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1 Nature journals reveal terms of landmark open-access option
2 Experimental evidence of neutrinos produced in the CNO fusion cycle in the Sun
3 Late Cretaceous bird from Madagascar reveals unique development of beaks
4 Hints of twisted light offer clues to dark energy's nature
5 Coronaviruses closely related to the pandemic virus discovered in Japan and Cambodia
6 How Iceland hammered COVID with science
7 tl;dr: this AI sums up research papers in a sentence
8 Daily briefing: 'Serendipity' boosted Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine's efficacy
9 The barley pan-genome reveals the hidden legacy of mutation breeding
10 Why Oxford's positive COVID vaccine results are puzzling scientists
11 Accelerating Adaptation through Building with Nature in Indonesia
12 Mobility network models of COVID-19 explain inequities and inform reopening
13 Sensory pollutants alter bird phenology and fitness across a continent
14 What Would Nature Do? A Guide for Our Uncertain Times
15 TRF2-mediated telomere protection is dispensable in pluripotent stem cells
16 Nature Up Close: Wild turkeys and hope
17 The ethical questions that haunt facial-recognition research
18 Nature Journal: Wild Turkey
19 Inside JCPRD: Consider the nature of TimberRidge for your next business gathering!
20 University rankings need a rethink
21 Six Southern California areas to explore nature instead of shopping on Black Friday
22 The best hiking spots in Europe to reconnect you with nature
23 A comparative genomics multitool for scientific discovery and conservation
24 UNESCO must reform to stay relevant — and reconnect people through science
25 China's daring mission to grab Moon rocks is under way
26 Jacobs Teams with Biomimicry 3.8 to Deliver Sustainable Designs with Nature in Mind
27 Legendary Arecibo telescope will close forever — scientists are reeling
28 Can Joe Biden make good on his revolutionary climate agenda?
29 How to stop restaurants from driving COVID infections
30 Prospects for life on Venus fade — but aren't dead yet
31 Big data and simple models used to track the spread of COVID-19 in cities
32 Reboot contraceptives research — it has been stuck for decades
33 Beech Creek launches 'natural' holiday fundraiser
34 An early Cambrian euarthropod with radiodont-like raptorial appendages
35 Springer Nature Announces New Open-Access Option for Journals
36 Give thanks to nature on Fresh Air Friday with free admission to Colorado State Parks
37 Guest view: Giving thanks for natural time
38 Observing the emergence of a quantum phase transition shell by shell
39 Scientists relieved as Joe Biden wins tight US presidential election
40 Canadian Museum of Nature announces winners of the 2020 Nature Inspiration Awards
41 Partnership establishing two NC Museum of Natural Sciences in ENC
42 For a Hefty Fee, Nature Journals Offer Open-Access Publishing
43 Tropical cyclones could last longer after landfall in a warming world
44 Memo for President Biden: Five steps to getting more from science
45 LDLRAD3 is a receptor for Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus
46 Resisting the rise of facial recognition
47 Is High-Flying Bozeman, Montana Losing The Nature Of Its Place?
48 Quantum computer race intensifies as alternative technology gains steam
49 China set to retrieve first Moon rocks in 40 years
50 Frankfurt’s elite have rediscovered the joys of nature
51 Daily briefing: US phone data shows restaurants are COVID hot spots
52 Joe Biden's COVID plan is taking shape — and researchers approve
53 Scientists criticize use of unproven COVID drugs in India
54 U.K.’s Centrica Seeks to Sell Liquefied Natural Gas Portfolio
55 Adventurer Julian Lings reveals his favourite trips and champions natural clothing brand Icebreaker
56 Trump's latest order spreads fear among government scientists
57 Riverside Natural Foods LTD. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Almond in "Good & Gather Banana Chocolate Chip Date & Nut Bar"
58 Forest therapy reawakens human connection to the natural world
59 'Stick to the science': when science gets political
60 Environmental work honoured in Nature of Scotland Awards
61 Quantum-computing pioneer warns of complacency over Internet security
62 New polio vaccine poised to get emergency WHO approval
63 Africa's people must be able to write their own genomics agenda
64 Don Davis: Pandemic has influenced people to reconnect with natural world
65 Minister Guilbeault Announces Reappointment of Chair of the Canadian Museum of Nature
66 Ahmedabad: Man stabs younger brother over dispute of attending call of nature
67 Major European research scheme gets €4-billion boost
68 What nature can do for the climate in a post-COVID world
69 'Blood, sweat and tears': Building a network for Black scientists
70 What if tropical diseases had as much attention as COVID?
71 A 'Green Prescription' May Make Nature a Chore Instead of a Joy
72 Dena Dietrich, Who Found TV Fame as Mother Nature, Dies at 91
73 To Save Nature, We Must Protect 30 Percent of US Ocean
74 Viral Video Of Water On Fire Reveals A Natural Gas Leak In China
75 Green and Growing: A night at the nature movies
76 Finding The Way Of Nature-Based Learning In Germany
77 Daily briefing: Europa might glow in the dark
78 UNG: Why is Natural Gas Trading Higher Today?
79 3XN, B+H, and zhubo to complete shenzhen natural history museum
80 Best of the World: six top trips to discover nature in 2021
81 Natural Connections: Nature's guide to getting outside
82 Mining companies are required to return quarried sites to their 'natural character'. But is that enough?
83 The battle over natural gas heats up in the American West
84 Ecocide: Should killing nature be a crime?
85 Prints for Nature: buy a photo to help protect people and wildlife
86 Urban nature may reduce mental health burden of COVID-19 pandemic
87 Harnessing Nature for Faster mRNA Vaccine Manufacturing
88 NATURE PHOTOS: Tundra swans migrate down the Mississippi
89 Thanksgiving Day NFL Open Thread
90 This 496 million dollar project upgrades the Shenzhen Natural History Museum to an architectural river!
91 Simulations Identify New Way to Reverse Natural Aging Process in Cells
92 Lutheran pastor who combined his loves of ministry and nature dies of COVID-19 complications at age 58
93 John Arnold: A quiet time, where nature and folk take a well-earned break
94 Earth's Second Known Minimoon is Natural Object, Astronomers Say | Astronomy
95 NC Museum of Natural Sciences establishing two new branches in Pitt County
96 4 ways to support your natural immune defenses during cold and flu season
97 Creature comforts: Nature is exactly what we need in 2020, and Tucson delivers
98 Determining Stability-Based Value of Natural Oils with the Rancimat Test
99 An Untapped Natural Treasure Trove of Viruses to Treat Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections
100 How Austin Taco Restaurant Veracruz All Natural Is Adapting to COVID-19