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1 UN expert warns counter-terror policies led to 'further stigmatisation' of Muslims
2 Anti-Muslim hatred has reached 'epidemic proportions' says UN rights expert, urging action by States
3 Rights of Sri Lankan Muslims Need International Protection
4 Florida deputy suspended for Facebook post about Muslims
5 Hollywood is slowly working to rectify decades of Muslim misrepresentation
6 What does it mean to be an Indian Muslim today?
7 France passes anti-radicalism bill that worries Muslims
8 In TMC’s Candidate List, Muslims Are Down By A Third From 2016
9 Muslims in America: A forgotten history
10 Muslims’ share in welfare schemes more than share in population: Yogi Adityanath
11 Where do India’s Muslims really stand on family planning? This book scrutinises the myths
12 Pope Francis heads to Iraq hoping landmark trip can ease Muslim-Christian tensions
13 Orange County deputy suspended for Facebook post about Muslims
14 Swiss Muslims denounce ‘burqa ban’ proposal as referendum nears
15 Muslim Austrian academic shares tale of gunpoint raid
16 China’s Crackdown on Muslims Extends to a Resort Island
17 The many ways Muslims in prison are denied religious rights
18 Young Muslims host green conference, plan curriculum
19 Muslim man posts video of Delta Air Lines employee in St. Louis saying he may have been flagged because of his name
20 Workplace habits may make Muslim colleagues uncomfortable, says report
21 The Same Hate That Targeted Muslims Is Turning on Asian Americans Now
22 Leaders in Philly, nationwide honor Black Muslims during virtual town hall
23 Taiwanese student in Turkey comes up with Muslim prayer app | Daily Sabah
24 Just Before Delhi Riots, Militant Hindutva Leader Called Repeatedly for Muslims to be Killed
25 The Trump bump? With a surge of election wins, Muslims make their mark on NJ politics
26 Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Muslim Men and Western Women
27 Far-right attacks targeting Muslims, migrants on rise in Germany | Daily Sabah
28 UN: Anti-Muslim hatred at 'epidemic' proportions
29 Malaysian man wins landmark challenge against Muslim gay sex ban
30 Fratelli Tutti: Pope 'delighted' as Muslim group oversees encyclical's Russian translation
31 In Naples, Muslim families struggle to bury coronavirus victims
32 Christians, Muslims and Jews to share faith centre in Berlin
33 Methodists helping Muslims
34 In Britain, Jews lead fight against oppression of China's Uighur Muslims
35 Former enemy Serbia donates COVID-19 vaccines to Bosnia's Muslims, Croats
36 Provide data on the education of Muslims
37 Fear, silent migration: A year after anti-Muslim riots in Delhi
38 The Muslim Ban Is Finally Gone—3 Travelers Share What That Means for Them
39 The Irish Times Women's Podcast
40 Muslims poorer, less educated than Hindus. But their kids more likely to survive till age 5
41 It’s not easy being a Muslim in India
42 How scramble for Muslim votes in Bengal may help BJP in assembly polls
43 Twitch preacher who told Muslim child he was going 'to hell' want to sue
44 Muslim candidate for Manhattan DA runs to give victims of system a 'seat at the table'
45 U.S. 'deeply disturbed' by reports of systematic rape of Muslims in China camps
46 BARMM Muslims told CoronaVac certified as halal in Indonesia
47 There's a reason Muslim women struggle to make their voices heard
48 Is the Muslim World Ignoring the Plight of the Uyghurs?
49 Muslims have much more share in welfare schemes of state government than their population in the state: UP CM Yogi Adityanath
50 ‘Racism is a real problem’: Muslim women fearful following attacks in Edmonton
51 Sri Lanka's plan to bury Muslim Covid-19 victims on islet sparks outcry
52 Malaysian authorities urged to take death threats against trans Muslim entrepreneur seriously
53 No Discrimination In UP, Over 30% Of Welfare Scheme Beneficiaries Are Muslims: Yogi Adityanath
54 BBC under fire over 'strikingly hostile' interview of Muslim Council of Britain head
55 Conference on Saudi efforts in serving Islam, Muslims and consolidating values of moderation kicks off
56 Muslim World League chief thanks Sri Lankan government for ending cremation of COVID-19 victims
57 MCD by-poll results reflect Muslims’ anger with AAP; Congress posts a significant win
58 Iowa City student continues push for school district to recognize Muslim holidays
59 Inside China’s Police State Tactics Against Muslims
60 Canada's parliament says China committed genocide against Muslim minorities
61 India only 'partly free' under anti-Muslim Modi, report says | Daily Sabah
62 Azmi wants Maha Muslim ministers to quit on CM's Babri remark
63 Middle East: Are people losing their religion?
64 Saira Khan receives threats after saying she is not a practising Muslim
65 Independent Indias First Five Education Ministers Muslims?A FactCheck
66 First female Muslim chaplain graduates from Air Force Chaplain Corps College
67 Fact Check: Video From Sri Lanka Shared As Muslim Man Beating Hindu In India
68 Saudi envoy to UN expresses OIC's concern over repatriation of Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar
69 Rape, torture of Muslim Uighurs in China shocks the conscience: US | Daily Sabah
70 Demanding dowry forbidden in Islam, violence not masculinity: Indian Muslim leader
71 Edmonton Muslim women rally in solidarity after hate-fueled attacks
72 Muslim scholars union calls for marking Jerusalem Week
73 'Racism is a real problem:' Growing number of attacks against Black Muslim women
74 Bengal: By Snatching Muslim Votes from Mamata, Left-Congress Ally Abbas Siddiqui May Help BJP's Cause
75 Islet residents protest Sri Lankan government's decision to bury Muslim COVID-19 victims there
76 Iranian Immigrants Place Hopes In Biden To Reverse Muslim Travel Ban
77 Anas Sarwar: UK’s first Muslim to lead a party follows in family footsteps
78 Pope Francis' encyclical now available in Russian thanks to Muslim translators
79 When is Shab e Miraj 2021? Meaning and celebrations for Muslim festival
80 Saudi Arabia 'extremely concerned' over anti-Muslim hate
81 Living with the Mob: In Shiv Vihar, Were Local Rioters Paid to Target Muslims?
82 Why Christo-Racist Nationalism and Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Are Gaining Ground in Kerala
83 26 Assam Muslim women on ‘D-voter’ list move SC
84 Bowling Green sees new changes with end of Muslim ban
85 Self-defence class organized after attacks against Edmonton Muslim women
86 Syracuse Muslim Youth Group Discusses Their Role In Protests And Local Politics
87 Sri Lanka thanked for suspending cremation of Muslim COVID-19 victims
88 Iranian American and Muslim students grapple with changing foreign policies
89 Impunity for killings of human rights defenders remains a key driver for more murders, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders tells Human Rights Council
90 Muslim Covid burials issue: First bodies to be buried in Ottamavadi in Batticaloa
91 BBC to 'reflect on' controversial Woman's Hour interview with Muslim leader
92 Majority Of Muslims Voted For Biden, But Trump Got More Support Than He Did In 2016
93 Muslims, atheists more likely to face religious discrimination in US
94 Young Muslims Challenge Traditional Stereotypes
95 China Targets Muslim Scholars And Writers With Increasingly Harsh Restrictions
96 As friends celebrate Christmas, Muslims navigate religious, cultural implications
97 After Terror Attacks, Muslims Wonder About Their Place in France
98 France Islam: Muslims under pressure to sign French values charter
99 In India, Muslims Are Attacked And Blamed For Spreading Coronavirus
100 French Muslims divided over Macron’s planned law to curb Islamism