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Result Content Idea Research
1 Why the Equality Act Is More Extreme Than the Bostock Decision
2 The Road to Hell, Etc.
3 Eric Swalwell’s White Male Privilege
4 The Identity Defense, Again
5 Originalism Does Not Need a Makeover
6 The COVID toll, &c.
7 The Rise of Tom Cotton
8 McConnell Will Support Garland AG Nomination
9 Becerra Claims He ‘Never Sued Any Nuns’ in Confirmation Hearing
10 White House Denies ‘Kids in Cages’ Charge
11 Romney ‘Pretty Sure’ Trump Would Be Republican Nominee If He Runs in 2024
12 Mr. ‘Cuomosexual’
13 The Victor Davis Hanson Podcast -- Episode 56: Disappearing Books
14 It’s Not a COVID-Relief Bill. It’s Christmas for Democrats
15 Former Cuomo Aide Accuses Governor of Sexual Misconduct: ‘Kissed Me on the Lips’
16 ‘Unconfirmed and Unsuitable’
17 Trump Condemns Investigation into Tax Records: ‘Fascism, not Justice’
18 Deb Haaland Could Be a Disaster at Interior
19 Limbaugh and His Detractors
20 The National Pace of Vaccinations Slipped a Bit This Week
21 Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Safe, Effective: FDA Report
22 COVID Is on the Verge of a Humiliating Defeat
23 Indexing the Minimum Wage: The Political Consequences
24 Picking on Cotton
25 Amazon Kneels before the Mob
26 Fauci Is Not Your God
27 The Right Not to Be Offended
28 The Coming Crackdown on ‘Ghost Guns’
29 Biden Orders Review of Supply Chain for Semiconductor Chips, Critical Resources
30 Federal Judge Indefinitely Blocks Biden Administration’s 100-Day Deportation Moratorium
31 More Americans Than Ever Identify as LGBTQ: Gallup
32 AOC Criticizes Manchin For Haaland Confirmation Indecision
33 Biden’s Stimulus Hurts Businesses. One Tax Tweak Can Change That
34 Axios Graphic Undoes Own Framing on Children COVID 'Surge'
35 Abortion and the Wisdom of Repugnance
36 Bradley on Buckeye
37 What Kind of Bully Harasses Nuns?
38 Merrick Garland Misleads on ‘Equity’ and ‘Equality’
39 Sister Carol Keehan Gets the Xavier Beccera Catholic Problem Backwards
40 Inflation, You Say?
41 Indiana House Passes Constitutional Carry
42 Becerra’s Disingenuous Answer on Prosecuting Pro-Life Activists
43 Looking for Insiders at Amazon
44 The Cotton-Romney Plan to Raise the Minimum Wage Without Killing Jobs
45 Pence Turned Down CPAC Invite: Report
46 Iran Halts Nuclear Deal ‘Additional Protocol,’ Curtailing IAEA Inspections
47 Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report Proves It’s an Abortion Group
48 Of Course There’s a Muppet Trigger Warning
49 A Compromise on Nominations
50 Ask an Engineer
51 Boom, then Bust?
52 The Unbearable Whiteness of Being
53 Rush’s Place
54 Welcome Philip Klein to NRO
55 The Britney Spears Narrative Is Mostly B.S.
56 Manchin Comes Out against Neera Tanden’s Confirmation as OMB Director
57 Media Ignore DeSantis’s Minority Outreach to Smear Florida Vaccine Effort
58 Florida Leads on Voting Reforms
59 What Are Economists Good For?
60 Red state, blue state, &c.
61 Another Impeachment Failure
62 Trump v. McConnell
63 Biden Admin to Change PPP to Target Small Businesses
64 It’s a Blacklist, Pure and Simple
65 Acquittal, but Not Vindication
66 Yes, Biden’s Views on Abortion Contradict His Catholicism
67 Democrats Squander Their Impeachment-Trial Moment
68 Rush Limbaugh: The Leader of the Opposition
69 The Fracturing of the American Ideal
70 What Impeachment Accomplished
71 China Betrays Its Deal with the Vatican
72 Impeachment Managers Reveal Unseen Footage of Rioters at Capitol
73 Senate Votes to Proceed with Trump Impeachment Trial
74 Trial and Error
75 Cotton Challenges Garland on Biden’s ‘Racial Equity’ Order
76 Our Illiberal Moment
77 Our Descent into Collective Madness
78 Mitt Romney Is a Serious Senator in an Unserious Senate
79 New York Times Poetry Reviews: Wokeness Is All
80 Yes, the Lincoln Project Is an Ugly Grift
81 Chemical Abortion Is the New Challenge for Pro-Lifers
82 The Misleading AP Attack on the Catholic Church for Accepting COVID Relief
83 Ben Sasse’s Conviction: Trump’s Lies Caused This
84 What Happened to Officer Sicknick?
85 Democrats Flirt with Destroying Another Senate Guardrail
86 Will Democrats’ Election-Reform Push Backfire on the Dark-Money Left?
87 California’s Coming Recall
88 Ezra Klein Misapprehends California’s Problems
89 How to Handle the Growing China Space Threat
90 Don’t Quit on the GOP
91 Senate Republicans Rally around Trump as Impeachment Trial Approaches
92 Liz Cheney Responds to Wyoming Republicans’ Censure, Says GOP ‘Should Not be Embracing’ Trump
93 Bill Gates’s Climate Hysteria
94 Biden’s Pandemic Promises Careen into Reality
95 Publius Weeps for the Senate
96 President Biden Is Keeping Schools Closed
97 Democrats’ Impeachment Brief Tries to Cure Defect in Case against Trump
98 Biden Must Stop Blaming Trump and Act to Combat the Pandemic
99 Cuomo Accuses NY Lawmakers of ‘Extortion’ over Calls to Investigate Nursing Home Deaths
100 The Rush to Reconciliation