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1 Against Popular Belief, myUpchar Witnesses 25% Rise In Teleconsultations Post Lockdown
2 How Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight
3 In conversation with Dr. Manuj Garg, Co-Founder, myUpchar
4 Why myUpchar co-founder is thinking of sporting a ponytail
5 myUpchar to answer health queries on Amazon Alexa in Hindi
6 Meet the healthtech startup that has done 1 million free consultations in Tier-II and III India
7 Thought Google was only for entertainment? Meet myUpchar, the vernacular health startup
8 Online health service myUpchar to donate all profits from e-commerce to PM Relief Fund
9 Your very own desi health platform
10 myUpchar promises profits from medicine e-commerce to PM CARES Fund
11 myUpchar’s aim was to become a one-stop solution for Indians seeking healthcare in local languages: Paula Mariwala
12 myUpchar and its mission of spreading healthcare awareness
13 Why men are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than women
14 MyUpchar raises $5 million from Nexus, Omidyar, others
15 NDHM Eases Healthcare Data Hurdles, But Can Startups Bridge Infrastructure Gaps?
16 Acupuncture before surgery may help lower pain, anxiety and opioid use afterwards, reveals study
17 Anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine ineffective against coronavirus, reveal UK RECOVERY Trials
18 myUpchar's bid to own Hindi readers gives competitors an idea
19 Telemedicine Startups Ride On Regulatory Clarity To Tap Demand Surge
20 Is going gluten-free good for everyones health? Nutritionist Akanksha Mishra lays out benefits, challenges
21 From Boosting Sexual Health to Slowing Down Ageing: 5 Health Benefits of Ashwagandha
22 Behind India's first clinical trial to treat coronavirus
23 The Harmful Effects of Smog and How They can be Prevented
24 Researchers develop new therapies for breast cancer ..e form of ovarian cancer; here’s what you need to know
25 Nocturnal hypertension: Study finds abnormal nighttime BP levels can increase risks of stroke, heart failure
26 The Lockdown Has Given The Telemedicine Industry A New Lease On Life
27 8 Indian Chutneys and Their Health Benefits
28 5 Lies You Have Been Told About Fat Loss
29 Online medicine delivery firms stare at impending shortage in many cities
30 Sex headaches: Signs, causes and treatment for the condition commonly seen in men
31 Study reveals an extra 29 minutes of sleep every night can help improve mindfulness the next day
32 How Delhi-based start-up myUpchar is taking e-healthcare to the masses
33 Men with COVID-19 three times more likely to need ICU admission than women, suggests new study
34 Study reveals new test, IP-FCM, could be used to det..odies, their effectivity against the novel coronavirus
35 What is Bronchitis and How is it Different from Common Cold?
36 10 Common Sexual Health Problems Men Shouldn’t Ignore
37 Podcast on healing launched on mental health day
38 Why does the immune system respond to allergens by triggering itching in the skin?
39 Young onset of esophageal cancer is rare but on the ..ays poor five-year survival rate likely among patients
40 Drug used to treat heart failure, high blood pressur..defy aging by activating mitochondrial stress response
41 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Teleconsulting Before Visiting A Hospital During This Crisis
42 Start-ups myUpchar launches diagnostic lab network in Lucknow
43 Health content startup myUpchar raises seed funding
44 Pain Management, Weight Loss and Other Benefits of Drinking Less Alcohol
45 Switching to organic foods may have immense health benefits: Things you need to know before buying them
46 Can You be Allergic to Cold Weather or Temperatures?
47 9 Signs You May be Suffering from Endometriosis
48 Ashwagandha, phytoestrogen and other natural be used to prevent, manage COVID-19, suggests study
49 Post COVID-19 care: Seven tips to help recovering co..patients manage brain fog, memory and attention issues
50 Mothers cardiovascular health could predict onset of heart disease in offspring, suggests new study
51 Weight Loss in Your 30s: 6 Tips That Will Help You Lose the Kilos
52 Air Purifiers May Help in Reducing Airborne COVID-19 Transmission
53 Long COVID: What you need to know about the long-term effects of the coronavirus infection
54 Genetics or presence of autoantibodies may make some..ple more prone to severe COVID-19, new studies suggest
55 What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Having Sex
56 High Cholesterol at a Young Age is Bad for Your heart: 5 Lifestyle Changes to Prevent it
57 5 Health Benefits of Eating More Carrots
58 Lipocalin-2, a hormone that suppresses hunger in humans, could be used to treat obesity: Study
59 Sattvic diet for weight loss and high immunity: All .. know about this vegetarian and balanced food practice
60 5 Diet Changes That Can Give Your Gut Health a Boost
61 Coronavirus: How healthcare industry is witnessing different emerging trends amid Covid-19 pandemic
62 Keto 2.0: Adopting modified Mediterranean-ketogenic diet a useful plan for weight loss, overall health
63 Perimenopause: Why the Period of Transition to Menopause Needs Care
64 5 Weird Symptoms Of Pregnancy Which Are Also Quite Normal
65 6 Ways to Look After a Stye at Home
66 Anti-Portfolio | If a team is strong and has first-mover advantage in a sector with potential, it is worth betting on
67 4 Signs That You Have a Weak Immune System
68 Obesity in adult women linked to childhood abuse, social background more than in men, suggests study
69 World Stroke Day 2020: How understanding difference .. events between genders can improve treatment and care
70 Hypertension drug, L-type calcium channel blockers, may increase risk of heart failure, shows study
71 5 Benefits and 5 Side Effects of Activated Charcoal
72 4 Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On the Body
73 Breaking Accessibility Barriers in Healthcare for 2-3 Tier Cities Through Digitalization
74 World Iodine Deficiency Day 2020: Why Having Too Little Salt is Just as Bad as Having Too Much of it
75 5 Side Effects of Drinking Coffee and What You Can do About Them
76 Study shows how hunger-reducing hormone leptin and certain brain cells can help losing weight
77 Intermittent Fasting Doesn't Help With Healthy Weight Loss, Claims New Study
78 Holy Tulsi: Health Benefits of Indian Basil You Shouldn’t Miss Out On
79 3 Factors That Can Affect Your Blood Pressure Readings
80 7 Foods That Can Improve Your Vision And Keep Eye Diseases At Bay
81 New injectable drug, likely to prevent entry of HIV ..lthy cells, shows promising results in rhesus macaques
82 Here are 5 Health Benefits of Saffron
83 Gut Health Part 1: Having Probiotics, Sleeping Well And Other Simple Ways to Improve the Health Of Your G...
84 Hypertension: How a hormone called aldosterone may have been the cause of your high blood pressure
85 9 Reasons Your Weight Loss Diet is Not Giving Any Results
86 World COPD Day 2020: Role of Indoor Pollution in Causing This Chronic Lung Disease in Adults
87 3 Simple Exercises to Tone Your Arms
88 COVID-19 may trigger and worsen obsessive compulsive disorder in children and adolescents, new study finds
89 Not only overuse of antibiotics but poor hygiene and sanitation can also result in anti-microbial resistance
90 Vaccine with an adjuvant may boost immune systems response against COVID-19, claim researchers
91 Homemade soups can boost immunity, cut weight, improve heart health during winter
92 In India, health tech startups booming | 2020-10-20
93 World Thalassemia Day 2020: Three things you need to know about the treatment of thalassemia
94 6 Winter Root Vegetables and Their Health Benefits
95 8 Effective And Natural Ways to Manage High Blood Pressure
96 Understanding male sexual health: More men now reporting low sex drive, Peyronies disease, finds study
97 5 Diet Strategies for Preventing Dry Skin
98 What is Lyme Disease and How Can You Prevent it
99 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Oil
100 Everything You Need to Know About Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis