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1 The balancing act of aging: Research and funding for better balance in older adults
2 One Simple Tip to Improve Workplace Communication
3 VERIFY: What researchers say about COVID-19 and long-term loss of smell and taste
4 Deaf people struggle with communication during pandemic, can’t read lips because of masks
5 Hearing health care is a global priority | National Institutes of Health
6 Study charts developmental map of inner ear sound sensor in mice
7 Hair Cell Loss Causes Age-Related Hearing Loss Study Shows
8 NIH BRAIN Initiative tool helps researchers watch neural activity in 3D
9 NIH names Dr. Debara L. Tucci as the next director of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
10 NIH study in mice identifies type of brain cell involved in stuttering
11 Novel drug therapy partially restores hearing in mice
12 Examining adherence barriers among women with HIV to tailor outreach for long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy
13 Duke professor to direct National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
14 Treatment Options for Tinnitus
15 Fact Sheet: Trump Administration Accomplishments to Empower Americans with Disabilities
16 Hearing loss prevalence declining in U.S. adults aged 20 to 69 years
17 NIH study uncovers clues about why common cancer drug causes hearing loss
18 Otosclerosis and hearing loss: Causes, diagnosis and symptoms
19 'Sticky' gene may help Valium calm nerves | National Institutes of Health
20 Researchers find genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarette use
21 Study: How TGFBR1 Mutations May Cause Hearing Loss Linked to vEDS
22 COVID-19 Information for Sponsored Programs
23 US research on deafness and communication disorders
24 The Importance of Recognizing Hearing Impairment in Older Adults
25 'What did you say?': Coming to grips with diminished hearing
26 Study in mice identifies type of brain cell involved in stuttering
27 Engineered killer immune cells target tumors and their immunosuppressive allies
28 5 Things You May Not Know About Hearing Aids
29 LCG Announces Award of National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders IT Solutions Contract
30 Impact of Masks on the Deaf Community | News For The Workers Comp Industry
31 NIH Institute and Center Contact Information | National Institutes of Health
32 Supporting biomedical research: A focus on hearing loss
33 NIH researchers use genomics to set squamous cell carcinomas apart from other cancers
34 Type of brain cell involved in stuttering identified: Discovery could lead to targets for new therapies
35 Nearly 1 in 7 Hispanic/Latino adults has some hearing loss
36 New NIH BRAIN Initiative awards accelerate neuroscience discoveries
37 Hearing Loss Is Common in People with Diabetes
38 Innovative Listening Training for Autism Has Transformative Potential
39 That stinks! 1 in 15 Americans smell odors that aren't there
40 Dr. John Ngai named director of NIH BRAIN Initiative
41 Call for Entries into What's Next Innovation Challenge Asks Entrepreneurs to Solve Hearing Impairment for Those Over 50
42 Hearing Loss, Loneliness and Depression
43 List of NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices
44 Firing of veteran NIH scientist prompts protests over publication ban
45 PhotoniCare, Inc., Receives Phase I SBIR Award for Development of AI Algorithms From the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Deafness & Communications Disorders
46 Gut bacteria may modify behavior in worms, influencing eating habits
47 In the Inner Ear, UVA Finds an Essential Key to Hearing Sensitivity
48 This is your brain on freestyle rap | National Institutes of Health
49 NIH announces recruitment for clinical trial to test new tinnitus treatment device
50 How Long Does a Loss of Smell and Taste Last After Coronavirus? Doctors Say It Varies
51 Researchers Discover First Genes for Stuttering | National Institutes of Health
52 DiscoveryBioMed and Monell Chemical Senses Center Awarded $1.68 Million Small Business Grant to Profile Bitter Taste Blockers
53 Speaker Pelosi's Choices for Gallaudet University Board of Trustees Public Members Fall Short of Ideal
54 Masks and distancing make it tough for the hard-of-hearing, but here's how to help
55 FDA Approves New Ear Tubes for Children with Recurrent Ear Infections
56 Ear Tubes May Soon Be Done Without General Anesthesia
57 Eargo: The Smart Hearing Aid Solution To Beat
58 Scientists engineer natural killer cells that target tumors and their immunosuppressive allies
59 FDA approves system for the delivery of ear tubes under local anesthesia to treat ear infection
60 Join Us at the Hearing Loss Association of America Convention as We Say Cheers to 40 Years!
61 Scientists map memorable tunes in the rat brain
62 Essential key to hearing sensitivity discovered
63 Researchers discover two-step mechanism of inner ear tip link regrowth
64 SC woman creates nonprofit, book & video series to help kids who stutter
65 More than one in 20 US children have dizziness, balance problems: First large-scale, nationally representative survey finds issues slightly more common in girls, non-Hispanic white children
66 Tune-Deaf People May Hear a Sour Note Unconsciously
67 Many pregnant women with HIV prescribed treatment that does not meet federal guidelines
68 As the Queen wears a hearing aid in public 'for the first time', how does the device work?
69 Hearing loss statistics at a glance
70 It's Better Speech and Hearing Month: Here's What You Can Do
71 UVA researchers discover essential key to hearing sensitivity in the inner ear
72 Exposure to HIV drug in the womb may increase risk of microcephaly, developmental delays in children
73 Tympanogen, a Bio+Tech Center Company, Is Awarded a $1.48 Million Grant from National Institutes of Health
74 New study suggests treatment for some forms of deafness
75 Artist Christine Sun Kim on ‘deaf rage,’ the Super Bowl and the power of sound
76 Hearing Ability Can Decrease with Age
77 Protein Tied to Usher Syndrome May Be Hearing's 'Missing Link'
78 Millions of dollars' worth of research in limbo at NIH
79 NIH study shows the deaf brain processes touch differently
80 PRACTICALLY ACTIVE: Dysphagia is a tough condition to swallow
81 Results Announced for Pioneering Research on the Effect of Mutant Genes on Stuttering Therapy
82 Children exposed to HIV in the womb at increased risk for hearing loss
83 NIH celebrates grand opening of John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center
84 CES 2020 Live: The Latest on Apps, Wearables, and Devices for Your Health
85 Combined prenatal smoking and drinking greatly increases SIDS risk
86 NIH researchers identify key proteins of inner ear transduction channel
87 Creighton’s Translational Hearing Center aims to prevent drug-induced hearing loss
88 Evidence of Syllables in American Sign Language
89 Dylan Bressler Refuses to Let Stuttering Define Him — Detroit Jews News
90 Surgery for hearing loss
91 NIH to make a mightier mouse resource for understanding disease
92 Hearing loss and depression: The complex link
93 Celebrities with hearing loss
94 BCS speech pathologists recognize May as Better Hearing and Speech Month
95 Phantom Smell Disorder Health Effects
96 Effectiveness of a Second Cochlear Implant, New Life for Damaged Hair Cells Among Topics to be Featured at International Conference of Ear, Nose, and Throat Researchers
97 Rebooting the brain helps stop the ring of tinnitus in rats
98 Sentinels in the Mouth: Special Sensory Cells in the Gums Protect Against Periodontitis
99 Cochlear Implants: A Different Kind of 'Hearing'
100 This drug therapy offers hope for patients with hearing loss