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Result Content Idea Research
1 How Beersheva plans to be a hub of desert technology
2 Ancient rock etchings on remote Negev plateau evoke the Bible, draw new interest
3 Israeli Soldiers Attack Detainees In Negev Camp – – IMEMC News
4 How Beersheva plans to be the world hub of desert technology
5 Israel approves establishment of new Western Negev town
6 Israel To Site Nation's Largest Solar Plant In The Negev Desert
7 New cyberattack can trick scientists into making toxins or viruses -- Ben-Gurion University researchers
8 $16 million grant for quantum research awarded to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and international team of researchers
9 International Students' Cards Save Chanukah for Israeli Children with Disabilities
10 Israel and India to open agriculture research institute
11 The Amazing UNESCO Site Going to Waste in Israel
12 Mother, Six Children, Displaced After Israeli Soldiers Demolished Their Home In Negev
13 ‘Homeland’ creators are adapting Nathan Englander’s ‘Dinner at the Center of the Earth’ into a TV series
14 Cyberattackers could trick scientists into producing dangerous substances
15 Israel's first academic medical cannabis training center opens in Yeruham
16 Green Mediterranean Diet May Be Even Healthier
17 Israeli RAS company sues AquaMaof for $25m over bream losses
18 Making a small tweak to this super popular diet can add years to your life
19 Could stevia be bad for your health? New study raises red flag
20 ‘Homeland’ creators to adapt ‘Dinner at the Center of the Earth’ to TV
21 Israelis Expose Cyberattack That Tricks Scientists into Making Dangerous Toxins
22 A short film offers new perspective on Birthright
23 Mossad, secrecy and Iran: How Israel reintroduced Persian fallow deer
24 Neighborhoods in Kuseife, Hura, Reineh declared COVID-19 restricted zones
25 Daburiya, neighborhoods in Rahat closed due to high coronavirus numbers
26 Those Who Dream: Restoration
27 InNegev incubator makes first investment in Israeli start-up SightBit
28 Rush to reopen will lead to another COVID outbreak, experts warn
29 Hanukkah cooking tips from NJ chefs for a delicious holiday (plus, options for takeout)
30 Advancing Science and Its Applications | The UCSB Current
31 BGU to open research facility in India, collaborate on desert agriculture
32 UCSB professors named AAAS Fellows
33 How is Israel handling growing water scarcity issues in the desert?
34 6500-year-old copper workshop uncovered in the Negev Desert's Beer Sheva
35 Why Wines From Israel's Negev Desert May Represent the Future of Viticulture
36 New ‘green’ Mediterranean diet better for weight loss, study shows
37 SPLENDOR IN THE GLASS: It's time to pay attention to Israel
38 In Israel COVID-19 Numbers Begin to Rise Again: When Is the Next Lockdown?
39 Ben-Gurion University taps Moderna chief medical officer with namesake award
40 Dezeen's top 10 hotels of 2020
41 Gov't to invest NIS 50m. to help companies impacted by COVID-19
42 The secret to the 'green Med diet' and shedding the pounds? Duckweed...
43 Moving IDF intelligence to the Negev shows the region's importance
44 Feel your freedom in the Negev Desert
45 Netanyahu: I will bring UAE investments to the Negev
46 Night safaris in the Negev show Israel's diverse desert wildlife
47 Early modern human tools found in the Negev support theory of exit from Africa via Arabia
48 Nurturing talent in the Negev as Israel prepares for economic recovery
49 Israel's Ben-Gurion University to establish an agricultural research institute in Chennai
50 Meet the last sheikhs of the Negev
51 Gitai Architects constructs rammed-earth observatory in the Negev desert
52 Seeds from 1,500-year-old Negev trash pits show a world on the brink of collapse
53 Ecologists Sound Alarm Over Destruction of Biodiversity in Israel's Negev
54 Negev trash mounds reveal secrets of ancient agriculture
55 Arizona’s Yuma, Negev coucil to join forces to boost economies
56 Cyberbiohacking Attacks To Produce Malicious DNA Sequences
57 ‘We feel emptiness’: Air force plane crash victims buried as cause probed
58 Found: A 1200-Year-Old Olive Oil Soap Factory in the Negev Desert
59 Negev rail projects announced | News
60 A perfect storm: How early Christian farming in the Negev collapsed
61 Making the Negev prosper during the coronavirus pandemic
62 Amid debates over annexation, the Negev experiences lawlessnes
63 Despite more Arabs at Israeli campuses, cooperation with Jewish students remains rare
64 The treasure of the Negev
65 The Negev bloomed 1.6 million years ago, scientists say
66 Tourism Ministry approves plans to develop cities in the Negev desert
67 The enigma behind the 1,500-year-old Christian communities in the Negev
68 Netanyahu talks about sovereignty in the West Bank, but what about the Negev?
69 Red Zones Return to Some Communities as Health Ministry Reports COVID-19 Spreading Again in Israel
70 Six Senses Shaharut is built into the sandy slopes of Israel’s Negev Desert
71 Israel pushing massive tree planting in Negev to deny lands to Bedouin
72 Idan Hanegev hosts Hackathon for the Negev Bedouin Community
73 ISRAEL21c's guide to 5 secret gardens of Jerusalem
74 Court reduces sum Bedouin must pay Israel for demolition of their unrecognized village
75 Gantz heads to Negev to promote IDF’s move south
76 Honoring Kurt Rothschild at 100
77 1200-Year-Old Soap Factory Unearthed in Negev Desert
78 Rape added to corruption offenses against Or Akiva mayor, former minister
79 Palestinian citizens of Israel protest against land grab in Negev desert
80 Scorpion Safaris and Wine Tours: Israel's Negev Rebrands Itself for Locals
81 The Palestinian children of Karmiel know what Israeli apartheid is
82 Israel's oldest-known soap factory found in Negev
83 Evidence of Byzantine Wine Industry Recovered
84 Copper-Smelting Furnace Found in Negev Desert
85 Do some cisterns in the Negev date back to the time of Abraham?
86 Grape pits show how ancient Christian villages in the Negev rose and fell
87 IWI Negev: IDF's Light Machine Gun
88 The Struggle of Bedouin Poverty in the Israeli Negev
89 New anti-COVID-19 nanocoating surface developed at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
90 Cockroaches and lizards inspire new robot developed by Ben-Gurion University researcher
91 Name of teen who collapsed at Negev rave released: Ariel Yoav Tzafrir
92 Aleh Negev: A community and a dream
93 Bringing the Startup Nation to Israel's Bedouin community
94 KKL-JNF Chairman: Israel will bring thousands to Negev and Galilee
95 6 rockets fired at western Negev, IDF hits Hamas weapons workshop
96 How the Mossad Saved a Biblical Deer Species from Iran
97 The new kale? Why we'll be drinking duckweed in 2021
98 Israel's next satellite: A smartphone in space
99 KKL-JNF’s project to develop Negev and Galilee into economic oasis
100 Israel says may uproot trees planted to deny Negev lands to Bedouin