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1 FBI Says It Conducted A Record-High 3.9 Million Gun Background Checks In June : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice
2 Do Universal Background Checks Prevent Gun Violence?
3 June protests could spur record firearms sales in Florida
4 Delray gun store owner predicts record-setting sales for June
5 Texas Background Checks for Gun Sales Remain at Record High in May
6 Pikeville man gets 20 years for federal weapons charge
7 2020 Election: The Market Is Preparing for a Donald Trump Loss. Here’s How We Know.
8 72-year-old convicted felon sentenced to federal prison after purchasing a gun
9 Gun Background Checks Reached New Record During Coronavirus Surge
10 Spike in gun sales taxes background check system
11 Record high gun sales continue in June. Some retailers say they're running out of stock.
12 ATF says MI firearm dealers must conduct background checks on everyone – even if they have a CPL
13 National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) | Federal Bureau of Investigation
14 Exclusive: FBI Sees Record Background Checks for Gun Sales Amid Coronavirus
15 NICS checks up 80% as Americans want guns
16 Criminals buying guns. Why is the system failing?
17 Pandemic-fueled surge in gun sales overwhelms FBI background check system; dealers urged to wait on sales
18 Study: State and federal background checks reduce teen gun carrying
19 Daily Bulletin: The Coronavirus Gun Sales Surge is Straining the Background Check System
20 Feds never signed off on Westerly killers gun purchase due to background check delay
21 Firearms dealers must conduct background checks on all purchases
22 Trump Justice Department asks for more resources to enforce gun laws
23 Pandemic Exposes Dangers of So-Called "Universal" Background Checks
24 Gun sales surging as first-time gun buyers seek protection
25 The Holiday Season Is Big Business For The Gun Industry
26 National Instant Criminal Background Check System Posts NICS Index Data — FBI
27 Cornyn’s gun background check bill works, report says
28 Your All-in-One Guide to Gun Background Checks
29 How background checks and ‘red flag’ gun laws work
30 How The National Instant Criminal Background Check System Works
31 Illinois gun sales surge amid coronavirus pandemic, shop owners say; upswing echoed nationwide
32 How do background checks for guns work, and are they effective?
33 Spike in background checks suggest increase in Michigan gun sales, following national trends
34 Here's Where the Demand for Guns Is Soaring – Mother Jones
35 Spike in firearm background checks doesn't surprise local gun shop owner
36 Fact check: Would stronger background checks have stopped El Paso and Dayton?
37 Thousands Lie To Try And Buy A Gun; Few In North Texas Ever Punished
38 Associated British Foods' (ABF) "Buy" Rating Reiterated at UBS Group
39 Background-check increase suggests spike in Tennessee firearms sales
40 Demand for guns slows background checks
41 Understanding Florida background checks | Waterline
42 FBI ran more than 200K background checks for gun sales on Black Friday
43 State and Federal Background Checks Reduce Teen Gun Carrying
44 Nevada firearm background checks skyrocketed in March
45 After Florida teen Sol Pais bought a gun in Colorado, feds audit FBI background check system
46 Six million records added to national background check system since signing of Fix NICS bill
47 Multiple States Miss Reporting Deadline For Improving FBI Background Checks For Gun Purchases
48 Background checks for gun sales hit record
49 How the NICS gun background check system works: Analysis
50 Gun Shops Flouted State Closure Orders in April as Industry Notched Another Big Month
51 New FBI Data Suggests Americans Bought 4.2 Million Guns in March and April 2020
52 Stores, FBI database show gun sales up since virus in Nevada
53 Universal background checks and gun permits: What the research says
54 Coronavirus pandemic triggers spike in gun sales
55 Missouri lawyer, firearms dealer says gun background check system is faulty
56 I dare you to dislike this background check gun bill
57 Background Checks Vs. Gun Sales: 2019 Data Spiked, But Sales Likely Only Made Modest Gains
58 FBI posts big Black Friday gun check numbers; second-largest single day in program history
59 Everything You Need to Know About Federal Background Checks
60 Gun background check system riddled with flaws
61 The NRA’s point on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System is absolutely right—but insufficient
62 New Jersey Suspends Gun Background Checks, Halting Sales During Coronavirus Crisis
63 Stronger background-check system needed for gun purchases
64 Despite More Records In The Gun Background Check System, Denials Are Low
65 FBI CJIS Center in Clarksburg issues statements on COVID-19 precautions
66 Will a Gun Keep Your Family Safe? Here's What the Evidence Says
67 New Jersey Stops Firearms Transfers!
68 FBI sees record number of gun background checks amid coronavirus
69 Gun rights group working to end pistol purchase requirements in North Carolina
70 Universal Background Checks Have Near Universal Youth Support
71 Ohio governor: Fix Ohio's background check system on guns
72 How the Fix NICS Act Could Strengthen the Gun Background Check System
73 Pennsylvania to Evaluate Its Gun Background Check System
74 A Long, Frustrated Push for Background Checks on Gun Sales
75 Firearm sales spike in Missouri, as in much of U.S.
76 Northern Michigan Gun Store Seeing Massive Sales Amid Coronavirus Panic
77 Black Friday: Gun sale background checks surge this holiday season
78 Why you may have to wait 30 days to purchase a gun in New York
79 Why federal database is failing to bar certain people from gun purchases
80 Here's how a gun background check works
81 Gun Sales Spike, FBI Background Checks Smash Records in May
82 FBI to Add National Data Exchange System to National Instant Criminal Background Check System
83 COVID-19's spread fuels record run on guns in Minnesota
84 Gun store owner says background check takes just minutes
85 FBI To Start Using A 2nd Database For Gun Background Checks
86 More Than Two Million Americans are Now First-Time Gun Owners
87 Returning bill to require background checks on transfer and sale of rifles and shotguns
88 Some Alabama sheriffs give concealed gun permits without full background checks, DOJ says
89 Odessa shooter failed gun background check, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says
90 How Pennsylvania created a model gun background check system
91 Fact-check: Can you pass a gun-purchase background check in Texas with an arrest warrant for murder?
92 AG William Barr Publishes Report on Effectiveness of Gun Background Check System
93 A Backgrounder On Background Checks
94 Governor Issues Proclamations Extending Gun Permit Expirations
95 Gun sales soar as buyers fear uncertainty of coronavirus shutdowns, sinking economy
96 20 Years On, The Background Check System Continues To Miss Dangerous Gun Buyers
97 Background Check Requirement of I-1639 Is Costly to Sheriff's Office
98 Purchases of firearms, ammo surge amid COVID-19 fears
99 Man who had rifle in Austin park shouldn't have passed background check to buy it, but did
100 Gun sales break May record amid coronavirus pandemic, riots