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1 NIFA Impact: Research on Regulatory Policy Impacting Low-Moisture Food Safety
2 Angle leaves NIFA after less than 2 years
3 UMass Amherst food science department receives USDA workforce development grant
4 Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment receives $10 million USDA grant
5 Boor tours dairy farm with Rep. Brindisi, touts ag research | Cornell Chronicle
6 Legislation introduced to support U.S.-Israel Agriculture Research
7 KSU grain scientist awarded $300,000 grant | 2020-07-29
8 KSU seeks to improve wheat through gene editing technology
9 New Competitive Grant Opportunities Being Made Available
10 Forest geneticist receives $810000 grant to study disease resistance in sugar pines
11 Farm Hands on the Potomac: Perdue appoints Chitnis as NIFA acting director
12 Experts and health organizations call for 'stronger, better-funded' federal nutrition research
13 Federal Grant Funds Extension Experiences for West Tennessee Undergraduates
14 Farm Tech Society, Indoor Ag-Con partner to present 'Future of Farming | Educating the next generation to make CEA scalable'
15 NIFA's Contributions to America's Agriculture Research and Innovation
16 New USDA Scientific Research Program Promotes Sustainable Agricultural Practices
17 National Institute of Food and Ag invests $90 million in nine projects
18 NIFA at Ten Years – Celebrating Our History of Research, Education, and Extension
19 NIFA Highlights Research, Education, and Extension Successes of 2019
20 Understanding the Why of Potato Virus Y
21 Leadership transition announced for National Institute of Food and Agriculture
22 USDA-NIFA grant to support food processing program
23 NIFA Invests in Rapid Response Research on COVID-19 Impacts on Agriculture
24 USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture Announces Support for Educational, Workforce Development in Agri-Science
25 In Conversation with #WomeninAg: Helen Chipman, PhD, RDN
26 Dr. Angle Begins Term as Director at USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture | National Institute of Food and Agriculture
27 NIFA Invests in Research to Solve Critical Water Problems
28 Setting the Stage for Innovative Research
29 NIFA Invests $4.8 Million in Community Colleges
30 NIFA grants: Steady as she goes, but seas may get choppy | 2019-08-06
31 Central State receives scholarship grant from the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture
32 NIFA Honors Land-Grant University Partners, Announces NIFA Hall of Fame Inductees
33 USDA announces new home in KC for ERS, NIFA | 2019-10-31
34 USDA relocation has delayed key studies and millions in funding, employees say
35 USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture Invests in Exploratory Research
36 USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture Announces $3 Million for Plant and Animal Phenomics and Microbiome Projects
37 Remembering Dr. Meryl Broussard
38 Online Hands-On Mapping System Helps Keep Pollinators Safe
39 NIFA Awards $14 Million in Scholarships to 1890 Land-Grant Universities
40 NIFA Announces Partners for SARE National Office and Regional Hosts
41 UF/IFAS Selects USDA Official For Leadership Post
42 NIFA Grant Helps UCR Develop Agricultural Technology
43 Career Opportunities
44 USDA, NIFA Announce Investments in Pollinator Health Research
45 Grant Payments
46 Plans to relocate some 550 USDA employees fall vastly short of initial expectations
47 NIFA Announces $4.3 Million for Higher Education Support
48 Manage a Grant
49 USDA Announces $150.2 Million in Funding through the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative
50 USDA Announces $4.6 Million for Nanotechnology Research
51 USDA sets 5-year research agenda
52 NIFA employees vote 137-2 to join union | 2019-06-11
53 NIFA Programs Support Soil Health
54 USDA Invests in Research on Next Generation of Agricultural Technology
55 Changes to 2019 Competitive RFAs and New Awards
56 Democrats request GAO review of ERS, NIFA relocation
57 We want better agricultural research, but who will take the lead? | TheHill
58 The work of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)
59 Auburn University Researcher Working to Improve Fertility in Cattle
60 NIFA Impacts: Saving the Ogallala Aquifer, Supporting Farmers
61 USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture Invests in Fighting Citrus Greening Disease
62 Helping America's Farmers, Ranchers, and Producers When They Need It Most
63 U of I-Led Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE) Secures $10M USDA Grant to Build Sustainability and Prosperity for Dairy Industry
64 Critics Of Relocating USDA Research Agencies Point To Brain Drain
65 NIFA Introduces New Vision for Data Science in Agriculture
66 Cal State Fullerton's Arboretum Grows Next Gen Farmers | National Institute of Food and Agriculture
67 USDA Awards $4.8 Million to Support Critical Agricultural Research and Extension Projects
68 Apply for a Grant
69 UCR wins $10 million to develop AI for sustainable agriculture
70 USDA selects Kansas City office location for ERS, NIFA
71 Hemp
72 New NIFA Study Shows Capacity Funding is a Valued Investment to States
73 Want to Save Money? Invest in Agricultural Biosecurity | National Institute of Food and Agriculture
74 Opioid Crisis Affects All Americans, Rural and Urban
75 Big Data Shows How to Improve Profits and Help Environment
76 USDA's NIFA Launches the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network
77 Southern University Ag Center among 1890 Land-Grant Universities receiving scholarship grant from USDA-NIFA
78 Purple Corn Offers Benefits Inside and Out
79 Former NIFA chief fights agency relocation | Research Center
80 Hutchins confirms delays in distribution of NIFA funding | 2019-10-17
81 Extension Specialists Lit up Social Media
82 USDA Relocations Led to Deep Staff Cuts, CRS Says
83 Few ERS and NIFA Replacements as Relocation Reaches Milestone Date
84 USDA Invests $21 Million to Encourage Low-Income Families to Buy Healthy Food Options
85 Agriculture Department's relocation of ERS and NIFA: A solution in search of a problem | TheHill
86 Jacobs-Young Announces Shanower as Acting NIFA Director
87 NIFA Awards First Exploratory Research Grants for Transformative Approaches to Agricultural Challenges
88 Internal USDA memo shows move to KC left offices fallow
89 NIFA Invests in Research to Maintain Healthy Agricultural Animals
90 USDA Invests $7.6 Million for Research on Pests and Beneficial Species
91 NIFA Announces $8.4 Million in Funding to Address Climate Change Impact on US Agriculture
92 SC State receives over $750 thousand in scholarship funds
93 'Concern and Uncertainty': Trump Administration Policy Disrupts Cornell Research
94 Land-Grant University Website Directory
95 USDA grant to support CALS' indoor ag training programs | Cornell Chronicle
96 USDA Awards $20 Million in Grants for Citrus Greening Research
97 Pollinators at a Crossroads
98 Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)
99 Tribal Colleges Celebrate Land-Grant Anniversary | National Institute of Food and Agriculture
100 Nanostructured Biosensors Detect Pesticide, Help Preserve Environment