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1 NHTSA Officials Emphasize Partnerships, Data
2 Vehicle recall information sent right to your phone? NHTSA says it's got an app for you
3 NHTSA Releases SaferCar App for Vehicle Recall Notifications
4 NHTSA versus CPSC Jurisdiction Over Certain Micromobility Products
5 U.S. NHTSA’s autonomous vehicle test tracking tool is light on data
6 NHTSA Launches SaferCar App to Deliver Safety Info to the Public
7 Car recalls are easier to track through NHTSA's new SaferCar app
8 A new NHTSA tool will show you where self-driving cars are in testing
9 NHTSA Issues New Volkswagen Recall
10 NHTSA Denial of Built-in School Bus Booster Seats Won't Impact Industry
11 Car Recall Check: How to Download, Use Free NHTSA SaferCar App That Alerts Drivers
12 Op-Ed: Despite Months of Protests, NHTSA Still Thinks Cops Can Make Cyclists and Pedestrians Safer |
13 NHTSA delays date for hybrids, EVs to meet noise rule with tech like bumper speakers
14 Child Passenger Safety Week: Car seats save lives, CHP reports
15 Car Recall Guide: Your Questions Answered
16 The NHTSA’s autonomous vehicle test tracker won’t be useful until more brands submit better data
17 Safety Group Says AV Test Initiative Lacks Teeth |
18 NHTSA gives automakers another six months to meet 'quiet cars' rules
19 NHTSA Now Has an Android, iPhone App to Track Recalls, Warn of Safety Risks
20 CHP Reminds You That Car Seats Save Lives – Redheaded Blackbelt
21 SaferCar App Aims To Track Recalls For Car Owners
22 Despite Months of Protests, NHTSA Still Thinks Cops Can Make Cyclists and Peds Safer
23 NHTSA Autonomous Vehicle Test Web Pilot Tool Is Active
24 House Lawmakers Seek Review of Delayed Auto Safety Rules
25 California Car Rules Won't Effect Climate Change, NHTSA Says
26 U.S. gives automakers at least six more months to meet 'quiet car' rules
27 Tesla fights new claims of cars accelerating by themselves after accident results in 2 deaths
28 NHTSA safety recalls from Daimler, Navistar, and more
29 Trailer manufacturers to appeals court: 'Game over for the EPA'
30 Prineville Police Department will be participating in NHTSA High Visibility Enforcement national event
31 Hyundai warns owners to park outside, recalls 180000 SUVs
32 Hyundai, Kia recall over 500,000 vehicles due to leaks that can cause engine fires
33 Guest editorial: Fewer people on road is no excuse to speed
34 20 Miles Per Hour Divides NHTSA and CPSC Jurisdiction Over Micromobility Products
35 NHTSA Safety Ratings Explained: How Cars Get Crash-Tested in 2020
36 Safety recalls from Ram, Paccar, and Altec Industries
37 OPINION: Vote to end car manufacturers' iron grip on repairs
38 Hyundai, Kia Recalling More Vehicles Due to Brake Issues
39 Sony PlayStation 5 to launch November priced $499.99 and $399.99
40 NHTSA launches probe into Tesla touchscreen failures
41 A Second Defective Fuel Pump Lawsuit Is Now Filed Against Subaru
42 Pedestrian Safety: NHTSA Needs to Decide Whether to Include Pedestrian Safety Tests in Its New Car Assessment Program
43 NHTSA Projects Fewer Q1 Year-Over-Year Traffic Fatalities
44 SLO PD focussing efforts on distracted driving, Friday, September 18
45 NHTSA grant program aimed at informing vehicle owners about safety recalls
46 Tesla is facing NHTSA probe over possible design flaw in older Model S cars
47 Federal regulators move to make room in safety standards for driver-less cars
48 NHTSA launches impaired driving enforcement campaign
49 Milford police issue 148 distracted driving violations in August
50 NHTSA Mildly Redefines Safety Rules for Autonomous Cars
51 US Senators Call Out NHTSA For Failure To Protect Americans From Risk Of Internet Connected Cars, Demand Answers, Says Consumer Watchdog
52 Uber AV safety driver charged with negligent homicide in fatal 2018 crash
53 EMS lights and siren 911 response: First do no harm
54 FHWA, NHTSA Administrators Highlight Work on ADAS, Truck Parking
55 NHTSA Launches Automated Vehicles Testing Initiative | 2020-06-15
56 NHTSA's auto safety standards process to get scrutiny from inspector general
57 NHTSA OKs EasyMile's Resumption of U.S. Passenger Operations
58 NHTSA to Conduct School Bus Illegal Passing Surveys
59 NHTSA's Oversight of Vehicle Safety Standards Audited
60 NHTSA Declares 56 Million Takata Airbag Inflators Don't Need Recall
61 NHTSA Proposes Autonomous Vehicle Regulation Changes
62 NHTSA Permits Installation of School Bus Barriers to Separate Drivers, Students
63 Keyless Ignitions, Faulty Vehicles & Rollaway Accidents
64 Editorial Roundup: South Carolina
65 Sheriff's office receives federal traffic safety funds
66 NHTSA Encourages Motorcycle Safety
67 Mercedes-Benz Fined $20 Million by NHTSA for Mishandling Recalls
68 22News I-Team: Massachusetts voters will decide on Right to Repair
69 Sen. Markey Demands NHTSA Proactively Address the Cyber Risks of Internet-Connected Cars
70 Fatalities in Crashes Involving Trucks Rose in 2019
71 ACA Responds to NHTSA on MA Telematics November Ballot Question
72 NHTSA grants first driverless vehicle exemption
73 NHTSA Alters Safety Rules to Make Room for Self-Driving Cars
74 NHTSA safety recalls impact nearly 6,000 vehicles
75 NHTSA Isn't Doing Enough To Protect Us From Giant Trucks
76 Federal agency looking into Tesla driver complaints of sudden unintended acceleration
77 Driving Hasn't Found Its New Normal Yet, NHTSA Data Shows
78 NTSB calls on NHTSA to adopt new limo regulations
79 IIHS urges NHTSA to expand and strengthen safety standards for self-driving cars
80 Update: NHTSA Moves School Bus Driver In-service Curriculum Online
81 Steering Ahead: NHTSA Looks To Modernize Rules For Automated Driving Systems
82 NHTSA Issues New Mercedes-Benz Windshield Recall
83 NHTSA Response to Surging Pedestrian Fatalities
84 Fires in Chrysler Minivan Charging Ports Being Probed by NHTSA
85 NHTSA safety recall report for Blue Bird, Daimler and Ford
86 NHTSA lifts suspension of EasyMile vehicles
87 NHTSA Opts Not to Recall Takata Air Bag Inflators
88 NHTSA Announces Historic Proposal to Modernize Vehicle Safety Standards
89 NHTSA gathering data on occupant protection in autonomous vehicles
90 Automotive LiDAR Market Industry Analysis and Detailed Profiles of top Industry
91 NHTSA Proposes Updates to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to Account for Autonomous Vehicles
92 Boy, 8, Recovering After Mom Saves Him in Freak Seat Belt Accident
93 NHTSA safety recalls
94 EPA and NHTSA defend including trailers in emissions/fuel standards
95 How Cities Can Reclaim Their Streets From SUVs
96 NHTSA Traffic Safety Data Shows Decrease in Overall Deaths | MotorTrend
97 Traffic safety agency says its critics are wrong about its lack of toughness
98 EPA, NHTSA Can Regulate Trailer Emissions, Agencies' Attorneys Say
99 US traffic safety agency launches probe of fatal Tesla Model S crash
100 'Encouraging news': US highway deaths fell in 2018 for second straight year