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Result Content Idea Research
1 Head of National Anti-Corruption Bureau declares plot of land sold to Russians two years ago
2 IMF: Amendment of legislation on NABU may create problem in cooperation with Ukraine
3 Anti-Corruption Bureau granted access to memos of 6-figure salaries to Naftogaz employees
4 ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and NABU have assisted in accomplishment of Armenian brand of herbal teas Darman (VIDEO)
5 Anti-Corruption Bureau closes case against ex-Deputy Minister for Occupied Territories
6 President's office doesn't offer initiatives to change NABU director – Yermak
7 GRECO demands full respect of NABU independence by Ukrainian authorities
8 Onyshchenko's extradition – German court rules not to extradite him to Ukraine
9 Former VP Biden Call with Ukraine's Poroshenko LEAKED: $1 Billion 'Quid Pro Quo' Discussed
10 Nabu Island Opening Soon!
11 NABU Objects to Gennaker Offshore Wind Project
12 PGO passes NABU 15,000 volumes of investigation files on Maidan cases – Sytnyk
13 Attacks on NABU jeopardize Ukraine's European future
14 Nabu, a support service for Aboriginal families launched by Waminda
15 Derkach was deported from Russia in 2017, – Nalyvaichenko. Document
16 Akhmetov summoned to NABU as witness | KyivPost
17 G7 ambassadors emphasize that appointment, dismissal of NABU, SAPO leadership should take place according to established laws
18 NABU "leaked" case files and lawmakers' personal data to foreign embassies – media
19 Ukrainian Corruption Showdown Sets Stage for Impeachment Inquiry
20 Shokin addresses SBI on leak of secret information by NABU | KyivPost
21 UNIAN: Court finds NABU head Sytnyk guilty of corruption | KyivPost
22 Stargirl: Every Hero in the JSA, Explained | CBR
23 Key witness in NABU director corruption case ready to take a lie detector test
24 NABU arrests head of department in Presidential Office | KyivPost
25 NABU launches publishing portal and book prizes
26 Leros says he told NABU where video clips of Yermak's brother come from
27 NABU could pass its investigation information to U.S. Embassy in Kyiv – Ukrainian MP (Video)
28 Bakhmatyuk built Eurasia's largest factories, but NABU, PGO "don't see" them – company's appeal
29 NABU illegally gathered compromising material to discredit SAPO, PGO – media (Documents)
30 Anti-Corruption Court to receive cases from NABU, SAPO
31 NABU seizes 15 volumes of documents on case of equipment purchase for Ukrainian army
32 Ukraine faces diplomatic scandal due to unauthorized actions of NABU in Austria
33 Ukraine asks Interpol to put Rotterdam+ case key suspect on international wanted list
34 Court found Sytnyk guilty of corruption so he has to leave office
35 NABU Chief Sytnyk accused of receiving money from occupied Crimea
36 Storybook Collection Features Bi-lingual Haitian Female Protagonists
37 Justice League’s Most Powerful Member Will Return – and May Kill the World
38 National Anti-Corruption Bureau puts VAB Bank’s ex-owner on wanted list
39 NABU, SAPO plan to serve notice of suspicion to ex-owner of VAB Bank Bakhmatyuk | KyivPost
40 Bill on president's appointment of SBI, NABU heads ruled unconstitutional – source
41 MP Andriy Derkach: 'NABU Leaks' is the key for salvaging Ukraine-U.S. relations
42 Ukraine agency says allegations against Burisma cover period before Biden joined
43 NABU detectives search UkSATSE office, houses of company employees
44 The Ukrainian Prosecutor Behind Trump’s Impeachment
45 A case was opened against NABU detectives because of false expert report in Pysaruk-Bakhmatyuk case
46 NABU detectives decide to conduct unauthorized interrogation of 10,000 Ukrlandfarming employees
47 NABU opens case against Klitschko on potential state treason,
48 FBI Says Its Support for Anti-corruption Unit Abides by Ukrainian Law
49 NABU's case against Oleg Bakhmatyuk is politically motivated, and Sytnik has a direct conflict of interes
50 UkrLandFarming demands apology from NABU Director Sytnik to 27,000 employees for his lies
51 Officers of NABU know where to find ex-VAB bank executives, but put them on the wanted list
52 NABU actions against Bakhmatyuk may lead to disaster for entire Ukraine's agricultural sector, – British
53 Western-backed NABU anti-graft agency caught up in Ukraine defence corruption scandal
54 Why Ukraine's Anti-Corruption Drive Is Failing
55 Anti-Corruption Bureau obliged to open case against Poroshenko, Klimkin
56 ICU reports NABU raid in its Kyiv office, sees it as political pressure
57 Remember This? The NABU Network
58 Ukraine's NABU summons chief prosecutor for questioning (Document)
59 Foreign creditors could sue Ukraine in international arbitration over NABU's Bakhmatyuk case
60 NABU charges energy minister over inaccurate data in e-declaration of assets
61 Feud Thwarts FBI-Backed Anticorruption Efforts in Ukraine
62 National Anti-Corruption Bureau searches Ukrainian Football Association
63 Germany: NABU slams Merkel government's environment policies
64 Yuriy Lutsenko: NABU closes case of Zlochevsky and Biden without any investigative actions
65 The centre of learning destroyed by ISIS in Iraq
66 NABU raiding Bogdan Motors in defense embezzlement probe
67 NABU closes case against Trukhanov after Constitutional Court ruling | KyivPost
68 Why Can't Ukraine Kill Corruption?
69 NABU prepares draft notice of suspicion on episode involving ex-minister Zlochevsky | KyivPost
70 Ukraine's Anti-Corruption Bureau high-ranker suspected of corruption scandal
71 Lebanon celebrates 2,000 years of creativity with new Nabu Museum
72 ISIS destroys Temple of Nabu in Iraq
73 NABU to serve notice of suspicion on SBU Deputy Chief Demchyna | KyivPost
74 Ukrainian MP sues National Anti-Corruption Bureau head Sytnyk
75 'No satisfactory solution in diesel talks': NABU
76 I helped Hillary, her victory would be vantage for us,
77 "Revenge for eggs": Poultry farm workers accuse NABU chief Sytnyk of pressure on their enterprise
78 Top anti-corruption prosecutor in Ukraine says colleagues from NABU too slow in probing defense embezzlement case
79 CEO of state-run enterprise in Kharkiv caught trying to bribe NABU detective (Photo)
80 Lawyer linked to Kolomoisky 'met with NABU on behalf of Zelenskiy' | KyivPost
81 A New Museum in Lebanon Raises Questions About Archaeological Looting
82 Razer Nabu Watch Review
83 UkrLandFarming head Bakhmatyuk: Issue of suspicion notice by NABU politically motivated, jeopardizes the holding's work
84 "National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) does not have the power to pursue its politically motivated attack against me" says Chairman of Fedcominvest, Alekszej Fedoricsev
85 Ukrainian Investigators Probing Ex-Prosecutor Lutsenko For Abuse Of Power
86 UNESCO's Director-General condemns the Destruction of Nabu Temple
87 Razer Nabu X smartband review
88 NABU: First court hearing of Onyshchenko case scheduled for June 10 | KyivPost
89 National Anti-Corruption Bureau completes investigation of Odesa Mayor’s false declaration
90 Senior Ukrainian official says he's opened probe into US election interference | TheHill
91 How the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost | TheHill
92 NABU detains directors of Spetstechnoexport on suspicion of embezzling $2.2 million (UPDATE) | KyivPost
93 Guarding the guardians: Ukraine's security and judicial reforms under Zelensky
94 Ukraine prosecutors open case as inter-agency conflict escalates
95 Ukrinform: President of Estonia to visit NABU on May 23 | KyivPost
96 Victory for Chairman of Fedcominvest, Alekszej Fedoricsev, in his fight against politically motivated attack by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU)
97 Razer Nabu review
98 Developing Countries Need More Children’s Books. This Nonprofit Is Hiring Local Creatives to Help
99 Ukraine's Anticorruption Fight Hits a Brick Wall, and the Wall Has a Name
100 NABU: Case of Omelyan, suspected of illegal enrichment, sent to court | KyivPost