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Result Content Idea Research
1 Will Democrats Learn from Their Identity-Politics Disaster in California?
2 Wajahat Ali, Ctd.
3 New England Journal of Medicine Pushes Reparations
4 The Taliban Crime Syndicate Waits Out Trump
5 A Justified Pardon
6 Pompeo Rejects the ‘America Alone’ Narrative
7 Monumental Misdirection at the Mellon Foundation
8 Time for Hard Choices on Federal Drug Enforcement
9 In Praise of the Honorable D. Brooks Smith
10 Three Remarkable Ladies: Thatcher, Diana, and Elizabeth
11 The Trumpiness of the GOP’s Future: Five Key Questions
12 The Imaginary Trump
13 Biden’s Cabinet: What a Hillary Clinton Administration Would Have Looked Like
14 Treat Conservatism with the Seriousness It Deserves
15 The Supreme Court Got Church Restrictions Right
16 Three Cheers for the Quiet Ones
17 Trump & Biden Election -- Democrats Now Care About Election Legitimacy?
18 The New GOP
19 What Now for Trump’s Border Wall?
20 College Administrators Are Not Letting the COVID Crisis Go to Waste
21 Trump Faces a Critical Choice About His Political Future
22 Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy at Ten
23 Trump’s Disgraceful Gambit
24 Don’t Forget Polish Suffering — and Heroism
25 The Coming Anti-COVID Restriction Backlash
26 On Being Grateful
27 Pandemic Post-Mortem
28 Third Circuit Rejects Trump Campaign’s Appeal of Biden’s Pennsylvania Win
29 Thanksgiving Is Not a Lie
30 Trump Pardons Michael Flynn, Former National Security Adviser
31 Election 2020’s Endgame
32 Americans Deserve the Truth, Even If It’s Unpleasant
33 The 1620 Project
34 A Moveable Feast?
35 The Insanity Oath
36 ‘The Dumbest Coup’
37 No, State Legislatures May Not Reverse the Result of the Election
38 Trump’s Ugly Exit
39 Release the Vaccine
40 The Left Politicizes COVID: Irony Abounds
41 At the Eleventh Hour, Trump Campaign Reverses Legal Course . . . Again
42 America the Incompetent
43 Biden’s Cabinet: The Return of the Blob
44 Against ‘Unity’
45 No to Shelton
46 Cuomo Defends Trump against ‘Unprofessional’ and ‘Really Biased’ Media
47 Does Mask Efficacy Justify Universal Mandates?
48 Natan Sharansky and the Meaning of Freedom
49 Here Comes the Biden Blame Game
50 Happy Thanksgiving!
51 Judge Finds the Fatal Flaw in Trump Campaign’s Pennsylvania Case
52 Biden to Nominate Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary
53 Obama’s Ridiculous Call for Speech Police
54 Trump, GSA Announce Beginning of Transfer of Power to Biden Team
55 An Urgent Appeal to WHO: Let Taiwan Speak
56 Obama’s Grotesque Self-Revisionism
57 Palantir’s Eye-Popping Rally
58 Why Democrats Are Winning the Suburbs
59 Sacrificing Freedom for ‘Safety’
60 The Great Reset: If Only It Were Just a Conspiracy
61 Argentina’s Left-Wing President Is Deepening the COVID-19 Recession
62 Hillbilly Elegy Review: Ron Howard's Inverted Mayberry
63 COVID Lockdowns Threaten to Derail Retailers’ Biggest Weekend
64 Dow 30,000, Yellen 2021 (Warnings Apply)
65 Feinstein to Step Down as Ranking Judiciary Dem after Progressive Disappointment with Barrett Hearings
66 The Promise and Peril of Trump’s Cultural Politics
67 Jordan Peterson v. the Publishing Mob
68 I Was ‘Never Trump’ in 2016. I’m Still a Conservative. Here’s How I’m Voting
69 About That ‘Broken Algorithm’
70 A New Agenda for the GOP
71 Chris Christie: Trump Legal Team a ‘National Embarrassment’
72 Stubborn Facts Facing Biden on Iran
73 The Radicalism of Raphael Warnock
74 Sidney Powell’s Tell
75 This Day in Liberal Judicial Activism—November 29
76 An Election in Overtime
77 From Trump to Biden: Boris Johnson’s New Look
78 This Thanksgiving, Let’s Practice Constitutional Gratitude
79 Biden’s Empty Victory
80 Trump’s Post-Election Litigation Crusade
81 The Disinformationists
82 You Have a National Adoption Month Date on Monday Morning
83 Why California Republicans Stopped Complaining about Ballot Harvesting and Embraced the Process
84 Biden Promises Bill Providing Pathway to Citizenship for 11 Million Illegal Immigrants in First 100 Days
85 How Will Joe Biden Handle Outer Space?
86 Mandatory Voting Is Authoritarian
87 Gratitude: What We Owe to Our Country
88 Our Two Minority Parties
89 Looking for Racism
90 Hey, Democrats . . . How Is All of This Working Out for You?
91 Schumer and Pelosi Are Bourbon Democrats
92 Checkmate in Pennsylvania for the Trump Campaign
93 The Wait Continues
94 Convert Me If You Can
95 Pennsylvania Republicans File Emergency Lawsuit to Block Certification of Election Results
96 The McCarrick Whitewash
97 Where the Post-Election Lawsuits Stand
98 Dutch Doctors Can Now Drug Dementia Patients Before Killing Them to Prevent Resistance
99 The Biden ‘Landslide’ Canard
100 Forgiving Student Debt Is (Still) a Dumb Idea