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1 German far-right crime rises; police arrest alleged neo-Nazi
2 Former leader of neo-Nazi Atomwaffen group sentenced for swatting
3 French arrest 3 reported neo-Nazis suspected of attack plot
4 Phoenix Unity March Canceled Over Fears Of Neo-Nazi Group Demonstrating In Area
5 Neo-Nazi leader arrested in Arizona for aggravated assault
6 Prosecutors seek 5-year term for ex-leader of neo-Nazi group
7 Alleged Neo-Nazi leader arrested in Arizona; accused of assault, threatening to kill Black men
8 US neo-Nazi group should be banned in UK, home secretary says
9 Arizona's past with neo-Nazis is colliding with its political present
10 Neo-Nazi accused 'played guitar to mosque attacks footage'
11 Former neo-Nazi leader who targeted Schenectady church sentenced
12 Ioannis Lagos, Greek Neo-Nazi Lawmaker, Stripped of Immunity by European Parliament
13 CASEY: Judge denies convicted neo-Nazi's bid for 'compassionate release.'
14 Andrew Dymock: Student 'called for purge of gay people'
15 Neo-Nazi stickers posted outside Omaha's Temple Israel investigated as hate crime
16 Putin reviews Russian military might as tensions with West soar
17 Neo-Nazi Sturmbrigade 44: How serious of a threat is it?
18 Leader of Neo-Nazi Group Pleads Guilty to Hate Crime and Conspiracy Charges for Threatening Journalists and Advocates
19 Nazi flag on Alberta property triggers complaint to RCMP: A ‘slap in the face to Canada’
20 Judge denies bond for Morgantown, West Virginia, sandwich shop owner accused in Capitol insurrection
21 UN chief urges global alliance to counter rise of neo-Nazis
22 She Called Police Over a Neo-Nazi Threat. But the Neo-Nazis Were Inside the Police.
23 Neo-Nazi murder trial reveals threat to German democracy
24 A new neo-Nazi group in Spokane harkens back to era of virulent extremism in the Northwest
25 Neo-Nazis using social media to recruit young people
26 Neo-Nazis Cause Outrage in Australia
27 Secret tapes show neo-Nazi group The Base recruiting former members of the military
28 Three years later, Charlottesville's legacy of neo-Nazi hate still festers
29 ‘We have to understand the motivation for why people hate,’ says former neo-Nazi leader
30 Member Of Neo-Nazi Group Who ‘Intended To Inflict Violence’ Pleads Guilty To Federal Charge
31 The far right is ready to claim a slice of real power in Sweden
32 Neo-Nazi sentenced to prison in plot to threaten journalists
33 London Police Officer Convicted of Membership in Neo-Nazi Group
34 Neo-Nazi convicted of German politician's murder
35 No prison time for transgender ex-neo-Nazi in threat case
36 08/01/2021 Who's who in the Trump mob: Conspiracists, neo-Nazis and gun activists
37 Leaving White Supremacy: An ABC7 documentary about former leaders in modern neo-Nazis movements
38 Trump loyalists start group to promote U.S. as 'uniquely Anglo-Saxon'
39 Golden Dawn: Greek Court Delivers Landmark Verdicts Against Neo-Nazi Party
40 White Supremacists And Neo-Nazis Becoming A ‘Transnational Threat’, UN Secretary-General Says
41 Neo-Nazi group planning protest in Phoenix, counter-protest forming
42 29 German Police Officers Suspended For Sharing ‘Ugliest,’ ‘Neo-Nazi’ Images In WhatsApp Groups
43 Neo-Nazi group identified as concern in report on violent U.S. extremists
44 Germany Dismisses Military Intelligence Official After Neo-Nazi Scandals
45 German government 'in the dark' about guns and neo-Nazis
46 A neo-Nazi threatened Jewish and Black journalists. He faces five years in prison.
47 The Surprising Convergence Between Neo-Nazis and Jihadis
48 Neo-Nazi groups banned in Canada and Europe set sights on Australia
49 Michigan neo-Nazi leader takes curious path after Charlottesville to become peace advocate
50 Why are German neo-Nazis training in Russia?
51 Neo-Nazis reportedly planned fortified, white nationalist compound in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
52 ‘Culture Warlords’ — undercover among neo-Nazis
53 Opinion: Anti-pandemic protesters too cozy with neo-Nazis
54 2 neo-Nazis on trial accused of killing German politician
55 How right-wing extremists infiltrated German security forces
56 Germany’s Far Right Reunified, Too, Making It Much Stronger
57 The end of Golden Dawn: has Greece shown us how to deal with neo-Nazis?
58 Former neo-Nazi removes swastika tattoos after remarkable friendship
59 Loeffler Campaign Says She Had 'No Idea' She Posed With Neo-Nazi | 90.1 FM WABE
60 German neo-Nazis trained at Russian camps: report
61 Germany bans neo-Nazi group Nordadler
62 Reformed Neo-Nazi Discusses President Trump's Controversial Shared Retweet
63 Neo-Nazi woman planned terror attacks in Germany
64 Golden Dawn: Leader Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison
65 Germany: Neo-Nazi sentenced to life in prison
66 German Neo-Nazi synagogue attacker shocks survivors in court
67 Neo-Nazi demo mars German Unity Day in Berlin
68 Neo-Nazi group leader who threatened journalists and activists pleads guilty to hate crimes
69 Teenage neo-Nazi from Cornwall is UK's youngest terror offender
70 Neo-Nazi pleads guilty in plot to bomb one of Colorado's oldest synagogues
71 Militant neo-nazi group surfaces in Colorado Springs
72 Neo-Nazis from U.S. and Europe build far-right links at concerts in Germany
73 Militant neo-nazi group surfaces in Colorado
74 Political Thriller ‘Hinterland’ Follows Infiltrator Into Dark World of Neo-Nazis (EXCLUSIVE)
75 Fallbrook Neo-Nazi Leaves A Chilling Legacy
76 Neo-Nazis encouraging followers to 'deliberately infect' Jews and Muslims with coronavirus
77 Accused neo-Nazi leader had manifesto, wanted race war, prosecutors say
78 U.S. Army Soldier Charged With Helping Neo-Nazis Plan Deadly Massacre On Squadmates
79 Amazon, Google and Wish remove neo-Nazi products
80 Lawyer continues to gets death threats from neo-Nazis
81 German politician receives death threats from neo-Nazi group
82 Teespring Vows 'Changes' After Neo-Nazi 'Camp Auschwitz' Merchandise
83 German neo-Nazi Horst Mahler released from prison
84 Heavy police presence in Williamsport amid neo-nazi march in Brandon Park
85 Berlin police admits failures over far-right crime spree in Neukölln
86 Neo-Nazis, extremists capitalizing on COVID-19, declassified CSIS documents say
87 Neo-Nazi hub Dortmund beats back far-right scene
88 Prominent Germans received neo-Nazi death threats. Police are under suspicion.
89 Indiana officer fired after ties to neo-Nazi internet forum are revealed
90 Political leaders condemn Grampians neo-Nazis
91 The Base Tapes: Inside a neo-Nazi recruitment drive in Australia
92 Katie Hobbs is being dragged for a 2017 tweet criticizing Trump. She won't apologize.
93 Arizona man gets prison time for neo-Nazi campaign against Black, Jewish journalists
94 Former neo-Nazi to KING 5 reporter he targeted: 'I just want to apologize'
95 Calls for cross-burning neo-Nazis camped in The Grampians to be classified as terrorist group
96 Trump Emerges as Inspiration for Germany’s Far Right
97 Pete Evans: Australian celebrity chef's books pulled over neo-Nazi symbol
98 Body Bags and Enemy Lists: How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’
99 Second neo-Nazi pleads guilty to threats against journalists
100 No, those RPD officers were not wearing neo-Nazi symbols