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1 Potential COVID-19 vaccine has re-energized anti-vaccination groups, health experts warn
2 The latest on the coronavirus outbreak for June 29
3 History in the making
4 Public Health Ontario suffered exodus of senior leaders and budget cuts before the COVID-19 pandemic struck
5 Get informed on the top stories of the day in one quick scan
6 'We're right to be optimistic,' says U of T epidemiologist about search for COVID-19 vaccine
7 A COVID-19 vaccine could ease immunization hesitancy, or be hindered by the same mistrust: expert
8 I want life to get back to normal. How close are we to an effective vaccine against COVID-19?
9 Don't let privacy concerns complicate necessary data sharing to combat public health threats
10 As Canadians hope for coronavirus vaccine, many aren't getting immunized against other diseases
11 'We're right to be optimistic,' says epidemiologist about search for COVID-19 vaccine
12 Vaccine hesitancy 'very concerning and upsetting,' says doctor heading new U of T centre
13 Vaccine makers, experts, forecast global challenges securing COVID-19 vaccine
14 Could a vaccine wipe out COVID-19 or will protection be short-term? That's the 'million dollar question'
15 How can Canadians quarantine from COVID-19 if they can't afford it?
16 Coronavirus: Canadian company close to testing vaccine on humans
17 If the U.S. loses its measles elimination status, could Canada be next?
18 Scientists Say Political Action Needed to Eliminate Measles Threat
19 Vaccine Exemptions May Allow for Large Measles Outbreaks
20 Vaccine hesitancy is a global threat. Experts say watch out for coronavirus misinformation
21 As COVID-19 triggers survival instinct, unwise decisions can result
22 Opinion | Bruce Arthur: If there's a COVID-19 vaccine, enough people will have to take it — or be forced to
23 News Scan for Aug 27, 2019 | CIDRAP
24 Your money or your life? Coronavirus-era economics makes us ask grim questions about how to value each other
25 The NHL's Big Test: Inside the League's Pandemic Response
26 When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready?
27 The race is on to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Here's what you need to know
28 5 takeaways from hearings on mandatory vaccinations
29 Canadian doctor recalls measles' pre-vaccine toll
30 To combat vaccine hesitancy, we must listen to the social sciences
31 Unvaccinated students must spend 21 days out of school in event of measles outbreak: B.C. ministry
32 As COVID-19 pandemic shows, survival instinct can lead to unwise decisions
33 U of T launches Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases
34 The sly ways anti-vaxxers are spreading misinformation online
35 ‘This is a serious disease’: Why we should worry that measles is making a comeback
36 Researchers 'very confident' vaccine for coronavirus will be developed
37 Whooping cough vaccine's immunity drops substantially over time
38 Whooping cough more widespread than previously known
39 Video: Why measles and vaccine hesitancy is a potentially dangerous combination
40 Flu vaccine prevents hospitalization in children, study shows
41 Enlist social media in the fight to eradicate measles
42 Short-Read Whole-Genome Sequencing for Laboratory-Based Surveillance of Bordetella pertussis
43 Jessica Biel lobbies against vaccine bill, but denies being part of anti-vaxx movement
44 The misery of measles in a world without vaccines
45 Whooping cough is happening more frequently than before. Here’s what to do
46 Judge orders Ontario girl to get measles vaccine amid parents' dispute
47 Many Torontonians In An Uproar Over New Anti-Vaccine Billboards In The GTA
48 A divorced dad wants his kids to be vaccinated. Their mom doesn’t. Now he’s taking the fight to court
49 Did seasonal flu vaccination increase the risk of infection with pandemic H1N1 flu?
50 Rabies Vaccine Fails in Rare Death
51 Should Unvaccinated Kids Be Banned From Daycare?
52 Nearly half of Canadians are concerned about vaccine safety. Here's why.
53 Medicago says coronavirus vaccine could be ready for human trial by July
54 Gunman ‘opened fire in Amazon warehouse and shot delivery truck after ranting about ex-employee’
55 Shot in the dark: On vaccinations for measles and other diseases, data gaps leave Canadians guessing
56 Doctor recalls death toll of measles before immunization
57 Embracing the science of value in health
58 The flu shot screw-up
59 Should I pay to vaccinate my child against meningitis B?
60 Girl, 12, raped repeatedly in park by grooming gang who attacked other girls, aged 13 and 15, they lured on
61 Today in Entertainment: CNN fires Kathy Griffin over gory Trump photo; Lebanon officially bans 'Wonder Woman'
62 Manchester Arena Attack: Victims taken on theme park day out
63 Ottawa daycare is promising a ‘vaccine-free environment' for kids. Public Health is not happy about it
64 Vexxed At 'Vaxxed': Like an Infection
65 Jersey joint plan needed to tackle 'smelly' seaweed
66 Kyla Greenbaum | Register
67 FULL RESULTS & PICTURE GALLERY: More than 7500 runners complete the Oxford Half Marathon
68 More than 30 motorists who broke the law have made our named and shamed list
69 Endangered southern brown bandicoots captured on Aireys Inlet camera
70 German WWII bombing on Jersey commemorated