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1 Good presentation skills benefit careers — and science
2 How we embarked on a long-distance relationship on behalf of our research career
3 How new principal investigators tackled a tumultuous year
4 How the pandemic is reshaping undergraduate research Career Feature
5 Settling in: the first four years of a lab leader
6 How to blow the whistle on an academic bully
7 The American Jobs Plan is a chance to reimagine nature as infrastructure | TheHill
8 Webcast: How to do a great peer review Career News | 19 APR 2021
9 Daily briefing: First major investigation of the global pandemic response
10 The 100 memes that immortalize my PhD defence
11 Technology transfer: Career-boosting computing skills for girls in Argentina
12 Business of science: Tips and tricks for a perfect investor pitch
13 Six lessons from a pandemic PhD student
14 Biden plan would pick winners, losers in move to green jobs
15 'Less pipetting and more thinking': scientists carry on through the pandemic
16 Sell yourself and your science in a compelling personal statement
17 Job losses and falling salaries batter US academia Career News 30 APR 21
18 Discovery in nature: The art of Bhavani Krishnan
19 Postdoctoral Training Fellow
20 You can help to create a new researcher-reward system Career Column 04 MAY 21
21 Time To Get In Tune With Nature | News, Sports, Jobs
22 Minority representation in US science workforce sees few gains
23 Tim Duncan Celebrated For His Work Ethic, Humble Nature Ahead Of Hall Of Fame Induction
24 Scientific success by numbers book review | 03 May 2021
25 National Park Nature Walks: A New Pop-Up Podcast Series
26 Mental Health Awareness Week: Back To Nature #MHAWeek
27 Montana Makes Significant Changes to State Employment Laws
28 Jeep Collins’ memoir tells story of his mother’s showy handbags, demanding nature
29 Former chamber President Frank Cousins taking job at Gloucester City Hall
30 5 reasons to protect the Boundary Waters once and for all
31 The singing neutrino Nobel laureate who nearly bombed Nevada
32 Adventurous Job Offer: Explore Your State This Summer. Get Paid $1,000
33 Liberals silent on nature of Fortin probe or who will replace him on vaccine campaign
34 Springtime Can Be Like A Reunion | News, Sports, Jobs
35 The People Trying to Use Technology to Save Nature | Outside Online
36 Evidence-based medicine: how COVID can drive positive change
37 Why some companies want everyone back in the office
38 Indian government should heed its scientists on COVID Researchers have spoken out against policies that have
39 Unemployment Insurance System Update, Part I: Is Comprehensive Reform Coming?
40 Pinellas County deputy fired for sending women inappropriate texts
41 2021 All-Academic students
42 C. Austen Angell (1933–2021)
43 Washington State Community College celebrates graduates | News, Sports, Jobs
44 Thank you, tree-planting volunteers | News, Sports, Jobs
45 Defining “Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs” That Might Excuse Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination?
46 Sunny Side Delicacies | News, Sports, Jobs
47 Stop the emerging AI cold war
48 Handling Return to Work COVID-19 Disability Accommodation Requests
49 Science diversified: The roads less travelled to research careers
50 Friends and colleagues remember Brad Sinnott, longtime county Republican Party chairman
51 Swiss funder draws lots to make grant decisions
52 Ohio State Researcher Sentenced to Prison for Secret China Ties
53 Class of 2021: Juggling a Law Career and an MBA Program, and Making It Look Easy
54 How the arts can help you to craft a successful research career
55 Webcast: How to write a great CV for academia and industry
56 Somssich/Werner: NH has untapped energy resources for a sustainable future
57 Henrietta Mays Smith, 'rock star' librarian and champion storyteller, dies at 98
58 Reopening Workplaces: Employer Insurance Coverage for Sexual Harassment Claims Against Employees
59 Area veterans on trek for suicide awareness, funding
60 Thoughts on gardening in the high desert
61 Why industry internships can be your 'golden ticket' to a prosperous career
62 How to take the lead in your career
63 Top tips for cell biologists eyeing a move to industry careers
64 Science diversified: Starting young
65 Tourism, Travel and Events: Events and Virtual Experiences
66 At long last, a new Illinois energy bill is likely imminent
67 Pandemic darkens postdocs' work and career hopes
68 My 11 part-time jobs made me a better PhD student
69 Planning a postdoc before moving to industry? Think again
70 What I learnt from 700 e-mail applications
71 Webcast: How to work from home effectively as an early-career researcher
72 SUNY JCC Celebrates Classes Of 2020, 2021 | News, Sports, Jobs
73 English is the language of science — but precision is tough as a non-native speaker
74 How science should support researchers with visual impairments
75 One scientist couple's five suggestions to solve the 'two body problem' Career Column 06 APR 21
76 Row erupts over university's use of research metrics in job-cut decisions
77 How to shape a productive scientist–artist collaboration
78 A webinar series from Nature Careers to help scientists during the coronavirus pandemic
79 Webcast: How to write a first-class paper
80 How junior scientists can land a seat at the leadership table Career Feature 13 APR 21
81 Pandemic burnout is rampant in academia career feature | 15 Mar 2021
82 New Group leaders
83 Research Assistant-Soil Carbon Monitoring
84 A recruiter's guide to cell-biology jobs
85 The postdoc career journeys that date back to kindergarten
86 Why does a high-impact publication matter so much for a career in research?
87 Uncertain prospects for postdoctoral researchers
88 How to wear your baby to work
89 Genomic Scientist
90 Science outreach in my mother tongue
91 Postdoc in Sensor Development
92 Scientist, Immunology
93 How pirouettes and pliés prepared me for a research career
94 Postdocs in crisis: science cannot risk losing the next generation
95 Associate Research Scientist
96 Research Technician
97 Ways to look after yourself and others in 2021
98 How a scientist is addressing inequity in human-genomics research
99 My international career journey as a disabled scientist
100 Postdocs under pressure: 'Can I even do this any more?'