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1 COVID-19 data on Native Americans is 'a national disgrace.' This scientist is fighting to be counted
2 The Limits Of CDC Data On COVID In Native Americans : Short Wave
3 Native American tribes were already being wiped out. Then the 1918 flu hit.
4 Latter-day Saints participate in 'Operation Firewood Rescue' to help Native Americans
5 Native Americans face additional census and COVID-19 challenges
6 Push To Mark Indian Burial Ground At UW-Stevens Point Gets Community Support
7 'They don't want us here': Native Americans struggle to vote in US election
8 Texas’ Native American tribes aim to increase voter turnout
9 "Sooyii" Film of 1700's Native American Smallpox Pandemic Enters Postproduction
10 To Native Americans, reparations can vary from having sovereignty to just being heard
11 Native Americans feel double pain of COVID and fires ‘gobbling up the ground’
12 Opinion: Native Americans still overlooked in debates about U.S. history
13 Native American Monacan capital among 11 most endangered historic sites
14 Why New Mexico’s 1680 Pueblo Revolt Is Echoing in 2020 Protests
15 Remarks by President Trump on the Repatriation of Native American Artifacts and Remains
16 Native Americans in Montana face voting challenges
17 House sends bipartisan bill to address missing and murdered Native Americans to Trump's desk
18 The Racist Removal Of Native Americans In California Is Often Missing From Wildfire Discussions, Experts Say
19 Why a former Olympic site is finally removing this Native American slur from its name
20 N.J. school keeps controversial Native American mascot, sparking further outrage
21 John Skibiski: Why does the city remains silent about discovery of artifacts
22 Tests for tribes -- one way Mayo makes amends with Native Americans
23 Montana law allegedly restricting Native American voting rights struck down
24 Native Americans Used Fire to Protect and Cultivate Land
25 Black, Native American and Fighting for Recognition in Indian Country
26 Action on missing, murdered women legislation caps years of advocacy
27 Two bills are passed to address missing and murdered Native American women | TheHill
28 Mindful of a Harmful Past, One College Supports Native Students
29 Native Americans feel double pain in season of COVID and fires
30 Mark Bennett: Former Hautean helps group supply Native Americans with crucial handwashing stations
31 'No new worlds': New artwork highlights darker side of Mayflower's impact on Native Americans
32 Review of Sheriff's Office use of force logs shows Native Americans involved at a higher level
33 Lawmaker wants to retire Native American team names at Washington schools
34 Tribes see ballot collection as a lifeline in Indian Country
35 The myth of Native American extinction harms everyone
36 In Europe, Native American History Celebrated During Mayflower Commemoration
37 Natives Vote helps Native Americans overcome voter suppression
38 Virus Compounds Challenges For Native Tenants In Rapid City
39 Rare Photo Exhibit Remembers Native American Heritage Of Texas
40 Native American homeless encampment grows at Hiawatha and Franklin, community demands housing support
41 Native American women shape how museums frame Indigenous culture
42 Explore New England’s 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail
43 Why Native Americans fight to be counted in 2020 census
44 In the fight for racial justice, Native stories should not be ignored
45 Drones find signs of a Native American ‘Great Settlement’ beneath a Kansas pasture
46 Native Americans Overcoming Food Security By Returning To Their Traditional Ways
47 Fact check: Ruth Bader Ginsburg had 'mixed' record on tribal law, Native American sovereignty
48 19th century journal foreshadows effect of colonization, neglect on Native American public health
49 Chehalis Tribe opens distillery after overturning centuries-old prohibition
50 What happened to Native American tribes that once existed in North Texas? Curious Texas investigates
51 Blacks, Latinos And Native Americans Bear Heaviest Financial Burden Of Pandemic : Shots
52 Explore CT American Indian lore at Full Moon Falling Leaves Walk at Institute for American Indian Studies
53 Arizona has suppressed Black, Latino and Native American voters for more than a century
54 In Pennsylvania public schools, an ‘epidemic’ of Native American mascots and nicknames
55 Asian Americans most likely to live in multigenerational homes. How Covid has taken a toll
56 Built behind the scenes: Museum of Ashe County History reopens with a new Native American exhibit
57 Best small towns to live in across America
58 With Over 200,000 Americans Dead, It's Insulting to Call Covid-19 a Hoax | Opinion
59 Native American tribes race to complete census before time runs out
60 Native American Burning And California's Wildfire Strategy : Short Wave
61 Historic Westville to reopen to public on Oct. 8
62 Project remake America: could a Biden win usher in major democratic reforms?
63 Letters: the Pilgrim fathers came in peace
64 Ireland's lacrosse team gives its spot in an international tournament to a Native American team
65 Six months in, tribal nations cautiously optimistic about COVID-19 response
66 'Truths and Reckonings' | The Source
67 Centuries After Their Loss and Theft, Native American Seeds Are Reuniting With Their Tribes
68 Making the Native Voice Heard
69 Tribes tout ballot collection as way to raise turnout rate
70 Racial justice protests revive discussions about treatment of Native Americans
71 Rediscovering Isolationism
72 Montana judge extends deadline for returning mailed ballots
73 Meet the artists making comics in Seattle's historic drawbridges
74 Native American, Constitution Proclamations signed by DAR, LPS, City of Lexington
75 New Occaneechi exhibit marks reopening of the Orange County Historical Museum
76 Native American Reservations glue for state line
77 Two bills regarding Abenaki communities make headway; others shelved by pandemic
78 Meet Young People Shirking College to Volunteer on Wild Lands
79 UGA professor Claudio Saunt’s book a contender for 2020 National Book Award
80 Why COVID-19 vaccine trials still need more diversity
81 It's time to end legacy admissions (opinion)
82 Renovations begin on old Walthill hospital founded by nation's first Native American doctor
83 It won't replace Columbus Day, but Gov. Ducey proclaims Oct. 12 'Indigenous Peoples Day'
84 Coronavirus Data By Race: Understanding The Disparities : Shots
85 New find at lost city in Kansas
86 Marvel comic book aims to improve Native American portrayals
87 How American Airlines, American's Honor Team helped return remains of native inhabitants
88 Study: Most Americans have an affinity for spiritual beliefs
89 Wooster Square Monument Committee turns to community
90 Want the youth vote? Some college students are still up for grabs in November
91 Town & Country — Native Americans of our area
92 Native American groups ask NFL to force Redskins name change
93 Polynesians steering by the stars met Native Americans long before Europeans arrived
94 Native Americans Fight Coronavirus and Deficient Data
95 Seeing Native Americans Nowhere, and Everywhere
96 Oldest cousin of Native Americans found in Russia
97 Contact Tracing for Native Americans in Rural Arizona | NEJM
98 Covid-19 incidence more than triple among Native Americans, new CDC report says
99 The impact of COVID-19 on Native American communities
100 Native Americans being left out of US coronavirus data and labelled as 'other'