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1 First Native American Cabinet Secretary Makes Her Mark
2 Native American and Alaskan Native WNC Scholarship
3 Project to shed light on Native American boarding schools
4 Concordia College experts hope to shed light on generational trauma caused by Native American boarding schools
5 Suit targets Montana laws that opponents say hurt Native Americans
6 Tribes challenge MT laws restricting voting rights, hindering Native American participation
7 Connections: Understanding the truth about American and Native American history
8 Native American Tribes— Trends In Alternative Investments | Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman
9 Nevada lawmaker calls into question the history of Native American massacres, causing backlash from advocates
10 Time Machine: High-profile Native American trials came to Cedar Rapids in 1970s
11 Learn about Native American history May 19 with Elmhurst Public Library
12 Native American tribes form partnership in Pigeon Forge hotel
13 Montana tribes, nonprofits sue over voting laws
14 Oregon Trail Gets A Makeover With More Accurate Native American Representation
15 Mvskoke woman could become the third Native American federal judge
16 As Native American mascots and imagery are removed, old wounds stay intact
17 Stolen Native American artifacts recovered in unincorporated Escondido
18 Weir High parents, students protest to KEEP cartoon “Indian” mascot; local Native Americans say it’s racist
19 Celebration of Native American culture held in Visalia
20 Lets' end sexual abuse, violence on Native women
21 Inside a multimillion-dollar, counterfeit Native American art syndicate
22 McGirt ruling leaves Oklahoma in turmoil over Native American land
23 Native American CEAH scholarship winners announced: UNM Newsroom
24 Just Two Native American Federal Judges Serve—Lauren King May Be The Third
25 Why Native Americans are excited about the future
26 Rick Santorum says 'there isn't much Native American culture in American culture'
27 Assassin's Creed Valhalla fans have translated all Native American dialog
28 Opinion: New Nielsen poll offers hope that we'll 'see the end of Native mascots'
29 New Documentary Explores the History and Contributions of Native American Catholicism
30 Ancient Native Americans may have cultivated medicinal plants in Bears Ears, study finds
31 Race on Campus: 'A Canoe Trying to Change the Direction of a Battleship'
32 Dakota Zoo adds Native American perspective
33 GUEST EDITORIAL: American culture rests on Native American culture
34 How a Two-Spirit Couple is Breaking Barriers in their Native American Community
35 Her View: Is 'Native American' politically correct? | Opinion |
36 WOYM: Backhoe memories from search for Native American site along Roanoke River
37 Native American vendors dream of returning to portal on Santa Fe Plaza
38 U.S. Interior Dept. moves to restore Native American land
39 Road trip: Seeking Native American history in San Joaquin County and the Central Valley
40 NATIONAL VIEW: Rick Santorum needs a lesson on Native American history
41 Bible began new chapter for Native American tongue
42 Remaking Oregon Trail video game with an eye toward more accurate Native American depictions
43 Spokane Tribe says 'no' to Native American mascots
44 Most Affordable AANAPISIs in the US
45 An Updated 'Oregon Trail' Gives Native Americans Better Representation
46 Haverhill Mayor Names Native American Commission to Honor Earliest Residents
47 The First Native American Ranger
48 Rick Santorum and his critics are both wrong about Native American history
49 OREGON TRAIL Finally Includes Playable Native American Characters
50 Should Native Americans control national parks?
51 Opinion: We saddled up to make sure Native Americans got to vote
52 Native students finally win the right to wear tribal regalia at graduation ceremonies
53 Far from home, Gabriella Blatt found and fostered Native community
54 New art display in Bartlesville meant to honor Native American culture
55 Native Americans weren't alone on the Trail of Tears. Enslaved Africans were, too
56 Native American culture reflected in new name of performing arts center
57 The map of Native American tribes you’ve never seen before
58 Santorum's comments on Native Americans don't quiet critics
59 Native American lawyer calls on Harvard to return ancestral relic
60 Looking at History: The origin of the Savannah Savages and the use of Native American imagery
61 Johnson, Rounds introduce legislation repealing prejudiced Native American laws
62 The Oregon Trail game got a revamp with more authentic Native American representation
63 Oklahoma artist's mural commemorating Trail of Tears unveiled at Museum of Native American History
64 How Native Americans find healthy ways to deal with trauma passed down through the generations
65 Haaland, Neguse: ‘America the Beautiful’ plan should bring Native Americans, POCs into conservation fold
66 Seven LAHS Native American Seniors Honored During NAPAC Sash Ceremony
67 Native American tribes gather to honor missing and murdered indigenous women
68 Native American mascots in Pa. high schools: Honoring local history or offensive?
69 A 'Truth Commission' for Native Americans Can Heal Wounds of Neglect: Paper
70 Native American Mascots: An Emerging Legal Landscape – Part Three
71 $6.5 Million in Grants Awarded to 427 Native Communities in
72 Readout of the Biden-Harris Administration's First Meeting of the White House Council on Native American Affairs
73 A look back: Man who shot, killed unarmed Native American activist acquitted by all-white jury in 1973
74 How the forced removal of Native Americans shaped today's South
75 National group weighs in on 'Raider' name | Local News |
76 Native American tribes have long struggled with high rates of diabetes, and COVID-19 made the problem even more urgent
77 Report finds drop in Black male, Native American medical students
78 Inslee signs ban on Native American school mascots
79 'Bearing burdens': Lumbee Tribe of NC calls for justice for missing, murdered Indigenous women
80 Descendants of Black slaves in some Native American tribes — known as Freedmen —struggle for recognition as tribal citizens
81 04/27/2021 | Inlet's Native-American Statue Could Be In For Repairs | News Ocean City MD
82 Fans Have Translated All Of The Native American Dialogue In Assassin's Creed Valhalla
83 There Are Only 2 Native American Federal Judges. Biden Just Nominated A Third.
84 A 1722 Murder Spurred Native Americans' Pleas for Justice in Early America
85 'Rutherford Falls' is a Native American show: by, with and about us. But its humor is universal.
86 Alumna describes Native American digital divide during congressional hearing
87 Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian's “Developing Stories: Native Photographers in the Field” to feature work of photojournalist Donovan Quintero
88 "Vanished: A Native American Epidemic" examines MMIP crisis
89 'Rutherford Falls' and pushing for accurate Native American portrayals in TV, film
90 U.S. agency seeks to speed up Native American land decisions
91 Which is correct? Native American, American Indian or Indigenous?
92 Higher education at WNC more accessible for Native Americans with Native First Scholarship
93 A Native American Tribe Gave Missouri Its Name. Now Its Descendants Are Preserving A Fading Language
94 Native American women are reclaiming their language
96 Liz Cheney: Republicans Must Stand For The Truth
97 Next Native American Culture Fair presented virtually this week
98 Canada’s Supreme Court says some Native Americans can hunt in British Columbia
99 'Things can come home again': Sacred birch bark scroll to return to White Earth Nation
100 Native Resilience – American Alliance of Museums