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1 Buying a house in a flood zone? Here’s what to expect
2 Whether to Amend and Extend: National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization as an Opportunity for Reform
3 Federal official tours flood-damaged town in Midland County, talks long-term recovery help
4 FEMA NFIP Technical Bulletin 1 (2020)
5 More Americans are at risk of flooding than ever before. Here's how to address this new reality.
6 How Does The National Flood Insurance Program Work
7 GAO: National Flood Insurance Program Fiscal Exposure Persists Despite Property Acquisitions
8 FEMA provides a 120-day grace period for National Flood Insurance Program
9 Opinion: To save flood insurance for all, Congress needs to reform the National Flood Insurance Program now
10 Think Tank Urges Flood Insurance Program to Stop Enabling Building in High Risk Areas
11 National Flood Insurance Program Transition in Flux
12 FEMA Renews $1.3 Billion Reinsurance for Flood Program with 27 Carriers
13 National Flood Insurance Program Gets Reprieve, But What Next?
14 Bill Extends National Flood Insurance Program Through September
15 New National Flood Insurance Program Rates Delayed Until 2021
16 Whether Public or Private, Flood Insurance Is a Must, Experts Say
17 Latest NFIP extension doesn't fix issues in the flood insurance market
18 FEMA Postpones Switch to New Risk-Based Flood Insurance Rating Until 2021
19 FEMA Delivers Update on NFIP Progress
20 National Flood Insurance Program to Expire September 30
21 Forbes Guide to Flood Insurance – Forbes Advisor
22 FEMA Extends NFIP Grace Period
23 NFIP Extended Through November
24 Climate change and FEMA flood insurance reforms could trigger another mortgage crisis
25 FEMA extends flood insurance program deadline during ‘economic hardship’
26 What happens if the National Flood Insurance Program expires? Local experts weigh in
27 Flood Insurance, Commercial Real Estate and Climate Change
28 West Pittston residents to receive reduction in 'flood insurance premiums'
29 Hurricane Season and the Importance of Flood Insurance
30 U.S. Private Flood Insurance: The Journey to Build a New Market
31 6 Cheap Flood Insurance Options in 2020 • Benzinga
32 Those without flood insurance search for other options
33 The Next Steps for NFIP
34 National Flood Insurance Program Extends Grace Period
35 US flood insurance market in state of transition
36 Trump Signs Month-Long Government Funding That Includes Flood Insurance Program
37 Insurance Commissioner urges consumers not to wait to purchase flood insurance
38 GAO: Flood Mitigation Isn't Keeping Up with Climate Change
39 Flooding Can Happen Anywhere – Are You Prepared? – WBIW
40 What Is Flood Insurance, and When Do You Need it?
41 Schumer Seeks Changes To National Flood Insurance Program
42 Guide to flood insurance: Here’s what to know
43 Flood risk and private flood insurance: An overview for businesses
44 Cities Are Flouting Flood Rules. The Cost: $1 Billion.
45 What's The Future Of The National Flood Insurance Program?
46 Facing off against floods in 2020
47 Flood and terrorism insurance reauthorization: NFIP, TRIP are safe for now
48 Congress extends flood insurance program for 14th time since 2017 | TheHill
49 Innovative insurance firm competes, partners with government on flood coverage
50 Congress votes to extend the NFIP until December 20
51 New bipartisan flood insurance legislation introduced in the House
52 How Banks Should Prepare for an NFIP Lapse
53 State moves forward with private flood insurance options
54 AM Best Affirms Credit Ratings of Wright National Flood Insurance Company
55 Proposed Reform to the National Flood Insurance Program
56 FEMA targets additional catastrophe bond coverage for NFIP
57 NFIP Issued $400m in Reinsurance Protection
58 Congress approves a 4-month rescue of flood insurance program
59 FEMA buys 2020 reinsurance for federal flood program
60 Congress Votes to Extend National Flood Insurance Program
61 Consumer experts urge residents to get flood insurance sooner rather than later
62 Fixing the National Flood Insurance Program | TheHill
63 We're not equipped to handle the financial reality of today's storms | TheHill
64 Flood Insurance: Busy Hurricane Season Ahead and COVID-19 Extension
65 Federal flood insurance now available to Le Center property owners
66 The National Flood Insurance Program – Everything you need to know
67 NFIP Extended Into November
68 Cities with the lowest rates of flood insurance coverage
69 New Recommendations for a Climate-Smart National Flood Insurance Program
70 Congress Extends Flood Insurance Program for Eleventh Time
71 Why the latest NFIP short-term extension is a 'head-scratcher'
72 How federal flood policy is, and isn’t, addressing climate change now
73 What is the National Flood Insurance Program?
74 As NFIP reauthorization deadline looms, Congress must end lethal subsidies | TheHill
75 More U.S. Homes Are at Risk of Repeat Flooding
76 Government Overhaul of National Flood Insurance Cheered by Climate Resilience Experts
77 House Climate Plan Takes Aim at Flooding and Sea Level Rise
78 Flood insurance suffers from ill-informed, preconceived notions
79 FEMA: Flooding could be an issue Spring 2020, Missourians urged to buy flood insurance
80 Failures of NFIP continue to leave millions exposed to floods
81 FEMA Flood Data: 2.4 Million Damage Claims and Counting
82 Bipartisan flood bill common sense legislation protecting vulnerable Tennesseans | Opinion
83 FEMA delays implementation of new NFIP rates by one year
84 Federal Flood Insurance Premiums Could Rise in Flood-Prone Areas Under Trump Plan
85 Flood Insurance Was About To Get A Whole Lot More Expensive, But That's Been Delayed
86 Berkeley Residents Eligible for Discounted Flood Insurance Premiums – Shore News Network
87 Flood insurance was about to get a whole lot more expensive, but that’s been delayed
88 Federal Agencies Propose Clarifications to Flood Insurance Rules
89 Flood Insurance Problems that Bedeviled Sandy Homeowners Still Remain: Who Will Fix Them?
90 Studies Sound Alarm on "Badly Out-of-Date" FEMA Flood Maps
91 Six things you don't know about flood insurance
92 NFIP five-year reauthorization clears major hurdle; Congress aiming to pass before September expiration
93 FEMA postpones flood insurance changes for one year
94 Senators’ Flood Insurance Measure Includes Premium Cap, Mitigation, Claims Reforms
95 Schumer Pushes National Flood Insurance Program Reform | WCBS Newsradio 880
96 Flood Management Training Would Cut Cost of Flood Insurance, But Many QC Gov'ts Won't Go
97 FEMA returns for third NFIP flood cat bond, a $300m FloodSmart Re 2020
98 NFIP's 'Head-Scratching' Short-Term Extension
99 Federal Agencies Propose Revisions to Interagency Q&As Regarding Flood Insurance
100 Don't assume standard homeowners insurance will pay for flood damage