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1 Muons: 'Strong' evidence found for a new force of nature
2 Long-awaited muon physics experiment nears moment of truth
3 The imminent discovery of new forces of nature could change physics as we know it
4 Daily briefing: Thrilling muon result shakes up physics
5 Daily briefing: India's COVID surge puzzles scientists
6 The effects of solar flares on Earth's magnetosphere
7 A new force of nature? The inside story of fresh evidence from Cern that's exciting physicists – podcast
8 Born secret — the heavy burden of bomb physics
9 Multimillion euro funding for the search for 'new physics'
10 NIU celebrates Fermilab's latest landmark finding | NIU Newsroom
11 Nanoscale degradation of ferroelectric crystals observed for the first time – Physics World
12 Force of nature: Scientists discover 'brand new' type of particle at CERN
13 In Quantum Physics, “Reality” Really Is What We Choose To Observe
14 Effective Field Theories and the nature of the universe
15 Retraction of Nature paper puts Majorana research on a new path – Physics World
16 ExoSCOPE monitors cancer treatment in real-time at the molecular level – Physics World
17 Professorship (W 2) for Computational Physics
18 Inspiring physics teacher a force of nature — EducationHQ
19 Molecular compass tracks tiny forces – Physics World
20 Scientists at Cern may have stumbled upon a new force of nature
21 Antimatter cooled with lasers for the first time nature podcast
22 New result from the LHCb experiment challenges leading theory in physics
23 New pulsed magnet reveals a new state of matter in Kondo insulator
24 ‘Take us beyond our current understanding of nature’: 2 experiments defy physics
25 M-2010
26 Quantum steering for more precise measurements
27 Lift off! First flight on Mars launches new way to explore worlds News
28 Scientists Excited by Potential New Force of Nature
29 Quantum computing's reproducibility crisis: Majorana fermions
30 Physics of DNA –“In Each of Us Lies a Message, Its Beginnings Lost in the Mists of Time”
31 A physicist takes on academic racism; green economic growth; and Stephen Hawking's self-promotion: Books in brief
32 Fresh calculation of obscure particle's magnetism could dim hopes for new physics
33 Lesson of the Day: ‘A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics’
34 A novel form of cellular logistics
35 The muon's magnetic moment fits just fine: A new estimate of the strength of the sub-atomic particle's magnetic field aligns with the standard model of particle physics
36 Physicists Have Caught Electron Orbits in an Exciton Quasiparticle For The First Time
37 Could the World Above the Level of the Particle Be Superposed?
38 A student's physics project could make quantum computers twice as reliable
39 Quantum material's subtle spin behavior proves theoretical predictions
40 Junior Professorship in Climate Attribution
41 Determining the three-dimensional atomic structure of an amorphous solid
42 Transient grating spectroscopy with ultrafast X-rays
43 Electrons in twisted graphene 'freeze' when heated – Physics World
44 Valley Forum: Visions of a sustainable future
45 Is the ‘new muon’ really a great scientific discovery? For now, I’m cautious
46 Scientists Provide Experimental Evidence for Zeeman Spin-Orbit Coupling in Antiferromagnetics
47 Luther College chapter of Society of Physics Students receives national award
48 Changes to the Standard Model of physics could point to a 'God Equation'
49 Plant, Animal Surfaces Inspire Infection-Proof Engineered Implants
50 Earth Day Summit: Biden sets tone with stronger climate pledge
51 Nature journals debut open-access models
52 3D motion tracking system could streamline vision for autonomous tech
53 Kangaroo Court: Quantum This, Quantum That | Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS)
54 IS the Moon There If No One Looks? Or Is There No “There” There?
55 How matter’s hidden complexity unleashed the power of nuclear physics
56 ‘Need better theory than Einstein' Brian Cox's claim as new force of nature possibly found
57 Exciting exciton breakthrough
58 Higher-dimensional supersymmetric microlaser arrays
59 Two UoC professors win the most prestigious European research grants
60 Postdoc
61 World's Largest Map of Space Offers Clues on Dark Energy
62 Next-Generation Stable Pop-Up Structures Inspired by Origami
63 Force transmission between cells orchestrates collective cellular motion
64 Space Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation
65 For €9500, Nature journals will now make your paper free to read
66 UZH Physicist Awarded Funding of 2.5 Million Euros
67 Bistable pop-up structures inspired by origami
68 Artists taking on new mediums in natural study
69 Antimatter: scientists find way to trap elusive material by blasting it with lasers
70 'Doomsday' climate tipping points have wiggle room: study
71 Open access at the Nature Portfolio
72 Black holes to dark matter
73 Cern experiment hints at new force of nature
74 LANL’s Terry Miller Is Enmeshed In The Depths Of Earth Science
75 Major physics society won't meet in cities with racist policing record
76 Evidence of elusive Majorana particle dies — but computing hope lives on
77 Disastrous Climate Tipping Points Could Be Reversed
78 Proton collisions probe the final frontier of the standard model of particle physics
79 Standard model of particle physics tested by the fine-structure constant News & Views
80 Army-funded research paves way for improved lasers, communications
81 Detection of a particle shower at the Glashow resonance with IceCube
82 Nature and physics
83 Nature Nature's 10: ten people who helped shape science in 2020
84 Unveiling the strong interaction among hadrons at the LHC
85 Going random
86 Physics
87 Taking tenuous helium molecules for a spin
88 The Hot List: Meet Corinne Le Quéré, a woman at top of climate science
89 Study unveils the unstable nature of some topological phases
90 Physics
91 'All my art is curiosity-driven': the garden studio where art and physics collide
93 Trinity College Welcomes Ten Tenure-Track Faculty Members
94 When quantum physics met psychiatry Book Review
95 A century of physics
96 Hints of twisted light offer clues to dark energy's nature
97 Researchers demonstrate the potential of a new quantum material for creating two spintronic technologies
98 Researchers develop new theoretical approach to manipulate light
99 Stacking and twisting graphene unlocks a rare form of magnetism
100 Cooperative evolution of polar distortion and nonpolar rotation of oxygen octahedra in oxide heterostructures