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1 The neo-Nazi symbol posted by Pete Evans has a strange and dark history
2 Fallbrook Neo-Nazi Leaves A Chilling Legacy
3 Facebook condemned for hosting neo-Nazi network with UK links
4 Pete Evans is off reality show for sharing neo-Nazi symbol
5 Pete Evans: Australian celebrity chef's books pulled over neo-Nazi symbol
6 ‘We have to understand the motivation for why people hate,’ says former neo-Nazi leader
7 Body Found in Canada Identified as Neo-Nazi Spam King
8 Men charged with gun crimes had neo-Nazi ties, trained in Idaho, targeted Boise BLM
9 Publisher ends relationship with Pete Evans after chef posts neo-Nazi symbol on social media
10 Neo-Nazi, 19, who planned 'holy war' against Blacks, Jews and gays has sentence halved
11 Accused neo-Nazi leader had manifesto, wanted race war, prosecutors say
12 'He's an opportunist': will Pete Evans survive on the fringe if he loses the mainstream?
13 ‘Deeply offensive’ neo-Nazi posters were found at a Florida university, school says
14 Harry Vaughan: Neo-Nazi teenager sentenced
15 Celebrity chef Pete Evans dumped by sponsors after posting neo-Nazi symbol on social media
16 Tony Norman: The 100 Nazi March (and other tales of white supremacy)
17 Feds arrest alleged leader of white supremacy group who ran 'hate camp' in Michigan
18 Aaron Falbel: Racism can and does happen here
19 German policemen suspended after raids over far-right chat group
20 The new face of terror in the US
21 Pittsburgh a 'hub' for white supremacy, FBI analysts say
22 The Election May Never Be Over for White Supremacists Who Thrive on Resentment
23 Six weeks ago, Facebook announced a ban on Holocaust denial. It's still easy to find.
24 Twitter could deny 'blue tick' verification for public figures who spread 'hateful content'
25 Luton far-right extremist jailed for having explosives
26 SASB to update internet content moderation standards in view of harmful content and privacy concerns
27 Canadian Forces say white supremacist ‘Dakov’ is not a member
28 The FBI declared Pgh. a new hub for white supremacy. That ignores decades of history
29 Men with white supremacy and Marine ties accused of building, testing firearms near Boise
30 Sharp rise in children investigated over far-right links
31 Suspects in federal gun conspiracy had white supremacy ties, scouted BLM rally in Boise
32 Antisemitism is alive and well at Sydney Uni
33 UPDATE: group claims responsibility for white supremacist fliers found outside Lexington homes
34 A neo-Nazi threatened Jewish and Black journalists. He faces five years in prison.
35 Reformed Neo-Nazi Discusses President Trump's Controversial Shared Retweet
36 Secret tapes show neo-Nazi group The Base recruiting former members of the military
37 Germany Dismisses Military Intelligence Official After Neo-Nazi Scandals
38 Michigan neo-Nazi leader takes curious path after Charlottesville to become peace advocate
39 Why is Jordan Peterson making headlines again?
40 Neo-Nazis Are Running Out of Places to Hide Online
41 Germany suspends dozens of police officers for neo-Nazi chat messages
42 Prominent Germans received neo-Nazi death threats. Police are under suspicion.
43 4 people with alleged ties to neo-Nazi group charged with planning to harass journalists and activists
44 Neo-Nazi pleads guilty in plot to bomb one of Colorado's oldest synagogues
45 Golden Dawn: Greek Court Delivers Landmark Verdicts Against Neo-Nazi Party
46 ‘A fairly devout group of Neo-Nazis.’ Local white supremacist group has been active in recent weeks
47 Three years later, Charlottesville's legacy of neo-Nazi hate still festers
48 Golden Dawn: Leader Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison
49 Neo-Nazi militant group grooms teenagers
50 US soldier plotted with neo-Nazi group to attack own unit, indictment says
51 Former leader of neo-Nazi group pleads guilty to ‘swatting’
52 Neo-Nazis from U.S. and Europe build far-right links at concerts in Germany
53 Arrest Warrant Issued for Neo-Nazi Podcaster in Charlottesville Rally Lawsuit
54 Second neo-Nazi pleads guilty to threats against journalists
55 Former Neo-Nazi Christian Picciolini on Combating the Rise of Extremism
56 Amazon, Google and Wish remove neo-Nazi products
57 Neo-Nazi Provocations on the Rise in Germany
58 Indiana police recruit fired for participating in a Neo-Nazi internet forum
59 Militant neo-nazi group surfaces in Colorado
60 GUEST COLUMN: Neo-Nazi groups re-emerge to spread hate
61 Neo-Nazi groups on the rise | Letters To The Editor
62 Leading Slovak Extremist Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail Over Use of Neo-Nazi Symbol
63 Neo-Nazi demo mars German Unity Day in Berlin
64 'Miss Hitler' pageant entrant and her partner jailed for belonging to neo-Nazi group
65 The Surprising Convergence Between Neo-Nazis and Jihadis
66 Militant neo-nazi group surfaces in Colorado Springs
67 Trump campaign accepted money from a neo-Nazi leader and other racists
68 Germany bans neo-Nazi group Nordadler
69 German politician receives death threats from neo-Nazi group
70 Inside the neo-Nazi hate group 'The Base,' which is the center of an FBI investigation
71 Neo-Nazis encouraging followers to 'deliberately infect' Jews and Muslims with coronavirus
72 Man admits involvement in neo-Nazi swatting conspiracy
73 Ex-student pleads to swatting conspiracy with neo-Nazi
74 Germany: Eastern states ally against neo-Nazi property deals
75 Greece Court Orders Neo-Nazi Leaders to Jail
76 Lawyers Eye Neo-Nazi Website Founder's Assets for $14M Award
77 Neo-Nazi group conspired against former Athens resident at Charlottesville rally, federal judge rules
78 Purported leader of neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen wants out of detention in SeaTac; feds oppose release
79 13-year-old boy led neo-Nazi group linked to bomb plots
80 Why are German neo-Nazis training in Russia?
81 Sweep of arrests hits US neo-Nazi group connected to five murders
82 Court bans police video surveillance of 'neo-Nazi neighborhood'
83 Greek Neo-Nazi Ideologue Evading Arrest After Group Conviction
84 Alleged Leader Of Neo-Nazi Group Identified As Orangevale Resident Andrew Casarez
85 Anti-Defamation League: Neo-Nazi Presence In Arizona Is 'Troublesome'
86 Germany’s Far Right Reunified, Too, Making It Much Stronger
87 Neo-Nazi hub Dortmund beats back far-right scene
88 Revealed: the true identity of the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group
89 3 more linked to neo-Nazi group arrested in Georgia
90 Eight German neo-Nazis jailed over planned attacks
91 Neo-Nazi supporters rally against coronavirus restrictions
92 Germany marks 40 years since neo-Nazi attack on Oktoberfest
93 Austria is 'neutralizing' Hitler's birthplace to end neo-Nazi visitors
94 Harry Vaughan: House of Lords clerk's son a 'neo-Nazi Satanist'
95 German police computer was searched for data on politician threatened by neo-Nazis
96 Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia
97 FBI arrests 3 alleged members of neo-Nazi group who reportedly discussed Virginia gun rally
98 German neo-Nazis trained at Russian camps: report
99 He Says His Nazi Days Are Over. Do You Believe Him?
100 Queen Creek neo-Nazi pleads guilty for threats against journalists