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Result Content Idea Research
1 Naomi Klein: On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal review – an unapologetic manifesto
2 Launch Event: “A Message From the Future II — The Years of Repair”
3 Surveillance in an Era of Pandemic and Protest
4 Naomi Klein will host event with Shoshana Zuboff, Simone Browne
5 Radical internationalism in the face of climate breakdown: why we need a Global Green New Deal
6 'Because I'm Scared': Jane Fonda's New Book Details Her Journey To Taking Climate Action
7 Klein event discusses surveillance, reminds us to be wary of Big Tech
8 Moral clarity of young people on climate crisis is a beacon for society
9 Boston Public Radio Full Show: 8/31/20
10 Naomi Klein: 'We must not return to the pre-Covid status quo, only worse'
11 Why ‘All We Can Save’ Will Make You Feel Hopeful About the Climate Crisis
12 Berkeley Talks: Naomi Klein on eco-facism and the Green New Deal
13 Naomi Klein: How big tech plans to profit from the pandemic
14 Video | Naomi Klein: How to Beat Coronavirus Capitalism
15 Digital Dictatorship
16 Anthology 'All We Can Save' passes the mic to female climate leaders
17 Why Naomi Klein is optimistic about America's future as it faces collapse due to the coronavirus
18 Joe Biden ought to listen to the Sunrise Movement on the Green New Deal | Chris Saltmarsh
19 Jane Fonda shares book favorites with Jenna Bush Hager
20 Mehdi Hasan and Naomi Klein on Coronavirus Capitalism
21 Video: Naomi Klein on coronavirus capitalism—and how to beat it
22 Conversations With ‘The Nation’: Naomi Klein
23 Escape From the Nuclear Family: Covid-19 Should Provoke a Rethink of How We Live
24 A High-Tech Coronavirus Dystopia
25 Coronavirus Capitalism — and How to Beat It
26 How I Get It Done: Writer and Activist Naomi Klein
27 Author, Environmental Activist Naomi Klein Delivers First Year Matters Keynote
28 Building forward from COVID-19 towards the ambition of the 2030 Agenda
29 “Coronavirus Capitalism”: Naomi Klein's Case for Transformative Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
30 Owen Jones: 'A lot of people in the parliamentary Labour party are horrible'
31 Ask a Sane Person: Naomi Klein Is Not Ready to Give Up the Fight
32 Screen New Deal: Naomi Klein on How Companies Like Google Plan to Profit in High-Tech COVID Dystopia
33 Why a populist Left should rally around a green democratic transformation
34 Why Naomi Klein Has Been Right
35 Naomi Klein: Pandemic Capitalism and the Black Lives Matter Protests
36 Coronavirus Is the Perfect Disaster for ‘Disaster Capitalism’
37 Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill Discuss Coronavirus, the Election, and Solidarity in the Midst of a Pandemic
38 Naomi Klein: Healthcare Industry Sees “Potential Bonanza” of Profits in COVID-19 Crisis
39 Naomi Klein: Climate Solutions That Neglect Inequality Are Doomed to Fail
40 Naomi Klein: 'We are literally and politically flammable'
41 Naomi Klein says this changes everything
42 Naomi Klein’s Plan to Save the World
43 Writer, activist Naomi Klein talks justice and hope in a warming world
44 Noam Chomsky’s Climate Crisis and the Green New Deal takes on capitalism and politics
45 'We have a once-in-century chance': Naomi Klein on how we can fight the climate crisis
46 “It feels like everything could tip very quickly”: Naomi Klein takes on the climate crisis
47 Naomi Klein: ‘Our Future Is Radical. The Present Is Pretty Radical Too.’
48 We've got our own reasons to elect Biden
49 John McDonnell Explains Why Boris Johnson Is a ‘Proto-Fascist’
50 This Changes Everything, Again: On Naomi Klein's "On Fire"
51 Against Climate Barbarism: A Conversation with Naomi Klein
52 “Things Are Finally Changing”: Naomi Klein On Being At The Forefront Of The Climate Movement
53 In 'On Fire,' Naomi Klein envisions a future without climate change
54 The Case for the Green New Deal by Ann Pettifor; On Fire by Naomi Klein – review
55 An audacious plan to stop climate change: Remake the entire economy
56 Naomi Klein Says Climate Change Is a Women's Issue at Women's March
57 How Not to Lose the Lockdown Generation
58 Naomi Klein on how politics can solve the climate crisis
59 Hot & Bothered: Building Power, with Naomi Klein, Jane McAlevey, and Julian Brave NoiseCat
60 "When They Say We Don't Have the Right to Protest," Says Naomi Klein, "That's the Moment to Flood the Streets"
61 Award winning journalist slams US COVID-19 policy
62 The Coronavirus Crisis Is Disaster Capitalism In Action. Here's How the Left Can Respond.
63 'Planetary arsonists,' Naomi Klein calls some world leaders. But she has hope
64 Journalist Naomi Klein Calls for New Approach to Climate Change at Harvard Square Book Talk | News
65 Naomi Klein Is Not Here to Make You Feel Better
66 Environmental leaders on post-COVID Canada: Greener future, or new climate denialism?
67 Ont. Indigo bookstore workers vote to unionize, a month after retailer reports losses
68 Biden Wins, Sanders Lags: Naomi Klein & Alicia Garza on Calls to Shut Down Primaries & Debates
69 The High-Tech, Post-COVID Life | The Brian Lehrer Show
70 Naomi Klein on How 'Strongmen' Leaders Perpetuate the Climate Crisis
71 'Green' billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of 'Planet of the Humans' documentary
72 Naomi Klein and Arundhati Roy Help Launch Global Green New Deal Project With Worldwide Invitation
73 Five questions with… climate journalist Naomi Klein
74 Why Naomi Klein Is Right
75 "Shock Doctrine" author Naomi Klein: Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal plan is our best hope
76 Naomi Klein On Climate Justice and the Green New Deal
77 Author Naomi Klein on the opportunity of multiple lifetimes: fighting the climate emergency
78 The Right to a Future, With Naomi Klein and Greta Thunberg
79 The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
80 Naomi Klein: 'We Are Seeing the Beginnings of the Era of Climate Barbarism'
81 Naomi Klein on the 'Burning Case' for a Green New Deal
82 Jonathan Safran Foer on Climate and Food; Naomi Klein on the Green New Deal; The #PlasticChallenge; A Just and Resilient Climate; Is It Recyclable? | The Brian Lehrer Show
83 Naomi Klein Is the Godmother of the Green New Deal | Outside Online
84 Why Naomi Klein thinks now is the moment for climate action
85 Author Naomi Klein fires up discussion of climate crisis and action
86 Naomi Klein: ‘I’m driven by three emotions: love, terror and rage’
87 'A transformational vision for the next economy': Naomi Klein on the Green New Deal
88 Last Month in DiEM25: August 2020
89 Naomi Klein's 'On Fire' urges we quit hitting snooze on climate change
90 Care and Repair: Left Politics in the Age of Climate Change
91 Naomi Klein on Climate Chaos: “I Don't Think Baby Boomers Did This. I Think Capitalism Did.”
92 No Logo at 20: have we lost the battle against the total branding of our lives?
93 Naomi Klein warns coronavirus could be used 'to fulfil wish-list for wealthy corporations'
94 Naomi Klein Knows a Green New Deal Is Our Only Hope Against Climate Catastrophe
95 Naomi Klein: ‘It was hard to feel like climate change was urgent’
96 The World Is On Fire, But There's One Way Out
97 Living in the “climate moment”: a dialogue between Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben and Alexandria Villaseñor
98 Naomi Klein: 'It Would Be A Shame If Markey Wasn't Sent Back To The Senate'
99 #CoveringClimateNow: Naomi Klein on the Green New Deal | The Brian Lehrer Show
100 Author Naomi Klein endorses Bernie Sanders for Democratic Party presidential nomination