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1 LGBT+ history month: remembering the ‘Glamour Boys' – the gay MPs who warned 1930s Britain about Nazism
2 How ABC15 Linked A Phoenix Police 'Challenge Coin' To Neo-Nazism
3 UN chief: We must step up fight against resurgent neo-Nazism, white supremacy
4 CPAC 2021 Open Display of Nazi Symbols
5 #FireGinaCarano Reignited Over ‘Mandalorian’ Star’s Post Comparing Political Divide to Nazi Germany
6 Franco fascism/neo-Nazism still dies hard in Spain : 'Our enemy is the Jew'
7 Opinion | The rise of Nazism has modern parallels
8 Meet the 'Glamour Boys' Who Warned Britain about Nazism
9 On fascism and communism [letter] | Letters To The Editor |
10 Times letters: Churchill, Nazism and the British Empire
11 Man gets nearly 20 years for Colorado synagogue bomb plot
12 "Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda"
13 Diplomat shoots down Riga’s nonsensical claims of top Russian TV host ‘glorifying’ Nazism
14 Hans Globke, Hitler's former henchman, was true architect of modern Germany
15 I witnessed the rise of Nazism firsthand. We must act now to protect American democracy
16 Known to many as a UFO cult – The Raëlians return to the spotlight in new documentary
17 In year of chaos and solitude, local survivors of Nazism see lessons
18 Common ground
19 A wrong comparison to Nazism | Columnists |
20 Germany's spy agency has placed the far-right AfD party under surveillance for extremism
21 On Kenosha and the difficulty of recognising Nazism in the US
22 Fed study: 1918 flu deaths linked to relative strength of Nazism
23 Former Stellenbosch 'Nazi poster' student says justice failed him
24 A Massacre in a Forest Becomes a Test of Poland’s Pushback on Wartime Blame
25 Arnold Schwarzenegger's childhood tale ties Trump fervor to Nazism
26 The right needs to stop falsely claiming that the Nazis were socialists
27 Germany May Have Banished Nazism, but Its Medieval Anti-Semitism Is Still in Plain Sight
28 Surprising Ways Newarkers Fought Against Nazism During WWII
29 A hateful beauty
30 A new neo-Nazi group in Spokane harkens back to era of virulent extremism in the Northwest
31 4 Jewish composers suppressed by Nazism and the Third Reich
32 North Carolina county commissioner and LGBTQ advocate launches bid to challenge GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn
33 Belarus' MFA condemns plans for far-right event in Poland's Hajnowka
34 The case for a Syrian democratic republic
35 Exposing Jordan Peterson's barrage of revisionist falsehoods about Hitler, the Holocaust and Nazism | Opinion
36 Germans Allowed Nazism; Don't Allow Donald Trump
37 1930s Germany and 2020 USA: Should we fear the parallels?
38 Stormfront lets The Boys confront American Nazism, unlike most comic TV
39 Heinrich Heine’s Prophecy of Nazism
40 Pre-Nazi Germany tells us the fight to save American democracy is just beginning
41 Iceland Abstains From Voting On Anti-Nazism UN Resolution
42 From Swastika Selfies to Lessons on Nazism
43 Wearing a mask is nothing like Nazism | Letters to the Editor
44 Voice: Reading Through the Pandemic
45 "In QAnon, Nazism wants a comeback": Anti-Semitism expert reveals parallels between QAnon and Nazism
46 Polis emotionally responds to comparison between Nazism and stay-home orders
47 Tactical shift: Europe seeks vaccine 'overdrive' to catch up
48 U.N. Secretary-General Says Neo-Nazism Is on the Rise, Spurred by Pandemic
49 Karen Russo’s Films Explore the Manipulative Power of Nazi Imagery
50 The Night Porter review – descent into sex and Nazism still chills
51 UN chief urges global alliance to counter rise of neo-Nazis
52 UNGA adopts Russia’s resolution to combat glorification of Nazism
53 Curating Nazism in Today's Europe
54 Just Security QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded
55 Trivializing the true evil of Nazism
56 ‘Sleeping Dogs Begin to Growl’: Study Probes Persistence of Nazism in Austria
57 Coronarvirus: German foreign minister blasts 'anti-mask' protesters over Nazism comparisons
58 Can video games tactfully handle Nazism and its aftermath? These Czech historians say yes.
59 UNGA committee adopts Russian resolution combating glorification of Nazism
60 'The Tobacconist' Review: Film Charts the Rise of Nazism in 1930s Vienna | The Jewish News
61 COVID-19 Mask Mandates Are Nazism, Say Some Colo Republicans
62 What We Can Learn About Nazi Psychology From the Wives of Hitler’s Top Officials
63 Gov. Jared Polis Emotionally Reacts To ‘Nazism’ Claim During Coronavirus Briefing
64 Did the Spanish flu pandemic really lead to the rise of Nazism?
66 Posters lauding Nazism hung at Arizona State University
67 U.S. Capitol attacks draw increasing parallels with Nazism in the 1930s
68 Report Details New Mexico Militia Founder's History Of Violent Neo-Nazism
69 GOP congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn on the defensive over social media post of visit to Hitler retreat
70 Adolf Hitler was not a socialist
71 "Good will" saves the Thyssens from their ties to Nazism again
72 'We've seen it before': Olafur Eliasson on nazism, Brexit – and his new Berlin show
73 The Surprising Convergence Between Neo-Nazis and Jihadis
74 Nazism, socialism and the falsification of history
75 Likening lockdown policies to Nazism, US protester wears face mask with swastika
76 How Germany Came to Terms With Its Nazi Past
77 Pakistan for stand against 'Islamophobia, neo-Nazism'
78 ‘No place for those symbols’: Parliamentary committee calls for swastika ban
79 Nazi-themed party in Japan draws condemnation
80 A brief history of Nazism in Australia
81 How We Should Remember D-Day and the Struggle Against Nazism
82 Social media users debate tweet comparing racism in U.S. with Nazi Germany
83 What if we treated Confederate symbols the way we treated the defeated Nazis?
84 'Jojo Rabbit' is a heavy-handed but moving satire of Nazism
85 Bowing to Pressure, Harvard Will Remove Philip Johnson’s Name From a Building He Designed Because of His Support for Nazism
86 Neo-Nazi Provocations on the Rise in Germany
87 From a Catholic prep school to Nazism: The strange journey of Rinaldo Nazzaro | Mike Kelly
88 Estonian Catholics recall victims of Stalinism and Nazism
89 How can America heal from the Trump era? Lessons from Germany's transformation into a prosperous democracy after Nazi rule
90 Our Town: What the rise of Nazism looked like in Baltimore during the 1930s
91 Brazil’s president resurrects the zombie claim that Nazism was a leftist movement
92 Savitri Devi And The Radical Right's Fascination With Esoteric Nazism
93 Sacred WW2: The West's Enduring Obsession With The Battle Against Nazism
94 QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is Exactly What Fueled Nazi Germany, Genocide Scholar Says
95 The Unbearable: Toward an Antifascist Aesthetic
96 Kelly Loeffler talks WNBA, Black Lives Matter with OANN host tied to white supremacy, Nazism
97 Russia's Ambassador: 'Vaccine' for Nazism developed 75 years ago losing power
98 Nazism, slavery, empire: can countries learn from national evil?
99 Why did women vote for Hitler? Long-forgotten essays hold some answers
100 ‘Heil Hitler’ salute? NCCA deletes photos that allegedly harbors Neo-Nazism ideals