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1 Lawfare Live: Lessons from the 2020 Election With Nate Persily and Charles Stewart
2 Trump decision reveals limits of Facebook's 'Supreme Court'
3 The Facebook Oversight Board is Making the Most Of Its Limited Power
4 Facebook arbiters keep ban on Trump
5 The High-Stakes Count: Stanford's Pam Karlan and Nate Persily on Taking the Census During a Pandemic | Stanford Law School
6 Facebook 'Supreme Court' Weighs Trump's Social Media Fate
7 States that voted for Biden lose 3 net House seats after Census count
8 Nathaniel Persily
9 Election 2020: False Allegations of Fraud and Incitement to Insurrection with Nate Persily
10 Slog AM: Facebook Keeps Trump Banned, U.S. Birthrate Plummets, I Hope that Space Junk Doesn't Kill Us
11 Letters: ‘My Octopus Teacher’; New voting districts in Lowell may need to be redrawn
12 The Lawfare Podcast: Nate Persily Asks Whether Democracy Can Survive the Internet
13 McConnell's Republican Rejectionism Ignores Lawmaking
14 Magellan (MMP) Divests 50% Pasadena Marine Terminal Interest
15 PS Business Parks (PSB) Q1 FFO Match Estimates
16 Actually, We Will Know a Lot on Election Night
17 Opinion | With Six Weeks to the Election, Six Ways to Protect It
18 The 2020 Election Meltdown That Didn’t Happen, Even Amid the Covid Pandemic
19 It’s Not Too Late to Save the 2020 Election
20 The Lawfare Podcast: Nate Persily and Alex Stamos on Securing American Elections
21 U.S. has two weeks to get mail voting right to avoid a mess on Election Day, expert says
22 Innovative Research Model Co-developed by SLS Professor Nate Persily Selected by Facebook to Study Effects of Social Media on Elections and Democracy | Stanford Law School
23 Who is the Stanford professor tapped to redraw Pa.'s congressional districts?
24 Counting the votes and election legal challenges
25 Mobilize Pa. National Guard to secure the June primary | Opinion
26 Opinion | So, Did ‘Bad Things Happen’ With the Election in Philadelphia?
27 Meet the Press
28 Census data delay adds to voting advocates' equitable map woes
29 9th Ramzan | Baran-e-Rehmat From Turkey | Imran Abbas | Meet Cenk Kangöz from Ertugrul | Part 1
30 How Trump v. Biden could be Bush v. Gore ‘on steroids’
31 NC gerrymander case: Republicans accuse special master of partisan politics
32 What the Trump campaign’s legal fights could mean for this election and overall public trust
33 Trust in vote-by-mail remains a top election concern, law professor says
34 The Landscape For Campaign Finance, 10 Years After Citizens United
35 The Looming Threat to Voting in Person
36 Ten Recommendations to Ensure a Healthy and Trustworthy 2020 Election
37 When will we know the results of the 2020 US election? It could get complicated
38 Gerrymandering is about to get even more chaotic
39 Opinion | Democracy Is Weakening Right in Front of Us
40 Lesson of the Day: ‘In Statehouses, Stolen-Election Myth Fuels a G.O.P. Drive to Rewrite Rules’
41 'It's Ridiculous': States Struggle To Accommodate COVID-19 Positive Voters
42 After Record Turnout, Republicans Are Trying to Make It Harder to Vote
43 As Supreme Court Weighs Election Cases, a New Life for Bush v. Gore
44 Will Democrats scrap the filibuster to pass big election package?
45 Fewer Ballots Rejected by Election Officials This Election
46 How to Survive Election Night
47 80 million Americans may vote by mail in this election. Here's how most states verify their identities.
48 ‘One person, one vote’ isn’t broken, and the Supreme Court shouldn’t fix it.
49 'I'm worried about voters screwing up.' Election scientist tackles 2020 U.S. vote
50 From vote-by-mail delays to poll worker shortages, states face numerous election challenges
51 Opinion | The Fear That Is Shaping American Politics
52 With anxiety over voting by mail, we need a new strategy
53 How to find good information on election night
54 Will Pa. be at the center of another Bush v. Gore? These 8 lawyers and scholars weigh in. · Spotlight PA
55 Trump's election lawsuits, Democrats' down-ballot disappointment, and polling problems.
56 A 'Twitterized Bush v Gore 2.0'? It's possible, election experts say
57 Anxious, trying to be patient, Stanford just wants to know: Who'll win?
58 Trump warns of fraud as Americans vote early in huge numbers
59 Trump's misleading claim about 'unsolicited' mail ballots
60 U.S. election: World's fascination not just about American power, but also hope
61 Opinion | We Must Vote in November. This Is How to Ensure That We Can.
62 This November, Election Night Could Stretch Into Election Week Or Month
63 Overseas ballot requests set record, but will votes reach U.S. shores?
64 Republican candidates follow Trump's lead not to concede in their races
65 Americans are losing faith in democracy — and in each other
66 The Shows: Sunday listings for Nov. 1, 2020
67 The Independent Facebook Oversight Board Has Made Its First Rulings
68 Twitter Will Turn Off Some Features to Fight Election Misinformation
69 The Facebook Oversight Board: Creating an Independent Institution to Adjudicate Online Free Expression
70 Election Night Reporting and Lead-Up on PBS | THIRTEEN
71 Divided States podcast: Four more years? A Biden landslide? What could happen on election day?
72 Amid Pandemic, New Poll Shows Growing Support Mail-In Voting
73 Stanford Legal on SiriusXM
74 Stanford scholars tapped for Carnegie Fellowships | The Dish
75 Strategies to secure American elections | Stanford News
76 When will we know the US election result? Where will Donald Trump and Joe Biden be on election night?
77 Why Were the Polls So Wrong?
78 The Trump plan for legislatures to appoint electors would end democracy.
79 Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls For Voting Overhaul : Coronavirus Updates
80 Jena Griswold says deleted tweets on reporting election results weren't misinformation
81 If You Wait Until Election Day to Vote, You’re Already Too Late
82 Will the Vote Be Legitimate?
83 PBS NewsHour Election 2020 Special Coverage Begins at 6 pm
84 To save the election, call in the National Guard: How to safeguard the November vote despite coronavirus
85 How COVID-19 makes the US Census even more challenging
86 What's on TV Saturday and Sunday Talk: 'Manhunt: Deadly Games'
87 Gerrymandering: America’s other border crisis
88 A look into what former Penn prof's redrawn PA district lines mean for Penn
89 Sunday shows preview: The final push to Election Day | TheHill
90 Social Media, Civil Rights Groups Brace for Voter Disinformation
91 Fact check: Trump says election officials mailed 80 million 'non-requested' ballots
92 'Find' votes for him, Trump demands in call to Georgia official
93 Ballot drop-off boxes start arriving in Maryland: How safe is your vote?
94 The Coming Wave of Disinformation – The Dispatch
95 Stanford Experts Publish Recommendations to Safeguard Democratic Elections Around the World
96 The unseen machine pushing Trump’s social media megaphone into overdrive
97 We need universal digital ad transparency now
98 Trump threatens legal action over swing state vote
99 Here's What Will Likely Happen on Election Day: Part 1
100 Voter ID cases: Invisible voter v. imaginary fraud