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Result Content Idea Research
1 Balancing challenges created by COVID-19 key to National Grid ESO missing benchmarks
2 Social Energy Wins FFR Contract with National Grid ESO
3 National Grid ESO Selects DNV GL as Lead Partner in Offshore Coordination Project for Great Britain
4 Work begins on Welsh Power inertia site under National Grid ESO contract
5 National Grid ESO fails to hit benchmarks as COVID-19 and extreme weather impact August
6 The Energy Transition | £65m investment in future technologies, National Grid ESO's new interface and BP and Microsoft form strategic partnership
7 Storage
8 Tesla enters UK flex market as National Grid upgrades balancing mechanism tech
9 DNV GL to help shape UK's future offshore power grid
10 Social Energy wins first ever fully domestic FFR contract
11 What is Dynamic Containment and what does it mean for battery energy storage in the UK?
12 Social Energy to supply domestic flexibility to support British grid
13 New BM IT interface goes live with Tesla as first user
14 UK power grid balancing costs near GBP140 million in July, up 96% on year
15 The Present & Future of Vehicle-to-Grid Technology
16 DNV GL Leading British Offshore Grid Development Strategy Project
17 British wind sets new 60% power share record
18 How Britain's grid became 'cleaner, cheaper, and harder to control' during the Covid-19 lockdown
19 Battery optimiser Habitat Energy puts 100MWh of capacity into the UK's Balancing Mechanism
20 Power prices soar as National Grid issues capacity market notice
21 Social Energy wins UK’s first-ever fully domestic weekly FFR contract to help balance the national grid
22 UK Power Grid Balancing Costs up 96% in July
23 Wind sets power records in August
24 Limejump scores Crossdykes grid balancing deal
25 Renewable generation jumps 32% in Q2 driving down Britain's carbon intensity
26 Ofgem to review National Grid ESO's £718m balancing costs during lockdown
27 The future of vehicle to grid (V2G) EV charging
28 National Grid ESO outlines balancing actions during COVID-19
29 National Grid ESO Distributed ReStart project under budget as it hits halfway milestone
30 Zenobe Energy set to enter new 10MW battery in UK's Balancing Mechanism
31 National Grid ESO rolls out smart grid tech
32 Gresham House eyes dynamic containment, availability payments to make battery storage "mainstream"
33 National Grid ESO integrates wind for frequency response
34 Could tech take over: A look at Arenko and National Grid ESO's flexibility trial
35 National Grid awards £328m contracts to manage stability of electricity grid
36 Value for aggregators to be in providing BM access as 'seat shift' in market players occurs
37 'First of its kind' Drax inertia contract commences with National Grid ESO
38 National Grid ESO launches Stability Pathfinder follow-up for Scotland
39 Ofgem approves urgency of National Grid ESO Grid Code modification
40 UK solar at risk of switch-offs as ESO seeks urgent disconnect powers
41 National Grid ESO unveils new contracts to reduce renewables output
42 National Grid ESO Launches Optional Downward Flexibility Management (ODFM) Scheme
43 Co-located solar and storage: What's needed for a multi-gigawatt market to form
44 Global energy investment specialist snaps up Edinburgh-based flexible power company
45 National Grid ESO reduces embedded generation over bank holiday weekend
46 Soaring summer solar and lower demand to create challenges for National Grid ESO
47 Record power prices and carbon lows over the bank holiday keep National Grid ESO on its toes
48 Capacity Market auction parameters: letter from BEIS to National Grid ESO, July 2020
49 National Grid ESO makes Roisin Quinn chief engineer
50 Blackout investigation: National Grid ESO remains under scrutiny
51 Arenko and National Grid ESO launch 'first of its kind' flexibility trial
52 National Grid ESO and SSEN partner for 'win-win' smart heating project
53 National Grid ESO unveils 2019 Power Responsive annual report into demand side flexibility
54 Capacity Market auction determination: letter from BEIS to National Grid ESO, June 2020
55 UK power grid goes coal-free for two months straight
56 National Grid: UK's electricity system could go carbon-negative from 2033
57 National Grid switches on coal power station for first time in 55 days
58 National Grid ESO pledges £2bn savings under RIIO-T2
59 Ofgem launches review of GB Energy System Operation
60 UK embedded generation rewarded for flexibility as coal-free run goes on
61 Storm Ellen brought UK's 'highest-ever share of wind power' onto the grid
62 Energy storage key to net zero ambitions, says conference speaker
63 National Grid ESO's NOA recommends £203m in transmission reinforcement
64 Thinking outside the box: Inside National Grid ESO's Open Innovation events
65 40GW of battery storage and longer durations could help smash UK net zero targets
66 National Grid ESO presents net zero focused RIIO-2 business plan
67 UK's National Grid 2050 scenarios
68 'Significant differences' between National Grid ESO's tendering and CATO needs, finds report
69 'Clapping for NHS led to 950MW spike in electricity demand'
70 Ofgem launches evaluation of balancing costs as they soar by 39% during lockdown
71 Pumped storage plant playing key role in system stability contract with National Grid ESO
72 National Grid ESO calls for information for new constraint management service
73 National Grid ESO broadens Balancing Mechanism to allow smaller participants
74 BEIS to target 0.4GW in T-1 auction despite National Grid ESO advice
75 As solar breaks records, National Grid mulls turning it off
76 Demand hits new low, Grid deals with it |
77 Dampened demand forecast over bank holiday as grid balancing costs soar
78 Lockdown lessons: how the pandemic will change the energy industry long-term
79 How did the Queen's coronavirus address affect the National Grid?
80 UK: Balancing the Grid
81 Keeping the lights on (in lockdown Britain) when the sun is shining
82 Zenobe to provide reactive power service to National Grid as part of 'world-first' project
83 New record as wind energy supplies 60% of UK's electric power
84 National Grid ESO issues tender for reactive power in Mersey
85 Current± Chats: National Grid ESO's Duncan Burt on Distributed ReStart and training for a blackout
86 Battery storage trialled to provide upward and downward flexibility to UK's National Grid
87 Flexitricity founder on what National Grid's Future Energy Scenarios are really saying
88 Sunny skies help make May Britain's greenest month yet
89 ESO to launch faster frequency response mechanism as part of suite of new services
90 Active Network Management system to 'unlock' the potential of DERs in the south
91 Sunday demand to drop to 13.8GW, National Grid seeks more footroom
92 ETYS: ESO targeting 'probabilistic approach' to handle distributed generation influx
93 National Grid and SSE to harness surplus wind to heat off grid homes
94 Renewable Generators Are the UK’s Latest Tool to Smooth Out Renewable Generation
95 National Grid ESO power cut report: Industry responds
96 National Grid outlines new footroom service to tackle lockdown lows
97 National Grid ESO to map out ‘invisible’ solar installs
98 National Grid ESO reveals record carbon low
99 UK Struggles With Sagging Power Demand and Surging Renewables
100 DER's could restart UK power grid