’s Muslim Americans During Ramadan
99 Can Muslim college students heal divisions in the US?
100 CAIR, Jetpac, MPower Change: 26 American Muslim Candidates Win in Nov. 5 Elections for Total of 34 Muslims Elected in 2019