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1 NIOSH Study Looks at Health Risk Behaviors among Construction Workers
2 NIOSH Compiles Disinfectant Safety, Health Hazard Info Amid COVID-19
3 NIOSH's Six Health Risk Behaviors in Construction
4 NIOSH 2020: Big Changes Are Afoot!
5 OSHA Revises Its Procedures for Medical Record Access
6 OSHA cites employers for COVID-19 respirator violation
7 Highlights from NIOSH's Recent Research
8 NIOSH: Driver training improves fleet safety
9 BLS: Injuries and Illnesses Have Declined in the 50 Years Since Passage of OSH Act
10 Best Practices for Monitoring Hazardous Drug Surface Contamination
11 NIOSH Releases New Strategic Plan for Motor Vehicle Safety
12 GM Receives N95 Certification Under New NIOSH Public Health Emergency Process
13 How to Don and Doff a Face Mask, N95 and Half-Mask Respirator for Returning to Work
14 Face Shields Vs Masks: Which One Is Worth Spending More Money On?
15 EMS in a Post-COVID World
16 Colorado School of Public Health's Center for Health, Work & Environment receives $9 million CDC grant
17 Employer Cited by OSHA for COVID-19 Respirator Violations
18 Philadelphia LODD After Action Review, January 6, 2018
19 2020 NIOSH Science and Service Awards: Agency honors scientists, researchers
20 Summer Hazards—Including COVID-19—Are in Full Swing
21 Don’t be fooled. Here’s how to spot a fake N-95 respirator mask, CDC says
22 General Motors Put to Work on N95 Project
23 Playing It Safe
24 A Mask User Guide: Which Protects You Best?
25 Outdoor Research Achieves NIOSH Approval For US-Made N95 Flat Fold Respirator Mask
26 Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia and NIOSH to develop safety and defensive driving training programmes
27 Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis: A Patient-Centric Approach to Care
29 9/11 first responders at higher risk of developing dementia, studies suggest
30 What Are KN95 Masks and Should I Buy One Online?
31 NIOSH and the National Science Foundation's Funding for Workplace Robots
32 Studies: World Trade Center Responders at Risk for Dementia
33 Hyundai Mipo Dockyard receives green light from Lloyd's Register for ammonia-fueled ships
34 Study finds Oregon workplace safety monitoring needs to be more timely to help workers
35 Are Face Shields Better Than Masks For COVID-19? Here's What Experts Say.
36 Report: Cold, Poor Building Conditions Led to 2018 PA LODD
37 IMPACT Town Hall Answers COVID-19 Questions
38 Reusable N95 Masks From MIT & Harvard Could Reduce COVID-19 PPE Waste
39 The Next Normal: A Littler Interview with Dr. John Howard, Director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
40 Next meatpacking guidance may address testing, NIOSH chief says | 2020-05-28
41 Engineers Design a Reusable, Silicone Rubber Face Mask With an N95 Filter
42 NIOSH and America Achieves Build A Safety Training Curriculum for Future Workers
43 NIOSH Looks Ahead to the 'Future of Work'
44 Q&A: Here's What the CDC Has Learned About Cannabis Workplace Hazards
45 NIOSH 2020: Big Changes and Your Chance to Be Heard
46 NIOSH Publishes 3-D Printing Warning Posters
47 NIOSH Seeks Comment on Updated List of Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare
48 NIOSH Director John Howard, M.D., Reflects on the State of Worker Safety and Health
49 NIOSH's Latest Recommendations for Construction IEQ
50 What Safety Challenges Does the Future of Work Hold?
51 Coronavirus: Health Canada issues warning over counterfeit N95 respirators
52 NIOSH's Video on Black Lung Respiratory Disease in Coal Miners
53 Niosh mulls setting up its office in Kapit
54 Five good things that happened in trucking this week – July 24
55 NIOSH Plans for the Next Decade of Motor Vehicle Safety
56 NIOSH and America Makes partner to advance research in Additive Manufacturing
57 FDA Amends Imported Non-NIOSH Approved Respirator EUA
58 Notion VTec's face mask-production unit registered with US FDA
59 N95 Respirator Decontamination: OSHA Weighs In
60 NIOSH Notes a Higher Injury Rate Among Temporary Workers
61 NIOSH publishes health & safety advice for 3D printing with filaments and metal powders
62 Vision and Eye Health Assurance and Protection in the Workplace
63 NIOSH-Approved Respirators Eligible for Immunity
64 Automation, crowdsourcing add up to winning algorithm
65 OSHA Issues Enforcement Policies on Respiratory Protection
66 NIOSH Requesting Info on Nanomaterials in Developing OELs
67 FDA Revises Which Types of Respirators Can Be Decontaminated for Reuse Under COVID-19 EUAs
68 NIOSH Program Performance for Nanotechnology Research Center
69 How the NIOSH Drug Toolkit is Helping First Responders
70 Safety 2020 (Virtual): Broadening Safety Programs with Total Worker Health
71 Particle sizes of infectious aerosols: implications for infection control
72 Department of Labor Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the OSH Act
73 OSHA Relaxes Enforcement to Permit Use of N95s Certified in Certain Countries
74 Facilities Struggle with Conducting Risk Assessments
75 Georgia Occupational Health and Safety Surveillance Program | Georgia Department of Public Health
76 OSHA allows foreign-certified respirators
77 NIOSH Reveals Its Most Popular Resources for Employers and Workers
78 Gauging the Effectiveness of Safety Training: Research and Best Practices
79 FDA Revises its Enforcement Policy for Respirators During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
80 OSHA Offers Facemask Guidance
81 The Psychology of Safety: It's a State of Mind
82 The Top Occupational Safety and Health Issues for 2020: An Employer's Guide
83 OSHA Raises Awareness for Fall Hazards in May
84 New: NIOSH virtual research center focuses on worker fatigue
85 Chinese manufacturer receives approval to deliver N95 masks to California
86 FDA Tells Employers to Stop Decontaminating, Reusing FFRs Made in China
87 OSHA urges employers to consider alternatives to N95 masks
88 Respirator Availability Improving in the USA
89 New NIOSH Report: Process for Chemical Exposure Banding
90 COVID-19: Cal/OSHA Allows Substitution of Surgical Masks When Respirator Supply Dwindles
91 NIOSH is studying the health effects of fighting wildfires
92 Safety Applies to Traveling Too: How Small Business Travelers Can Stay Healthy
93 Alumna uses experience combating Ebola to fight COVID-19
94 Imported N95 masks are falling short of quality standards. Are health care workers at risk?
95 CDC: Masks Given to First Responders Might Be Counterfeit
96 Higher Health Risks Among Construction Workers
97 OSHA Issues COVID-19 Guidelines for Dental Industry
98 United Rentals Joins OSHA, Others, for Trench Safety Webinar
99 The Nuances of PPE Donations and Acquisition During COVID-19
100 Setting a Higher Standard: The Limitations of Regulatory Limits