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1 New Nature Communications Publication by Mann & Theis Groups Harnesses the Benefits of Large-scale Peptide Collisional Cross Section (CCS) Measurements and Deep Learning for 4D Proteomics
2 New signaling pathway in neurons
3 New Bacterium Linked to Chimp Deaths
4 Over 80% of Atlantic Rainforest remnants have been impacted by human activity
5 Bioinformatics tool accurately tracks synthetic DNA: Computer scientists show benefits of bioinformatics with PlasmidHawk
6 Social media use driven by search for reward, akin to animals seeking food
7 Coronavirus is in the air — there's too much focus on surfaces Editorial
8 High-risk lava zones with infrequent eruptions attract development | University of Hawaiʻi System News
9 Comments on: Scientists Uncover the Key to Proper Muscle Growth
10 GWAS Uncovers Variants Associated With Increased Risk of Addison Disease
11 We post so much on social media because we learn from rewards
12 COVID origin search must continue after WHO report, say scientists
13 Genetic Tool Improves Estimation of Prostate Cancer Risk in Diverse Ethnic/Racial Groups
14 Diets high in fructose could cause immune system damage, study suggests: New research deepens understanding of how fructose effects health
15 Pathogen Discovered That Kills Endangered Chimps: Is It a Threat to Humans?
16 Microbes deep beneath seafloor survive on byproducts of radioactive process
17 Nanobodies could help CRISPR turn genes on and off
18 Biobattery-powered microneedle patch can deliver drugs and procure testing samples
19 How messenger substances influence individual decision-making
20 Genetic study uncovers link between depression and stomach ulcers
21 Climate change scholarships for women in South Asia
22 D-Wave demonstrates performance advantage in quantum simulation of exotic magnetism
23 Identifying patient-specific differences to treat HCM with precision medicine
24 OHSU study advances field of precision medicine
25 Machine learning aids in simulating dynamics of interacting atoms: Automated approach transformative for computational materials science
26 Genomic Data Commons provides unprecedented cancer data resource
27 Nature photographer, Moasic members bring art to Sequim gallery
28 Popular breast cancer drugs don't work the way we thought they did
29 Genetic Data Aids Prostate Cancer Risk Prediction in Diverse Groups
30 Immune system protects children from severe COVID-19
31 'Missing ice problem' finally solved
32 Scholars reveal the changing nature of U.S. cities
33 Don’t ignore climate change in North India
34 A gene provides both protection and destruction
35 OU study highlights need for improving methane emission database
36 Cancer cell vulnerability points to potential treatment path for aggressive disease
37 Study Finds Novel Mechanism of Resistance to Immunotherapy Targeting HER2
38 New Catalyst Makes Styrene Manufacturing Cheaper, Greener
39 Genetic Method Improves Estimating Prostate Cancer Risk in Multi-Ethnic Groups
40 Napping is in the genes and not a 'behavioural choice,' Harvard study finds
41 Study reveals fructose-rich diet may cause damage to immune system
42 Seven recent papers amplify advances in Alzheimer's research
43 „Fat jam" in the cell
44 UVM discovery of cancer cell vulnerability identifies potential treatment target
45 URI researchers: Microbes deep beneath seafloor survive on byproducts of radioactive process
46 Engineering the boundary between 2D and 3D materials: Cutting-edge microscope helps reveal ways to control the electronic properties of atomically thin materials.
47 Discovery of cancer cell vulnerability identifies potential treatment target
48 Coronavirus: Bat scientists find new evidence
49 Genomic Data Commons offers the largest resource in cancer genomics
50 Social dilemma follows 2018 eruption of Kilauea volcano
51 Record-high Arctic freshwater will flow through Canadian waters, affecting marine environment and Atlantic ocean currents
52 Do you like to nap? Your DNA might have something to do with it, study says
53 Glaciers accelerate in the Getz region of West Antarctica
54 UChicago, Argonne scientists zero in on molecules that could fight COVID-19
55 Statin Use Associated With Increased Survival in Severe COVID-19
56 Statins in COVID-19: More Signs of Potential Benefit
57 New material is next step toward stable high-voltage long-life solid-state batteries
58 Fantastic voyage: Nanobodies could help CRISPR turn genes on and off
59 US Cities Are Vastly Undercounting Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Researchers Find
60 Melting ocean mud helps prevent major earthquakes — and may show where quake risk is highest
61 Deep brain stimulation and exercise restore movement in ataxia
62 (Re)Shaping cities to combat inequality
63 Elon Musk co-authored COVID-19 study of 4,300 SpaceX employees
64 Use of statin associated with 50 per cent reduction in Covid-19 in-hospital mortality: Study
65 Retroviruses are re-writing koala genome and causing cancer
66 The unveiling of a novel mechanism of resistance to immunotherapy targeting HER2
67 Largest comprehensive Middle East GWAS reveals Arab genetic risk factors
68 Sleep is vital to associating emotion with memory, according to U-M study
69 Genome study reveals Arab specific genetic risks
70 Combination of deep brain stimulation and exercise has potential benefits for treating ataxia
71 High fructose diets may harm the immune system
72 The key to proper muscle growth
73 PET May Aid Decisions in ER+ Breast Cancer
74 The science of siestas: New research reveals the genetic basis for daytime napping
75 Lipid epoxides target pain, inflammatory pathways in neurons
76 Direct cloning method CAPTUREs novel microbial natural products
77 Newfound Benefits of Stimulating the Cerebellum at 13 Hz
78 Recognizing liars from the sound of their voice?
79 Glaucoma GWAS Meta-Analysis Uncovers New Risk Loci, Shared Risk Across Ancestry Groups
80 Big step towards small wires
81 Radiation Vulnerability | Harvard Medical School
82 Study predicts where new coronaviruses might come from
83 Did Ancient Martian Life Eat Rocks For Food?
84 Function identified of 'mystery protein' that kills brain cells of people with Parkinson's
85 GT Regional Land Conservancy Plans $8.5 Million Conversion Of Mitchell Creek Golf Course Into Nature Preserve, Conservation Center
86 PET Imaging Reveals Which Breast Cancer Patients Won't Respond to Hormone Therapy
87 Wildfires may have unexpected climate impacts — High Country News – Know the West
88 A new way of looking at concussions
89 Large-scale whole genome sequencing in the Middle Eastern population reveals genetic risk factors
90 New Material Breakthrough for Stable High-Voltage Long-Life Solid-State Batteries
91 UCI researchers eavesdrop on cellular conversations
92 The invisible killer lurking in our consumer products
93 Simple urine test can detect womb cancer
94 Nature Communications publishes Bluestar Genomics' technology for cancer detection study
95 Nature Communications blasted for paper knocking female mentors
96 Nature journals reveal terms of landmark open-access option
97 Retracting a bad take on female mentorship
98 After scalding critiques of study on gender and mentorship, journal says it is reviewing the work
99 Evaxion Biotech Announces Publication in Nature Communications Describing Improved Selection of Immunotherapy Targets
100 Potential cancer therapy may boost immune response