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1 A More Extreme Gun Rights Movement Is Emerging in the NRA's Wake
2 NRA Chief Pays Back $300,000 in Illicit Gains: Report
3 NRA sues to overturn tough N.J. concealed carry gun law
4 NRA says it's aware of 'significant diversion of its assets' in tax filing
5 NRA settles insurance violation case for $2.5M
6 The NRA and Gun Reform: Results in Key 2020 Races
7 NRA, Battling on 2 Fronts, Aims to Move AG James' Lawsuit Out of New York City | New York Law Journal
8 Is Bill Brewer Shielding Wayne LaPierre at the NRA's Expense?
9 NRA Sues New Jersey Over Concealed Carry Law
10 Ohio: Senate Committee to Consider No Duty to Retreat Legislation
11 NRA post video of elderly lady firing powerful rifle to the delight of gun enthusiasts on Twitter
12 How the NRA Shot Itself in the Foot
13 NRA Tells IRS Execs Used Nonprofit's Money for Personal Gain
14 Warnock ripped in NRA ad for mocking concealed-carry in church
15 BATFE Leadership Push Biden to Target Pistol Stabilizing Braces and Unfinished Receivers
16 Competitors' Corner: December 2020
17 A Government of Laws, Not of Men
18 NRA's Hammer bootlicked by Florida Senate, ethics commission etc.
19 Friends Of NRA Continue Charitable Fundraising Amid Pandemic Challenges
20 Gun Grabbers Demand Unprecedented “Executive Actions”
21 Pre-Filing of Gun-Related Legislation Continues in Texas: Here Are the Measures Affecting Your Second Amendment Rights So Far
22 NRA admits current and former execs abused funds amid IRS probe
23 NRA Gun of the Week: Glock P80
24 Record Amount of Gun Control Legislation Introduced on First Day of Bill Pre-Filing for 2021 Texas Legislative Session
25 The NRA's Fourth Straight Year in the Red
26 NRA to Governors Association: 'Don't make the industry a scapegoat'
27 Iowa DNR Falsely Claims Authority to Dictate Approved Hunting Cartridges
28 Feds commit to major fixes at Sandy Hook and Delaware Water Gap
29 Qld’s ‘dumbest’ trading laws set to cause another round of panic buying before Christmas
30 Video of a granny shooting an AK-47 rifle goes viral
31 NRA Holds Board & Management Retreat – Global Times News
32 Cebu City Bagsakan Center to rise at NRA
33 NRA Says CEO Wayne LaPierre Abused Of Benefits In Tax Filing
34 Exclusive: NRA has shed 200 staffers this year as group faces financial crisis
35 US$12M For New NRA Office
36 ‘I don’t trust them any more’: how the NRA became its own worst enemy
37 The Fall of the NRA
38 NRA Membership Revenue Fell 34% in 2019, Tumbling to a 7-Year Low
39 Former Top NRA Executive Gives Tell-All Account Of Organization’s Excesses And Extremes
40 Five myths about the National Rifle Association
41 Joshua Powell Zeros In On Corruption, Greed In 'Inside The NRA'
42 State, NRA Square Off Over Constitutionality of 2018 Gun Law | Daily Business Review
43 NRA In Crosshairs Of Two AGs
44 What is the NRA?
45 Seven Things to Know About the NRA's Web of Financial Misconduct
46 N.R.A.’s Former No. 2 Joshua Powell Calls for Gun Control
47 NRA lawsuits come amid changing face of American gun owners
48 ‘The NRA has blood on its hands,’ says ‘Inside the NRA’ author and former strategist
49 Why The NRA and Wayne LaPierre’s Next Foe is One of Their Own
50 NRA tell-all book by former chief of staff promises to detail corruption, fraud culture and finances in shambles
51 National Rifle Association Secret Recording Reveals Cost Of NRA Legal Struggles
52 Everytown, Moms Demand Flex 2020 Campaign Muscles As NRA Influence Wanes
53 These Gun Rights Activists Say NRA Is Weak On 2nd Amendment : No Compromise
54 NRA lays off dozens and shuts down fundraising amid coronavirus
55 Democrats, gun control groups attack NRA for efforts to reshape judiciary | TheHill
56 Opinion | The NRA Might Be Weakened. Gun Rights Voters Are Not.
57 Daily Bulletin: More Bad News For the NRA
58 NRA plans to spend ‘tens of millions’ in battleground states
59 How the N.R.A. Became ‘the Most Feared Lobbying Force in America’
60 Editorial: An NRA turncoat could turn into America's most credible asset for gun sanity
61 Congressional Dems Call On the IRS to Investigate the NRA
62 The NRA’s surprising history
63 Opinion | Want to Cure NRA Corruption? Let a Gun-Loving Democrat Run It.
64 The NRA Exodus: Who Left the Organization During a Year of Upheaval
65 'Murder insurance': NRA to face hearing on controversial program
66 ‘Inside the NRA’ Offers an Unconvincing Confession of Swamp Regret
67 NRA Must Face 'Murder Insurance' Regulatory Hearing, Judge Says
68 The NRA's Unshakable Support for Police
69 The NRA warned us of this scenario, until the victim was Black
70 The NRA Has Spent Decades Warning About Police Crackdowns. Now It's Utterly Silent.
71 Ex-NRA official says gun owners 'don't need the NRA' to turn out at polls, accuses group of 'corruption'
72 NRA has laid off more than 60 employees
73 The NRA and the Trump Campaign Appear to Be Flouting Election Laws. Again.
74 'Inside the NRA' Calls Out Wayne LaPierre for Corruption
75 Ailing N.R.A. Finds New Rallying Cry: Keep Gun Shops Open
76 The Attempt to Dissolve the NRA Threatens Democratic Norms
77 NRA membership vs Facebook gun groups : No Compromise
78 How the NRA Is Using Coronavirus Fears to Drive Up Gun Sales
79 Jimmy Fallon Sends Thoughts and Prayers to the N.R.A.
80 NY sues the NRA to put it out of business
81 The N.R.A.’s new candidate grades show a continuing decline in support.
82 The NRA Is Reeling From COVID-19, In Part Due To Pre-Pandemic Missteps
83 NRA Partners With Streaming Network That Features Coronavirus Doubters
84 Federal Judge Clears Way for NRA Challenge to Gun Law | Daily Business Review
85 Get Ready for a Feeding Frenzy Over the NRA’s Corpse
86 The NRA Has a Right to Exist
87 Giffords launches national Gun Owners for Safety group to combat the NRA | TheHill
88 The ACLU Defends the NRA –
89 How Much is the NRA Spending to Reelect Donald Trump?
90 NRA Board Member Slams Group's Leadership for Secretive Layoffs
91 Americans growing numb to NRA's constant drumbeat of fearmongering
92 NRA’s former No. 2 calls for gun control
93 Good News for the NRA: Florida Supreme Court Strikes Question on Assault Weapons Ban from Ballot | Daily Business Review
94 Anti-Gun Organization Prepared to Launch National Group of Gun Owners Who Apparently Don't Like Guns
95 NRA sues California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other state officials over gun store closures
96 The NRA Fights Back As Gun Controllers Dismiss The Second Amendment As “Nonessential”
97 NRA Advances False Association Claim Against Advertising Agency
98 USCCA vs NRA: Complementary Firearms Training Programs ~ VIDEO
99 A Timeline of the NRA's Scare Tactics During National Emergencies
100 Why Is the NRA Paying Millions to Stampede America?