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1 Momentum responds to the Labour Muslim Network Report
2 A year on, looking back at student protests against the citizenship law
3 ‘You Don’t Behave Like A Muslim’: Being Muslim At The Workplace & Facing Islamophobia
4 A lesson on tolerance, from John Le Carre for France
5 Burkhas, All 'Markers of Muslimness' Targeted, Report Details Women's Plight in Delhi Riots
6 ‘Time to uproot systemic racism’: Case of Dolal Idd highlights disparities in fatal police shootings
7 As India Bolsters Its Anti-Muslim Credo, Where Is Hindu Society's Outrage?
8 Professors discuss institutional and gendered Islamophobia
9 MEMO in conversation with: Reza Zia-Ebrahimi
10 MEMO in conversation with Prof Salman Sayyid
11 Fairy tale on field
12 Government criticised for rejecting definition of Islamophobia
13 2020, year of the pandemic: For Muslims in Madurai, COVID-19 meant widespread stigma, ostracisation
14 Coming Out in Religion: Queer Actress-Writer Fawzia Mirza on Embracing 'Muslimness'
15 Liberty, equality, fraternity does not apply to France's Muslim population
16 Liverpool FC's Mohamed Salah's goal celebrations: a guide to British Muslimness
17 Understanding Shaheen Bagh within the framework of farmer's protests
18 How Much 'Muslimness' Would You 'Prefer'?
19 ‘Ramy’ and the New American Muslims of TV
20 Trevor Phillips doesn’t understand Islamophobia
21 London Met first UK university to adopt working definition of Islamophobia
22 Why the Biden administration should stay out of the global “Muslim engagement” business
23 Labour formally adopts definition of Islamophobia
24 Labour Muslim Network: Our plans for Islamophobia awareness month
25 From Ola to Zomato to social media, I now hide my Muslim identity everywhere
26 Indian Muslimness holds, but important lessons must be learned from battle for soul of Islam in Indonesia
27 Mohamed Salah’s Liverpool goal celebrations: a guide to British Muslimness
28 Hagia Sophia Mosque: Longing and belonging | Daily Sabah
29 New head of UK equality watchdog opposed efforts to define Islamophobia
30 Why UK's working definition of Islamophobia as a 'type of racism' is a historic step
31 India's Muslims are Asserting their Citizenship, in Whatever Clothes They Want to Wear
32 Muslim Council of Britain welcomes Town Hall motion to adopt Islamophobia definition
33 As a Muslim, I'm tired of having to prove myself adequately human
34 Muslims demand full legal protection from Islamophobia
35 Treating white men as a new suspect community is not the answer
36 Being the 'Right' Kind of Muslim
37 It’s not difficult to define Islamophobia. So why does Britain struggle with it so much?
38 For AltNews, Muslims cease to be Muslims if they do not hate Narendra Modi or the RSS
39 Today's Muslim Is Being Forced to Shed His Identity and Don the 'Nationalist' Avatar
40 Minority Off-Screen, Minority On-Screen: The Missing Muslim Voice in 'Indian Matchmaking'
41 The problem with defining Islamophobia
42 How we built a tool that detects the strength of Islamophobic hate speech on Twitter
43 Trevor Phillips is no Islamophobe—but he is playing with fire
44 New Islamophobia definition shuts down criticism of radical Islam, female imam says
45 You are not allowed to speak
46 Baroness Warsi's attack on Sara Khan could have a chilling effect on criticism of Islamism
47 Why Illustrator Fahmida Azim Is Calling Out Stereotypes Against Muslim Women
48 A Muslim in Bristol: We should all abide by the same standards of civility
49 UK government rejects racial definition of “Islamophobia”
50 Why free speech, hate speech and radicalisation are hard to define
51 Christchurch attacks show Islamophobia is real, deadly and spreading around the world
52 How to tackle Islamophobia – the best strategies from around Europe
53 Analysis: France’s never-ending battle with Islam
54 Mysticism abounds, but soul goes missing
55 Owaisi Represents Only The Elitist Muslims, And Not The Entire Community
56 Turkey calls OIC meeting on Islamophobia after NZ attacks
57 Islamophobia definition 'too wide'
58 Indian liberals who want Muslims to stop wearing their identity at protests are being hypocritical
59 What are Muslim prayer rugs?
60 Everyone but Boris: Where do the Conservative Party candidates stand on Islamophobia?
61 Across the world, genocidal states are attacking Muslims. Is Islam really their target?
62 BJP, biryani and a dark secret
63 Free speech is under threat over Islamophobia | Comment
64 Why does Islamophobia exist in Muslim-majority countries?
65 Instead Of Islamophobia, We Should Focus On Defining Anti-Muslim Hatred
66 Muslim Council of Britain welcomes Hackney Council's motion to adopt Islamophobia definition
67 Sikhs being targeted with Islamophobic abuse, MP warns
68 I Am Not Your Muslim : Code Switch
69 Labour Islamophobia report: More than half of party's Muslim supporters 'do not trust new leadership to deal with racism'
70 Labour's Tan Dhesi is wrong about 'Islamophobia'
71 THE CHAI FACTOR Spills the Tea on Culture Clashes and Current Events
72 Women's rights leaders told to negotiate with Muslimness, as India's donor agencies shun the word Muslim
73 Review: Inside the Tablighi Jamaat by Ziya Us Salam
74 Islamophobia is being defined as a form of racism. Why?
75 Is Islamophobia on the Rise?
76 More than 100 UK mosques demand watchdog probe Conservative Party for Islamophobia
77 These British Muslims Say Defining Islamophobia Will Help Defeat It
78 Nelson Town Council adopts APPG definition of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism
79 Commentary: What are Muslim prayer rugs?
80 Neither oppressed nor trailblazing, Muslim women need to be heard
81 MCB renews calls for investigation into Conservative Party Islamophobia
82 Why has the government delayed efforts to tackle Islamophobia head-on?
83 A Muslim woman doing her job should not be a big deal
84 What is 'Muslim-ness' in Australia?
85 Oxford City Council adopts APPG definition of Islamophobia
86 Islamophobia definition will prevent criticism of the 'hateful' ideology of Islam, say leading atheists
87 The racial politics of antisemitism and Islamophobia
88 Article 370: A fresh perspective
89 #BoycottMuslims: When Hate Is Mainstreamed, It Becomes A National Trait
90 Anti-Muslim prejudice puts secular societies in a bind
91 As Australian Muslim women we don't have to be told what we can wear
92 These 9 things are 'officially Islamophobic' after UK councils adopt new definition
93 First ever Islamophobia report 'decisively influenced' by controversial MEND group
94 Democracies in both India and the US face a similar internal challenge
95 To invoke Allah or to not: Secular Islamophobia and the protesting Indian Muslim
96 Opinion: It’s becoming increasingly dangerous in Uttar Pradesh to even look Muslim
97 Conservatives criticised for refusing to adopt recommended definition of Islamophobia
98 How to be BJP’s version of a ‘good Muslim’ – A guide by Arif Mohammad Khan
99 Yes, it's possible to be queer and Muslim
100 Turkey takes perilous path to extremism by turning Hagia Sophia into mosque