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1 Much of What We Thought About Neanderthals Was Wrong. Here’s Why That Matters
2 Neanderthal DNA highlights complexity of COVID risk factors
3 Newborn Neanderthals had a robust and broad thoracic cage just like adults
4 The Fascinating World of Neanderthal Aesthetics
5 Were there Neanderthals in Denmark? If so, they could sail or swim
6 Study reveals what Neanderthal babies might've looked like
7 The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals
8 How Human Y Chromosomes Replaced Those of Neanderthals in a Quiet Genetic Takeover
9 New Study of Neanderthal And Denisovan DNA Reveals a Surprising Link to Men Today
10 Neanderthals' Deep and Short Ribcage was Already Present at Birth | Anatomy, Anthropology, Paleoanthropology
11 ‘Kindred’ Review: Our Neanderthal Cousins
12 Ancient tools hint that Neanderthals lived on Danish island 120,000 years ago
13 Neanderthal DNA May Be COVID Risk
14 Possible Neanderthal Artifacts Unearthed in Denmark
15 Ancient tools on a Danish island hints at Neanderthal presence
16 Climate Change Helped Drive Homo sapiens’ Cousins Extinct: Study
17 Neanderthal gene cluster linked to severe COVID-19 cases
18 Vikings, neanderthals: setting the genetic record straight
19 Scientists Search for the Neanderthal Y Chromosome
20 Neanderthal genes could cause severe COVID reaction: Study
21 Climate Change Drove Early Human Species Extinct, Says New Study | Anthropology, Paleoanthropology, Paleoclimatology
22 How Neanderthals lost their Y chromosome
23 Horse eyeballs and bone hammers: surprising lives of the Neanderthals
24 Africans carry surprising amount of Neanderthal DNA
25 The Neanderthal DNA you carry may have surprisingly little impact on your looks, moods
26 Neanderthal gene linked to increased pain sensitivity
27 neanderthal DNA fight coronavirus
28 How did the last Neanderthals live?
29 Neanderthal fathers were younger than Homo sapiens, but mothers were older, study says
30 Neanderthal DNA contributes to genetic diversity, bringing more understanding to human evolution
31 Scientists have grown mini brains containing Neanderthal DNA
32 Longer overlap for modern humans and Neanderthals
33 Archaeological evidence for two separate dispersals of Neanderthals into southern Siberia
34 DNA Linked to Covid-19 Was Inherited From Neanderthals, Study Finds
35 Neanderthals Feasted on Seafood, Seabirds, Perhaps Even Dolphins
36 Neanderthals May Have Been More Sensitive to Pain Than Most Humans
37 Research in brief
38 Icelandic DNA jigsaw-puzzle brings new knowledge about Neanderthals
39 How Much Neanderthal DNA do Humans Have?
40 We may now know what our common ancestor with Neanderthals looked like
41 Early String Ties Us to Neanderthals
42 In Russia's Far North, a Lone Group of Neanderthals May Have Been the Last of Their Kind
43 It’s Genetic: Neanderthals Get Blamed for Everything
44 Neanderthals Could Swim. They Even Dived.
45 Got pain? Your Neanderthal genes could be responsible
46 Neanderthal-Denisovan ancestors interbred with a distantly related hominin
47 Modern humans, Neanderthals share a tangled genetic history, study affirms
48 Scientists Sequence Y Chromosome DNA of Denisovans and Neanderthals | Genetics, Paleoanthropology
49 The global market for Allergy Diagnostics is projected to reach US$6.4 billion by 2025
50 A Neanderthal woman from Chagyrskaya Cave: Neanderthals may have lived in very small groups, and genes expressed in the basal ganglia of their brains may have changed
51 The oldest Neanderthal DNA of Central-Eastern Europe: An 80000-year-old Neanderthal reveals cultural and genetic affinities between Poland and the Northern Caucasus
52 Neanderthals of Western Mediterranean did not become extinct because of changes in climate, study shows
53 Humans and Neanderthals May Have Overlapped in Europe Longer Than Previously Thought
54 Kindred Neanderthal Book
55 How Are Neanderthals Different From Homo Sapiens?
56 Modern Humans May Have More Neanderthal DNA Than Previously Thought
57 Neanderthal Genes Hint at Much Earlier Human Migration From Africa
58 We are in the midst of rewriting our understanding of Neanderthals
59 Neanderthal Dispersal
60 Neanderthals of the Western Mediterranean did not become extinct because of changes in climate
61 Homo sapiens Might Not Be Responsible for Neanderthal Demise
62 Risk Variant for Severe COVID‐19 Inherited from Neanderthals
63 Traces of Chalcolithicera-era settlement revealed in western Iran
64 Archaeologists Just Sequenced Some of The Oldest Neanderthal DNA Found in Europe
65 Neanderthals were choosy about making bone tools
66 Bad luck may have caused Neanderthals' extinction – study
67 A Spark of Insight Into Neanderthal Behavior
68 A Genome Study Has Caught Humans And Neanderthals Having Lots of Sex All Over Eurasia
69 Neanderthals Reintroduced Alleles from Common Ancestor to Modern Humans
70 Did Neanderthals have a society?
71 Supercomputer model simulations reveal cause of Neanderthal extinction
72 70,000-year-old Neanderthal remains may be evidence that 'closest human relative' buried its dead
73 Are Neanderthals the same species as us?
74 How Neanderthals adjusted to climate change
75 A study proposes the low genetic diversity of the Neanderthals as the principal cause of their extinction
76 Mystery ancestor mated with ancient humans. And its 'nested' DNA was just found.
77 ‘The Craft: Legacy’ Review: Blah Blumhouse Reboot Is Everything the 1996 Camp Classic Rebelled Against
78 Neanderthals Really Liked Seafood | Smart News
79 Lost world revealed by human, Neanderthal relics washed up on North Sea beaches
80 Supercomputer Simulations Reveal the Fate of the Neanderthals
81 A study compares the parietal lobes in Neanderthals and modern humans
82 Could bringing Neanderthals back to life save the environment? The idea is not quite science fiction
83 Some Humans May Have a Weird Pregnancy Quirk Inherited From Neanderthals
84 A 48000 years old tooth that belonged to one of the last Neanderthals in Northern Italy
85 How Did Humans Evolve?
86 Humans and Neanderthals: Less different than polar and brown bears
87 New Neanderthal bones found at famous Shanidar Cave
88 Can lab-grown brains become conscious?
89 We All Have Neanderthal DNA, But It May Not Account For Looks After All
90 Coronavirus: Neanderthal genes as possible cause of severe COVID-19 courses.
91 Are Neanderthals Human? | NOVA | PBS | NOVA
92 Neanderthal extinction linked to human diseases
93 Increased fertility for women with Neanderthal gene, study suggests
94 Evidence of Neanderthal Ancestry in African Populations
95 A 48,000-year-old tooth that belonged to one of the last Neanderthals in Northern Italy
96 Eagle Talon Jewelry Suggests Neanderthals Were Capable of Human-Like Thought
97 Deadly human diseases may have killed off the Neanderthals
98 Ancient DNA reveals new twists in Neanderthal migration
99 What Genetic Tests Really Say About Your Cancer Risk
100 Genomic analysis in samples of Neanderthals and modern humans shows a decrease in ADHD-associated genetic variants