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1 OPINION EXCHANGE | This area's been told for decades: Segregation won't work
2 OPINION EXCHANGE | Counterpoint: Yes, the Twin Cities are harmfully segregated
3 U professor takes a contrary view on affordable housing development
4 Federal rule on housing integration never got off the ground
5 Minneapolis had progressive policies, but its economy still left black families behind
6 Why are the Twin Cities so segregated? A new report blames housing policies — and education reforms
7 The ‘Minnesota Paradox’: Why The State Has One Of The Largest Racial Disparities
8 Race and the city
9 National Guard Called as Minneapolis Erupts in Solidarity for George Floyd
10 African Americans got left out of the urban economic boom
11 Are the suburbs “by and large integrated,” as Joe Biden said?
12 Segregation Has Gotten Worse, Not Better, and It's Fueling the Wealth Gap Between Black and White Americans
13 The Persistence of America’s ‘Easy White Enclaves’
14 OPINION EXCHANGE | Counterpoint: Senators are right to take time with Stras appointment
15 Our Police Embrace Deceit. Is It Any Wonder We Don't Trust Them?
16 Michele Norris on the Minneapolis Uprising and Her Minnesota Roots
17 The death of George Floyd: What you need to know
18 'Right to education' amendment draws unusual partners
19 Trump Tweaks and Poverty Pimps Don't Help Dallas
20 Housing programs concentrate poverty in a few metro locations, report finds
21 Will Trump’s “Law and Order” Message Work in Wisconsin?
22 Integration task force forwarding results to Cassellius
23 Meaning of 'segregation' is central to charter schools' concerns about new integration rules
24 A region divided: The Minneapolis plan -- What if we shared the wealth? Sharing the tax base keeps Twin Citie
25 The Twin Cities success story began before tax sharing: Cleveland 2030, A Way Forward
26 Demagnetizing Southwest schools – Southwest Journal
27 Gentrification in D.C. means widespread displacement, study finds
28 OPINION EXCHANGE | New Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey could be a significant leader on housing and civil rights
29 Yes, America is still segregated. But there's hope in an unlikely quarter
30 How two recent decisions will profoundly impact fair-housing policy
31 OPINION EXCHANGE | 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act: Where has Minnesota's dedication gone?
32 Minneapolis and the End of the American Dream House
33 Walz appointees promise a kinder, gentler Met Council
34 As cities spar over housing spots, working poor just want a home
35 Charges that Obama wants to 'burn' the suburbs aren't true
36 U of M study sees signs of mortgage redlining in Twin Cities
37 Critic slams Twin Cities charter schools over race, discipline
38 Debate over tenant background checks heats up in Minneapolis
39 Symposium: Romney was right about disparate-impact
40 Something Is Rotten in the State of Minnesota
41 Why Are New Jersey’s Suburbs so Segregated?
42 Who Lives in Affordable Artist Housing? White People
43 Defections shake up Twin Cities school integration programs
44 Aiming to desegregate, Eden Prairie schools redraw lines
45 Who’s to Blame When Algorithms Discriminate?
46 Redlining suit against Chaska's KleinBank tests limits of bias laws
47 Twin Cities suburbs rapidly becoming more diverse
48 Lawsuit claims Minnesota fails to educate poor, minority students in Minneapolis, St. Paul
49 OPINION EXCHANGE | The problem of racial segregation: Long identified, long deflected
50 House GOP floats plan to restructure regional planning
51 Can the Met Council be tamed?
52 How cities benefit from desegregated schools
53 Minneapolis-St. Paul subsidized artist housing segregates, report says
54 If Twin Cities gentrification is a myth, what's the real problem?
55 As the Met Council turns 50, the regional government agency faces challenges
56 Midwest Spotlight: Twin Cities On the Move
57 Philando Castile Was Pulled Over 49 Times in 13 Years, Often for Minor Infractions
58 Climbing the ladder: Exploring how (and why) the Twin Cities fares in upward mobility
59 Suburbs of a certain age: the post-racial frontier
60 The resegregation of America
61 EDITORIAL | The unintended consequences of affordable housing policies
62 Opinion | White-on-White Voting
63 Time To Renew The Fight Against Sprawl
64 KleinBank slapped with federal redlining lawsuit
65 Most 'Gentrifying' Cities Aren't Actually Experiencing Displacement. But DC Is, Study Finds
66 Recovery housing for historic Minneapolis home draws resistance
67 Number of mostly white suburban charters has risen by 40% over 5 years, report says
68 Racial disparities in Twin Cities arrests are widespread
69 Opinion | Whose Neighborhood Is It?
70 Minneapolis enrollment director's consulting business raises conflict-of-interest concerns
71 The Miracle of Minneapolis
72 Twin Cities tax sharing creates winners and losers
73 At Minneapolis magnet schools, diversity is on the rise
74 A new round of segregation plays out in charter schools
75 Housing for low-income artists predominantly serves white people, study says
76 Black Minnesotans of all backgrounds up against disparities
77 Opinion | Where Should a Poor Family Live?
78 School Desegregation Lawsuit Threatens Charters
79 Open enrollment keeps students, resources flowing into Minnetonka
80 Shift in growth may be harbinger of good times for Minneapolis, St. Paul
81 Doughnut development in big urban areas is waning
82 School choice splits Twin Cities suburbs into haves, have-nots
83 The Artist Loft: Affordable Housing (for White People)
84 Are St. Paul schools more segregated under plan? Not so far
85 Summit for Civil Rights: working to create 'a new, modern political alliance'
86 Minneapolis' fast-changing suburbs deal with unique challenges
87 Diversity in Charter Schools: Another Look at the Data and the Debate
88 Landlords of low-income renters withdraw suits against St. Paul
89 Could CT see another wave of sprawl?
90 Twin Cities Debate Gentrification and Poverty Deconcentration
91 Civil rights complaint seeks to stop cities from concentrating low-income housing in high-poverty neighborhoods
92 Black homeownership plummets to 25 percent
93 Needed: A balanced approach to affordable housing
94 Busing Worked in Louisville. So Why Are Its Schools Becoming More Segregated?
95 Supreme Court's Latest Race Case: Housing Discrimination
96 Tax sharing in the Twin Cities has withstood the test of time: Cleveland 2030, A Way Forward
97 Who Owns Civil Rights? Two Wildly Different Visions of Schools, Choice, and Student Rights Collide One Day at a Minnesota University
98 Twin Cities charter schools fail to deliver promised gains, study claims
99 Study Says Charter Schools Are Underperforming | Chicago News | WTTW
100 Study: Open enrollment hurts balance in Twin Cities