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Result Content Idea Research
1 Linguistic feature not unique to humans
2 This is an amphibian with a difference
3 Why some people find it easier to lose weight
4 From going grey to hand washing: 12 lockdown habits we're going to keep
5 A Long Childhood May Be How Crows and Jays Evolved Their Smarts
6 The man who can't see numbers
7 Ancient ice tells story of carbon storage
8 How to be a fish out of water
9 Birds change their tunes after wildfires
10 How animals hibernate
11 Sea otters saved again
12 Step aside bees, the ants are pollinating
13 The Australian story, told beneath the sea
14 Meet a giant ancestor of wombats
15 The Amazing Potential of Nigeria’s Untapped Blue Economy
16 More proof of animal smarts
17 Did landscapes make land animals smart?
18 How African ancestors moved and mingled
19 Early fossil evidence of humans in Europe
20 Fossil footprints sheds clues on past behaviour
21 Earthships, hemp and hay: the houses built for off-grid living
22 Doxiepoos and puggles: is hybrid breeding healthier for owners and dogs?
23 Counting beans: why 2020 should be the year of the legume
24 Could Hemp Be The Next Big Thing In Sustainable Cotton, Fuel, Wood And Plastic?
25 The Importance Of Groundwater And Of Predicting Human Impacts On It
26 The Island That Could – How Ecotourism Is Shaping An Isolated Community’s Future
27 Would you like some chemicals with that?
28 Using maths to improve ocean rescue
29 What's good for people is good for the planet
30 Cosmos article wins journalist another award
31 People really are giving by nature
32 Microplastic hotspots on the seafloor
33 Cosmos correspondent wins medical writing award
34 How do conservation efforts stack up?
35 Amazon fires could increase glacier melting
36 Tackling Waste Management To Help Communities Reduce Plastic Pollution
37 How a pandemic created a cleaner planet
38 The misjudged role of plants in a warmer world
39 Long-living tropical trees do the heavy carbon lifting | Cosmos
40 Workout, shut up, wipe down: how to stay healthy at the gym
41 How invasive species wreak climatic havoc
42 What shapes genetic diversity in mammals?
43 Marine migrations and ecosystem disruption
44 Megafauna fossils found in tropical Australia
45 The science behind Jackson Pollock's art
46 Coupling big data and conservation
47 With no vaccine anytime soon, how will we treat COVID-19?
48 Insights from historical human-clam coexistence
49 Global warming affects tropical cyclone patterns
50 Higher rainfall could amplify global warming
51 Tropical forests quite resilient to warming
52 Rare Earth Minerals Could Be Sourced Through Old Batteries, Smartphones, Wind Turbines
53 Putting drought in the spotlight
54 The Company That Is Helping Amazon Communities And Rainforests
55 Should we ban junk food in schools? We asked five experts
56 Carbon cafe: what is the most sustainable coffee order?
57 From Recycled Plastic To 3D Printing: More Creative Sustainable Fashion Solutions
58 Tracing poached ivory to the source
59 Corals need a lot of help from their friends
60 Bacteria keeping up the fight against dengue
61 Birds wing it in many ways
62 If at first you don't succeed, try, try again
63 Your gut-brain axis can tell if you're at risk for depression
64 Megafauna more mega than we thought
65 Girls are just as good at STEM, study finds
66 Could air pollution contribute to psychiatric illness?
67 How to Make a Greener Cup of Coffee
68 11 Million People Now Have Jobs In Renewable Energy
69 Home office ergonomics: How to work from home without breaking your back
70 The Man Who Makes Water From Thin Air Wins Half-A-Million Dollar Prize
71 Where Predators Are Scarce, Mongooses May Transmit More Disease
72 Why iron is such an important part of your diet
73 There's more joy in books than tablets
74 Plant-based diets could prevent type 2 diabetes
75 Bees are nearly lost before they're found
76 Songbirds show remarkable flexibility in learning tunes
77 How A Whole City Plans To Close The Loop On Waste
78 Nature giveth, humans taketh away
79 What Does a Study of Slow Lorises Actually Say About Cat Allergies?
80 Brooding bees lose sleep for their young
81 Vampire bats are friendly, like us
82 Being pregnant and stressed not a good mix
83 Health Check: how to get kids to eat healthy food
84 Pollen And Spores Offer A Safe Way To Clean Pollutants From Water
85 Evolution clues to insect invader destruction
86 Calling Innovators To Join The Circular Economy Challenge
87 Researchers Have Created Tiny Springs To Tackle Marine Microplastic Pollution
88 Holy galloping ants
89 Your cat could just be playing hard to get
90 Can nutritious eating improve mental health?
91 Social isolation makes spiders aggressive
92 To manage groundwater, first understand it
93 Is the Blue Economy sustainable?
94 Diabetes increases risk of heart failure
95 Global farming trends 'a threat to food security'
96 From 3D Printing And Wound Healing To Bioplastic And Faux-Cotton, Seaweed Just Keeps On Giving
97 Why The Fashion Industry Needs To Turn On To Hemp
98 Bacteria v mozzies. Bacteria holds their own
99 Pointing originates from touch
100 Unexpected gorilla snacking behaviors make scientists question what we know about early humans