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1 NIDDK 70th Anniversary (1950-2020) | NIDDK
2 New Findings from NIDDK-Funded Diabetes Research | NIDDK
3 First-ever research network tackles diabetic foot complications
4 July 2020: NIEHS to lead trans-NIH metabolomics and lipidomics consortium
5 IU School Of Medicine Leading National Study To Treat Diabetic Foot Wounds, Decrease Amputation Rates
6 Global Summit On Kidney Disease Innovation And Choice Engages 70 Countries
7 Constipation Therapeutics Pipeline Analysis, Clinical Trials and Developments
8 Study results in on metformin and lifestyle interventions for diabetes
9 Tap into NIDDK's Free Professional Development Courses | NIDDK
10 Organoids model human fatty liver disease | NIDDK
11 The Link Between Diabetes and Kidney Disease | NIDDK
12 How many carbs per day for a diabetic? Factors to consider
13 Top Kidney Group Drops Registration Fees For 2020 Virtual Events
14 This Smart Watch Could Change The Lives Of People With Diabetes
15 Gene sequencing can help tailor treatments for young people with kidney failure
16 High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease | NIDDK
17 Risk stratification of hospitalized COVID-19 patients through comparative studies of laboratory results with influenza
18 DDP Blog: Best of 2019
19 Diabetes Distress and Depression | NIDDK
20 New technique illuminates sleep similarities between humans and zebrafish, with implications for better understanding human sleep
21 Drug increases brown fat activity in healthy women
22 Story of Discovery: Pancreatitis in Children | NIDDK
23 Prevention and Management in the Primary Care Setting | NIDDK
24 Popular Diets and Patient Support
25 Loyola Medicine's Men's Health Center Offers New, Minimally Invasive Treatment for Enlarged Prostate
26 Loyola Medicine Opens Men's Health Center
27 New Technologies in Diabetes Care and Management | NIDDK
28 Teens, Genes, and Food Choices: What Contributes to Adolescent Obesity?
29 Close ties between the microbiome and inflammatory bowel disease
30 Mission & Vision
31 'My body looked great on the outside': The hidden disease that forced this fitness trainer to look inward
32 A New Artificial Pancreas System for People with Type 1 Diabetes
33 Predicting the most effective treatment approach for pediatric ulcerative colitis
34 NIH releases strategic plan to accelerate nutrition research over next 10 years
35 Treatment of depression for people with end-stage kidney disease undergoing hemodialysis
36 RNA-RNA interfaces as a possible antibiotic target
37 News Archive
38 Feeding the microbiome to help malnourished children | NIDDK
39 Story of Discovery: Progress on the Pathway to Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes
40 Expanding numbers of blood stem cells prior to therapeutic transplantation
41 The NIDDK Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolic Diseases Welcomes a New Director | NIDDK
42 Artificial pancreas system better controls blood glucose levels than current technology
43 Meet the Director
44 Story of Discovery: Engineered Kidney Tissues and Organoids: Tools for Improved Disease Modeling and Development of Therapies
45 Current Funding Opportunities
46 Kidney Health in the Digital Age | NIDDK
47 Pregnancy, metabolism, and the short- and long-term health of women and their children
48 On World Kidney Day, kidney health is for everyone — including you
49 Interpreting A1C: Diabetes and Hemoglobin Variants | NIDDK
50 Working with Diabetes Patients to Prevent or Treat Cancer | NIDDK
51 Long-term type 1 diabetes study reveals immune system links between blood glucose management and heart health
52 Metformin and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) | NIDDK
53 Research at NIDDK (Division of Intramural Research)
54 Director's Update, Spring 2020
55 Clinical Targets for Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data | NIDDK
56 9 Meters Biopharma, Inc. Doses the First Patients in Phase 1b/2a Clinical Trial in Short Bowel Syndrome
57 Commendations & Commencements, Winter 2017 | Director's Update | NIDDK
58 Addressing Cardiovascular Risk Factors in People with Diabetes
59 NIH study finds heavily processed foods cause overeating and weight gain
60 ONC Aims to Advance Machine Learning in Kidney Disease Research
61 Dairy Enzymes Market: Global Opportunities, Regional Overview, Top Leaders, Size, Revenue and Forecast up to 2017 to 2026
62 “Wildling” mice could help translate results in animal models to results in humans
63 Fibrosis underlies male lower urinary tract symptoms | NIDDK
64 Wake Forest School of Medicine Receives NIH Diabetes Research Center Grant with Partner Institutions
65 Current Youth and Young Adults with Diabetes Have Worse Glycemic Control Than Past Groups
66 Kidney Disease: Why Consider a Team-Based Approach? | NIDDK
67 Disclaimers
68 Advisory & Coordinating Committees
69 NDEP National Diabetes Survey Reveals Trends in Diabetes Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors | NIDDK
70 Managing Diabetes | NIDDK
71 funded trial finds vitamin D does not prevent type 2 diabetes in people at high risk
72 What Health Care Professionals Should Know About the NIH All of Us Program
73 Drug delays type 1 diabetes in people at high risk
74 Achieving a better understanding of symptom flares in people with urologic pain syndromes
75 Weight Management & Healthy Living Tips | NIDDK
76 Study Finds That Ultra-Processed Foods Lead to Weight Gain | NIDDK
77 NIH publishes the largest genomic study on type 2 diabetes in sub-Saharan African populations
78 AVM Biotechnology Awarded SBIR Phase I Grant from National Cancer Institute
79 Wild Mouse Gut Microbiota Promotes Host Fitness and Improves Disease Resistance
80 NIH announces $1 million prize competition to target global disease diagnostics
81 Early weight-loss surgery may improve type 2 diabetes, blood pressure outcomes
82 Coronavirus Eminently Capable Of Spreading Through Speech: Study
83 The Front Lines of Chronic Kidney Disease Screening and Care
84 Privacy Policy
85 This National Diabetes Month, care for your health after gestational diabetes
86 Autophagy as a Common Pathway in Diseases 2018 | NIDDK
87 New evidence-based recommendations for calorie intake in pregnant women with obesity
88 New NIH reference book is one-stop resource for diabetes medical information
89 Scientists triple storage time of human donor livers
90 'The Story Unfolding Is Worrisome' for Diabetes and COVID-19
91 Genetic risk factor associated with erectile dysfunction | NIDDK
92 Four pivotal NIH-funded artificial pancreas research efforts begin
93 Practice Change: Streamlining Medication Management | NIDDK
94 Promising treatment to slow kidney disease doesn't prove out in clinical trial: Scientists find that reducing levels of uric acid in the blood does not guard against complication in type 1 diabetes.
95 Improvements in insulin release wane after treatment stops in adults with early type 2 diabetes
96 Genetic variant linked to drug-induced liver injury | NIDDK
97 NMRI 16th Annual Workshop | NIDDK
98 Two diabetes medications don't slow progression of type 2 diabetes in youth
99 Youth with type 2 diabetes develop complications more often than type 1 peers
100 Autonomic Nervous System: Role in the Regulation of Peripheral Metabolism and Pathophysiology of Metabolic Disease