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1 From Cedar Trees and Grapefruit Rinds Comes a New Bug Repellent
2 Mosquito fogging planned Thursday in Mohave Valley | News
3 EWG News Roundup (8/6): National Pesticide Law Reform, Attacks on Children's Health and More
4 Court Decision Highlights Systemic Failure of Federal Pesticide Law to Protect Health and the Environment, Despite a Silver Lining and a Must-Read, Powerful Dissenting Opinion
5 Gardening Guru: Pesticide Disposal
7 Roots, Shoots, Fruits & Flowers: Armyworms, Woolly Bears, Honeybee Safety and Mud Dauber Wasps.
8 Body Beach will be sprayed Friday morning after West Nile virus found
9 Worcester Will Treat For Toxic Algae Thursday
10 How dangerous are pesticides to Darien?: Experts speak
11 California Judges Say Enlist Duo Registration Stands
12 Insecticides Value Share, Supply Demand, share and Value Chain
13 Growing Matters Be Sure! Podcast Ep. 8
14 Hudson Valley Temperatures Rise, Air Quality Falls
15 Dicamba Fact Sheet
16 EPA review supports glyphosate safety | Agriculture |
17 EPA gives tips on safe disinfectant use
18 EPA Releases List of Effective Disinfectants to Fight COVID-19
19 'Lonely and abandoned'
20 States Lead to Rid Food Crops of the Neurotoxin Chlorpyrifos
21 From our archives: Cantara Loop spill was 29 years ago
22 Communication and collaboration
23 Farm, Garden & Outdoors calendar published Aug. 7, 2020
24 Warwick pushes for statewide herbicide, pesticide control
25 Starting a new garden? Prep the soil from scratch
26 Overview 2020
27 What to Know About Glyphosate, the Pesticide in Roundup Weed Killer
28 More Than 1/4 Of Westport Still Without Power Week After Storm
29 Tell EPA and Congress that ALL Ingredients in Pesticides Must Be Disclosed
30 August 2020: KC Donnelly Externships awarded to outstanding Superfund trainees
31 Court Victory on Three Dicamba Weed Killers Underscores the Need to Reform Pesticide Law
32 Green Your Local Course
33 Heading outside this summer? Here's what you need to know about bug repellents
34 To use pesticides or not, that is the question
35 10 Plants That Repel Bugs
36 15 mosquito repellent clothing items to keep the bugs away
37 EPA warns not to ingest disinfectants, only use as directed
38 Toxic Pesticides | Health Risks & Safety Tips to Reduce Exposure
39 Trump EPA Waives Requirement to Monitor Waterways for Hazardous Weedkiller
40 Federal Court Halts Use of Drift-Prone Dicamba on Millions of Acres of GE Soy and Cotton
41 Halberg: Limiting our grocery list to organic isn't worth it
42 Neonics Found to Impair Honey Bee Growth and Development, As EPA Re-Opens Opportunity for Public Comment on the Bee-Toxic Pesticides
43 Fact check: Limes spiked with cloves are not effective in repelling mosquitoes
44 Face Masks that Contain Toxic Pesticide Distributed in Tennessee for Coronavirus then Recalled
45 Can ticks and mosquitoes infect you with COVID-19?
46 Idaho agriculture officials want to help you dump your pesticides — safely — and for free
47 Toxic Textiles Infused with Antimicrobial Nanosilver Poised for EPA Pesticide Registration
48 Earth Day 2020: The Road to Recovery is Organic
49 Report Finds Top Chemical Companies Making Billions Off Poisoning the Earth
50 Farmworkers and Conservationists Sue EPA for Re-Approving Monsanto/Bayer's Cancer-Causing Pesticide, Glyphosate/Roundup
51 Fact-check: Can German powder kill coronavirus on contact and for 14 days?
52 The Black Institute Shows Higher Pesticide Use in Low-Income Neighborhoods in New York City, Calls for Pesticide Ban in Parks
53 Study Finds an Association between Dicamba Use and Increased Risk of Developing Various Cancers
54 Maryland Legislature Passes Limited Ban on Chlorpyrifos Insecticide
55 2020 Organic Pioneer Award Recipients Announced by Rodale Institute
56 Organic Baby Food: Everything You Need to Know
57 Household Pesticide Exposure Associated with the Risk of Developing Depression Symptoms
58 Details emerge about mouse poison spill in M-F
59 Minnesota Introduces Bee-Friendly Pesticide Legislation and Fights for Local Rights
60 Disinfectants and Sanitizers
61 Pollinator Week: We Protect People at Greatest Risk When We Protect Pollinators and the Environment from Toxic Pesticides
62 Trump Administration’s Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Planting of Genetically Engineered Crops in Southeast National Wildlife Refuges
63 Contaminated Paper Scare Hits Cannabis Prerolls Industry
64 The Pesticide Atrazine and 200 Other Toxic Chemicals Found in Fracking Wastewater; Contamination Goes Unregulated
65 Broad-spectrum insecticides in Japan
66 Bayer-Monsanto Chalks Up Court Victory that Takes Cancer Warning Off Roundup™-Glyphosate in California, Makes Case for Fundamental Overhaul of Pesticide Law
67 5 Household Disinfectants That Can Destroy the Coronavirus
68 What's on My Seeds? Study Finds Most Don't Know What Pesticides Coat the Seeds They Plant, including Bee-Toxic Neonicotinoids
69 Animal Fodder
70 Environmentalists find ‘massive amount’ of mothballs at Coronado National Forest picnic site
71 Second annual BeSure campaign aims to help bees
72 Occupational Exposure to Pesticides, and Other Environmental Chemicals Increase Risk of Developing ALS
73 Pesticide companies drop challenge to California ban on chemical linked to brain disorders
74 Safer Practices and Disinfectants for Coronavirus Identified by CDC, As EPA Advances Toxic Products, Suspends Public Health and Environmental Protections
75 Sign by Today, July 6, 4pmEDT: Tell EPA to Ban the Persistent Toxic Herbicide Clopyralid that Contaminates Compost
76 Chemical-Intensive Agriculture Increases Pregnant Mother's Risk of Her Child Developing Leukemia
77 In Response to a Lawsuit, EPA Proposes Review Process for Evaluating the Effects of Multiple Pesticide Ingredients on Nontarget Organisms
78 Trump Administration Hands Over Clean Water Standards to Agrichemical, Construction, and Mining Industry
79 Months after Idaho workers were sickened by pesticides, still more questions than answers
80 Stop Dangerous Proposal to Allow Genetically Engineered Crops on National Wildlife Refuges in Southeast U.S.
81 Trump EPA's New Rules for Assessing Pesticide Risks Ignore Many Harms to Endangered Species
82 California Proposes "Comparable-to-Organic" Marijuana Certification
83 Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, Including Pesticides, Have a Multi-Generational Impact on Commercially Beneficial Inland Silverside Fish
84 Take Action: Save the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
85 From Udder to Table: Toxic Pesticides Found in Conventional Milk, Not Organic Milk
86 February 2020 is National Pesticide Safety Month | Lifestyles
87 Glyphosate in Roundup Linked to Parkinson's Disease
88 Presidential Executive Order Loosens Environmental Restrictions on Fish Farms, Adds to Degradation of Waterways
89 E.P.A. won't ban chlorpyrifos pesticide that scientists say damages children's brains
90 Legal Petition Urges EPA to End Abuse of 'Emergency' Pesticide Exemptions
91 Analysis: Trump EPA Approved 100-plus Products With Pesticides Banned Elsewhere or Slated for US Phaseout
92 Salinas rally set as EPA reverses planned pesticide ban
93 Coronavirus cases are surging in Stanislaus County. Why don’t nurses have enough masks?
94 Scientists take to social media to defend substances in LaCroix lawsuit
95 CDC Finds Sharp Rise in Home Poisonings Tied to Disinfectant and Sanitizer Use during Covid-19 Pandemic; Safer Products Available
96 "Hey Farmer Farmer, Put Away that" Dicamba Weed Killer
97 Fort Collins considers changes to West Nile virus spraying after outcry
98 Duke deploys herbicide helicopters in WNC
99 States weigh banning a widely used pesticide even though EPA won't
100 Pets and Pesticides: Keeping our Companions Safe