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1 Trump Has Weaponized Masculinity As President. Here's Why It Matters
2 How To Deal With Anxiety From The News : Life Kit
3 News Brief: Tech Shield Hearing, Voting Days Dwindle, Philadelphia Unrest
4 US Coronavirus Cases Surge Past Summer's Records : Shots
5 Instead Of Losing Family And Friends Over Politics, Experts Say Communicate
6 What It's Like To Be A Radio Host With Hearing Loss
7 Coronavirus Weighing Heavily On Voters In Arizona
8 Fatal Police Shooting In Philadelphia Sparks A 2nd Night Of Protests
9 A Flood Of Outside Money Is Pouring Into 2020 Races, Alarming Transparency Advocates
10 House Democrats Hope To Expand Their Majority
11 Make NPR Your Trusted 2020 Election News Source
12 Why Women Are Quitting Work: The Pandemic's Devastating Toll
13 U.S. Agency Targets Its Own Journalists' Independence
14 'Very Nice!': Kazakhstan, Outraged No More, Embraces Borat In New Slogan
15 Mask-Wearing Is Up In The U.S., But Young People Are Still Too Lax, CDC Survey Finds
16 500,000 Newborn Deaths A Year Linked To Air Pollution, Study Says : Goats and Soda
17 Democrats Take Campaign Fundraising To New Levels In 2020
18 Fighting A High Medical Bill Takes Tenacity And Health Insurance Know-How : Shots
19 NXIVM Cult Leader Sentenced To 120 Years In Prison
20 A Newly Sworn In Justice Barrett Faces A Motion To Recuse Herself In Election Case
21 The Dark Side Of The Recovery Revealed In Big Data
22 E. Jean Carroll Suit Against Trump To Proceed After Judge Rules Against DOJ
23 A CIA Officer Visits Moscow, Returns With Mysterious, Crippling Headaches
24 Why US Economic Growth Data Will Not Be Quite The Blockbuster It First Appears
25 Washington Post Critic Says 'Trump Has Unwittingly Enabled' Discussions Of Race
26 Sticker Shock: Why Used-Car Prices Are So High
27 Wyoming's Dark Money Campaign To Keep Coal Plants Open
28 As COVID-19 Cases Surge In Wisconsin, Health Workers Brace For More
29 Single Moms Are Struggling Without Enough Help In Pandemic
30 Haunted Car Washes Offer An Alternative Boo In Year Of COVID : Coronavirus Updates
31 'My Family Needs Me': Why Many Latinas Are Leaving Their Jobs
32 2020 Election Security Guide: Cyberattacks, Disinformation
33 Oklahoma Ice Storm Leaves 300000 Without Power
34 Is It Possible To Protect Preexisting Conditions Without The ACA? : Shots
35 Pentagon Rejects Claim Of Civilian Casualties In Baghdadi Raid
36 Judge Orders Richmond's Robert E. Lee Statue Can Be Removed
37 Italy, Spain Tighten Restrictions After Coronavirus Cases Spike
38 Wisconsin's Ballot Extension Plan Blocked By U.S. Supreme Court
39 U.S. And India Sign Military Agreement During Pompeo, Esper Trip
40 Despite Trump-Modi Friendship, Survey Says Indian Americans Back Biden
41 Americans So Far Have Cast Record-Breaking 62 Million Early Ballots
42 66 Million And Counting: Americans Are Breaking Early Voting Records
43 Power Shut-Offs Become A Way Of Life For Many Californians
44 Here's How The Associated Press Declares A Winner : The NPR Politics Podcast
45 Research Indicates Postpartum Depression Can Last For 3 Years
46 LA Dodgers Win World Series In Game 6, Defeating Tampa Bay 3-1
47 Zeta Triggers Hurricane Warning For New Orleans As Gulf Coast Awaits Storm
48 Female Doctors Spend More Time With Patients, But Earn Less Money Than Men
49 'A Decarbonized Society': Japan Pledges To Be Carbon Neutral By 2050
50 Chile Celebrates Voters' Decision To Scrap Constitution, Start Over
51 Insurance Coverage From A Casino : Planet Money
52 Review: Sarah Cooper's Netflix Special Has Trump Lip-Syncs, But Plenty More, Too
53 Election Stress Is High. Here's How To Tamp Down The Anxiety : Shots
54 At Race's End, Trump's Rallies Recall Other Late Lunges In White House History
55 Diane di Prima, Beat Poet And Activist, Dead At 86
56 COVID-19 Can Spread Among Ill-Equipped Nursing Homes That Share Staff : Shots
57 Fight Against Colorado's 2 Largest-Ever Fires Continues, Aided By Snow
58 Fighting COVID-19 Is A Struggle, Illinois' Public Health Director Says
59 Water On The Moon: NASA Confirms Water Molecules On Our Neighbor's Sunny Surface
60 Vatican Court Hears Unprecedented Sexual Abuse Criminal Trial
61 Orange County Fires: 2 Firefighters Critically Injured In Fast-Moving Blazes
62 Trump-Biden Final Campaign Week: What To Watch For
63 Colorado Gov. Jared Polis On Rising Coronavirus Cases : Coronavirus Updates
64 Nagorno-Karabakh: U.S.-Brokered Cease-Fire Falters Soon After It Starts
65 Book Review: 'Kindred' Dismantles Simplistic Views Of Neanderthals
66 HHS Releases Redacted Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Contract : Shots
67 Eli Lilly Ends Antibody Trial In Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients, Other Trials Go On
68 Itching To Travel? Preflight Coronavirus Tests Are Getting Passengers In The Air
69 FDA Panel On COVID-19 Vaccines Raises Questions : Shots
70 Midwest Surge Drives US Coronavirus Toward A New Peak : Shots
71 Political Campaigns See Flood Of Outside Money, Often From Unknown Donors
72 Hungarian Journalists Launch Independent News Site Amid Tightening Government Control
73 Polish President Andrzej Duda Quarantines After Testing Positive For Coronavirus
74 Presidential Debate Coverage Prompts Existential Question : NPR Public Editor
75 News Brief: Presidential Debate, Russian Hackers
76 Rudy Giuliani Scene In 'Borat' Sequel Seizes Political Attention
77 News Brief: Google Faces Lawsuit, COVID-19 Vaccine, Nigeria Protests
78 COVID-19 Death Rates Are Going Down, And Not Just Among The Young And Healthy : Shots
79 Trump vs. Biden On Health Care: Compare Their Platforms : Shots
80 News Brief: Presidential Campaigns, Pandemic Cases, China's Economy
81 News Brief: Presidential Debate, Hackers Indicted, TikTok Fights Disinformation
82 News Brief: Election Intimidation, Presidential Debate, DOJ's Opioid Deal
83 Hospital Bills For Uninsured COVID-19 Patients Are Covered, But No One Tells Them
84 News Brief: Trump's COVID-19 Prognosis, 8 Justices Start High Court's Term
85 1st 'Murder Hornet' Nest In U.S. Is Found In Washington State
86 Judge Rebukes USAGM CEO Michael Pack, Saying He Acted Unlawfully
87 News Brief: Trump Optimistic About Diagnosis, Colleges And COVID-19 Testing
88 Trump Rails Against The 'Radical Left' In Pitch To Pennsylvania Voters
89 The News Roundup For October 9, 2020 : 1A
90 NIH Director Francis Collins On Vaccine Approval, Trump And Fauci : Coronavirus Updates
91 Alzheimer's Drug Study Shows Medical Research Can Proceed Safely During Pandemic : Shots
92 Coronavirus Testing Delays Still Prevent Effective Disease Control, Survey Finds : Shots
93 NPR defines Hunter Biden news as a waste of time
94 Award-Winning App For People With Dementia From 3 Nigerian-Irish Teens : Goats and Soda
95 How Many COVID Deaths Could US See This Winter? Here's What Experts Project : Shots
96 Are Paramilitary Extremists Being Normalized? Look To Idaho For Answers
97 A New Chapter For David Greene : NPR Extra
98 Parents Of 545 Children Separated At U.S.-Mexico Border Still Can't Be Found
99 Trump Signs Bipartisan Bill Creating 988 Mental Health Crisis Hotline : Shots
100 Facebook And Twitter Limit Sharing 'New York Post' Story About Joe Biden