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1 Using artificial intelligence to smell the roses | NSF
2 The secret beneath seemingly trustworthy volcanoes | NSF
3 Changing seawater hints at future for adhesives from ocean species
4 Banks of Antarctica's Ross Sea offer rich food source for emperor penguins
5 Scientists discover a magnet that exhibits novel quantum effects
6 An optimist takes the helm at the National Science Foundation
7 Farmers' climate change conundrum: Low yields or revenue instability
8 Exclusive: US National Science Foundation reveals first details on foreign-influence investigations
9 NSF's handful of foreign influence cases may be due to how it investigates them
10 Biologists find 10 lineages of fish able to live in highly toxic streams
11 Rising temps put desert shrub in high-efficiency mode
12 Lightning strikes more than 100 million times per year in the tropics
13 Deep sea microbes dormant for 100 million years are hungry and ready to multiply
14 MRSEC wins major new grant from the National Science Foundation
15 University of Minnesota and academic collaborators receive $26 million for NSF engineering research center
16 U.S. National Science Foundation Releases Details On Foreign-Influence Investigations Of Researchers
17 Researchers Receive NSF Funding to Build a Smarter Insect Trap
18 For NSF, 'Preparation Paid Off' in the Pivot to Mass Remote Work
19 NAU scientists partner in $26 million NSF initiative to establish new Center for Quantum Networks
20 The National Science Foundation and Office of Science and Technology Policy Announce $75 Million for New Quantum Computing Centers
21 Washington Update: August 4, 2020
22 Geochemists solve mystery of Earth's vanishing crust | NSF
23 NSF National Science Foundation : Discovery of first active seep in Antarctica provides new understanding of methane cycle
24 NSF, Intel Partnering on $9M Research Investment in Machine Learning for Wireless
25 New UC-led institute awarded $25M to explore potential of quantum computing and train a future workforce
26 National Data Service Should be Created Within the National Science Foundation, Data Foundation Says
27 USU launches NSF-funded engineering research center for electrified transportation
28 GoPro for beetles: Researchers create a robotic camera backpack for insects
29 75 years on the endless frontier: a vision for the future rooted in the past
30 White House, NSF Invest $75 Million to Launch Three Quantum Innovation Institutes
31 University of Minnesota Institute for Engineering in Medicine and academic collaborators receive $26M for NSF engineering research center
32 Center for materials of the future awarded $18M six-year funding
33 NSF backs bioinformatics approach to understanding plant RNA modifications
34 VIDEO: TMT Proposes NSF Process To Move Forward
35 National Science Foundation gives $1.4 million grant to Rice, other universities nationwide
36 CUNY ASRC researchers to help launch NSF Center for the Mechanical Control of Chemistry
37 Advice for the new NSF director
38 Panchanathan Takes Up Baton as NSF Director
39 Dr. Thomas Rimmele, Director of NSF’s Inouye Solar Telescope, Named One of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business
40 National Science Foundation awards $15.5 million to launch math institute at UChicago
41 Iowa State University and partners selected as a finalist for major National Science Foundation research grant focused on rural broadband • College of Engineering News • Iowa State University
42 MSU researchers awarded grant to develop instrument that will advance nuclear science research
43 Yongjie Jessica Zhang Receives NSF Funding for Brain Research
44 Grove School receives NSF grant to ensure Internet safety for cyber attacks
45 House panels use “emergency” to boost NIH, DOE science budgets
46 Plant communication project gets $1.3M grant from NSF | Cornell Chronicle
47 UNM's CQuIC to Collaborate with CU-Boulder as Part of NSF's Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes
48 New Engineering Research Center to Focus on Agriculture Technology | Newsroom
49 $23M NSF grant accelerates glycomaterials research
50 Texas A&M lands grant for next-generation supercomputer to aid in research
51 NMSU engineering graduate awarded National Science Foundation fellowship
52 UC Riverside joins ATP-Bio to preserve a wide range of biological systems
53 NSF campaign will drill for ice capturing West Antarctica's last collapse
54 Protecting Research and Facilitating Collaboration
55 NAU Researcher Receives NSF Career Award to Develop Droves that Operate Autonomously in Remote Environments
56 Quantum Systems Researcher Earns NSF CAREER Award, Welch Grant
57 Friday public research presentations online
58 August | 2020 | SJSU Newsroom
59 NSF-funded project explores plant metabolism links to climate change, human nutrition
60 Marie Mora receives Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring
61 Quantum Leap Challenge: UC Berkeley to Lead $25 Million Quantum Computing Center
62 CSM's Grants Provide Tuition Support and More to Students Pursuing Essential, In Demand STEM and Cybersecurity Jobs
63 NAU doctoral student using NSF grant to fund research into the mysteries of the Colorado Plateau
64 U.S. lawmakers unveil bold $100 billion plan to remake NSF
65 NSF's newest solar telescope produces first images | NSF
66 Congress pumps up NSF program to fast-track COVID-19 research
67 Researchers adapt in face of pandemic
68 California's Ridgecrest Earthquakes Could Cause a San Andreas Chain Reaction, National Science Foundation Reports
69 Water molecules dance in three | NSF
70 New National Science Foundation Director Begins Six-Year Term
71 A young sub-Neptune-sized planet offers clues on planet formation and evolution
72 Opinion: At a Crossroads: Reimagining science, engineering, and medicine—and its practitioners
73 Autonomous HVAC system could provide more comfort with less energy
74 FY21 Budget Request: National Science Foundation
75 NSF-supported observatory renamed for astronomer Vera C. Rubin
76 Supercomputing future wind power rise | NSF
77 Final FY20 Appropriations: National Science Foundation
78 Atmospheric scientists identify cleanest air on Earth in first-of-its-kind study
79 Researchers look under the road to aid self-driving cars
80 Dear Colleague Letter: Research Protection (nsf19200) | NSF
81 Re-imagining the National Science Foundation | Capital Currents
82 HIV vaccine design strategy holds promise for COVID-19
83 Plants are marvelous chemists, the gardenia's DNA shows
84 Scientists demonstrate that cloud seeding can generate snowfall
85 Lawmakers Propose Dramatic Expansion of NSF to Boost US Technology
86 France Córdova Reflects on Her Tenure as NSF Director
87 Colleges Applaud Proposal to Expand National Science Foundation
88 Study weighs deep-sea mining's impact on microbes
89 NSF Grants $1.24M for Project Working to Answer a Fundamental Neuroscience Question
90 Scientists probe the limits of ice | NSF
91 ISU professor land NSF grants to study carbon cycling at Pocatello stream
92 Genomes of 5 cotton species could lead to better varieties
93 Two Wyoming Teachers Receive National Recognition For Work In Science, Math
94 New probe developed to detect a common target for anti-inflammatory drugs
95 New mathematical model can more effectively track epidemics
96 Scientists create model to predict multi-pathogen epidemics
97 Hidden source of carbon found on the Arctic coast
98 A young sub-Neptune-sized planet sheds light onto how planets form and evolve
99 Researchers develop flood prediction tool | NSF
100 Bipartisan bill aims to revamp National Science Foundation