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Result Content Idea Research
1 Discovering the life story of Dr. Good, who survived the Nazis
2 Germany Dismisses Military Intelligence Official After Neo-Nazi Scandals
3 TikTok user has idea for a 'Gen Z tattoo,' then teens find out it looks like a Nazi symbol
4 Joe Biden says Trump is like the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels
5 Conceived under the Nazis, completed after WWII: Überläufer films
6 On Kenosha and the difficulty of recognising Nazism in the US
7 Nazi-Occupied Norway Offers a Glimpse of What Hitler Wanted for the Entire World
8 QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded
9 The Nazis Murdered Over 100,000 at Babi Yar
10 Gullible TikTok users get 'Gen Z' tattoo — unaware it’s a Nazi symbol
11 How Trump Brought Nazis Into Republican Politics
12 Germany's ex-royals want their riches back, but past ties to Hitler stand in the way
13 A neo-Nazi threatened Jewish and Black journalists. He faces five years in prison.
14 Colombia’s neo-Nazis won’t celebrate historic peace deal
15 ‘Go to hell, Nazis’: Manhattan lawmaker blasts sight of anti-Semitic graffiti found on van in East Village
16 Fact check: Nazi scientists were brought to work for U.S. through Operation Paperclip
17 GUEST COLUMN: Neo-Nazi groups re-emerge to spread hate
18 Photo Exclusive: Hidden From The Nazis, Murdered Jewish Artist's Trove Of Paintings Discovered In Prague House
19 When Democratic Senators Sided With American Nazis to Stop Hollywood from Taking on Hitler
20 German police officers suspended for sharing neo-Nazi content
21 Germany marks 40 years since neo-Nazi attack on Oktoberfest
22 Second neo-Nazi pleads guilty to threats against journalists
23 Stormfront lets The Boys confront American Nazism, unlike most comic TV
24 Michigan neo-Nazi leader takes curious path after Charlottesville to become peace advocate
25 Lithuania confab marks 80th anniv. of visas saving Jews from Nazis
26 Hitler’s Quest for Power Was Nearly Derailed Multiple Times. But the System Enabled His Rise
27 Trump Emerges as Inspiration for Germany’s Far Right
28 It’s Tempting to Want to Forget the Past—But Dangerous. My Own Family’s History With the Nazi Party Is No Exception
29 Neo-Nazis Are Using Eco-Fascism to Recruit Young People
30 Comparing Extinction Rebellion to Nazis | Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard
31 "He's Like Goebbels": Biden Compares Trump To Nazi Propagandist
32 Black, Seattle-based ATF agent who won lawsuit naming Nazi-tattooed colleague now alleges smear campaign, claims retaliation
33 Nazi Hippies: When the New Age and Far Right Overlap
34 Austria offers citizenship to the descendants of Jews who fled the Nazis
35 Germany May Have Banished Nazism, but Its Medieval Anti-Semitism Is Still in Plain Sight
36 Orthdox Jewish anti-masker calls NYC health officials Nazis and liars at public meeting
37 ‘We Would Never Call Trump a Nazi’
38 Wreck of WWII warship with Nazi symbol discovered off Norway
39 Militant neo-nazi group surfaces in Colorado Springs
40 He Was the Neo-Nazi Who Inspired 'American History X.' His Nazi Pals Are Now Cops.
41 Popular Gen Z tattoo trend exposed for resembling a hateful Nazi symbol: ‘Please don’t do it'
42 Opera, Nazism and Richard Wagner’s painful legacy
43 The Boys Creator on Season 2, Nazis & What's Up With the Fresca Jokes
44 Militant neo-nazi group surfaces in Colorado
45 From George Eliot to Neo-Nazi Skinheads: The Chaotic Cult of Richard Wagner
46 Holocaust survivor to receive top military police medal
47 Becky review – stroppy teenager turns tables on neo-Nazi thugs
48 Readers React: Comparisons to Nazism do no one any good
49 Biden compares Trump to Nazi Goebbels before first debate clash
50 What Democratic Socialists Should Think About Anti-Communism
51 How Batman Outsmarted the Nazi Ban on American Comics in World War II France
52 “Nationalism Will Run Roughshod Over Democracy”: What Can Nazi Germany Tell Us About Trump’s GOP?
53 "Gen Z Tattoo" TikTok Trend Is Actually a Nazi Symbol
54 ‘Unbelievable how many ships we sank’ — When Nazi submarines had free rein of the East Coast
55 Fauci staffer to retire after report he trashed 'mask nazi' Fauci and coronavirus 'fraud' online
56 Anti-mask nurse defended Nazi references saying: 'I don't care if they find it offensive'
57 Hideous truth of Nazi massacre emerged thanks to Scotland Yard investigator
58 Keene's 'Crying Nazi' Chris Cantwell goes on trial over threats
59 Finnish Top Court Bans Finland's Main Neo-Nazi Group
60 Republican Jews Call on Biden to Apologize for Nazi Comment
61 Neo-Nazi Terror Leader Said to Have Worked With U.S. Special Forces
62 Hitler wanted to turn Norway into sick Aryan baby factory: Book
63 WWII German Navy wreck with Nazi symbol discovered
64 Cleaveland: Comprehending the Holocaust through literature
65 Jewish woman, 98, relives her daring secret life infiltrating Nazi headquarters
66 In Lesbos refugee camp, first came the fire, then came the Neo-Nazis
67 Notorious Neo-Nazi leader 'tortured and murdered' in cell and death a fake suicide, family says
68 Lawyers eye neo-Nazi website founder's assets for $14M award
69 Asserting Their Jewish Identity: My Mother's Testimony in the First Nazi War Crimes Trial, 75 Years Ago
70 Man defends decision to fly Nazi flag outside Worcester home
71 We talk assassins, monsters and talking cats with Synthesis localisation studio
72 Nazi guard Karl Friedrich Berger, 94, faces extradition from US
73 After World War II, Most ‘Ordinary Nazis’ Returned to Lives of Obscurity. The World Must Recover Their Stories Before It’s Too Late
74 Neo-Nazi pleads guilty over threats to journalists
75 Van with large Nazi flag draped over the rear spotted driving through Carmarthenshire
76 Boris Johnson Defended Nazi-Supporting Austrian Politician Against the EU
77 Covid dogs, Neo-Nazi group and child refugees; Finland in the world press
78 Meet Wakanda’s New Guardian, a Nazi-Hating Warrior
79 Russian neo-Nazi who kidnapped and tortured gay teens found dead in cell
80 Brad Pitt bought a Nazi relic used for reconnaissance missions for $385,000
81 Ex-Nazi Hunter Seeks US Entry Ban on Top Palestinian Official Teaching at Harvard Over Alleged Terror Incitement
82 My Grandmother Kept Telling Us About the Nazis. Now I Know Why.
83 The Mission to Hunt Nazis Has Become a Race Against Time
84 How a Department of Justice team uncovered the details behind a Nazi training camp in occupied Poland
85 Former Nazi Concentration Camp Guard, 93, Is Convicted in Germany
86 Fiscal austerity and the rise of the Nazis | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
87 Nazis Stole Thousands Of Musical Instruments. Where Are They?
88 Coronavirus rules: Hertfordshire mayor responds after calling lockdown inspectors secret 'Nazi police'
89 The images that fought the Nazis
90 German Automotive Giant Admits It Was a Nazi Accomplice
91 Remembering Poland’s Doomed Fight Against the Nazis
92 Confronting a disturbing truth: 'My father was in the SS'
93 The right needs to stop falsely claiming that the Nazis were socialists
94 What if we treated Confederate symbols the way we treated the defeated Nazis?
95 1918 flu pandemic boosted support for the Nazis, Fed study claims
96 Hero or Nazi war criminal? 'Good German' Hans Calmeyer's legacy debated
97 Hitler's dogs, Göring's lions: How the Nazis used and abused animals
98 Facebook Removes Trump Ads With Symbol Used By Nazis. Campaign Calls It An 'Emoji'
99 ‘Forgotten’ Nazi camp on British soil revealed by archaeologists
100 New York State town of Swastika keeps its name, despite symbolizing Nazi regime