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1 Israeli writers call on president, judiciary to declare Netanyahu unfit for office
2 Israel’s Netanyahu brings his dirty laundry to Washington. Literally.
3 COVID-19 failure of right-wing populists like Trump and Netanyahu hardly a coincidence
4 Israelis hate Netanyahu the despot? Just ask the Palestinians
5 Netanyahu Apology to Bedouins Is Taken as an Affront
6 Netanyahu wages a holy war against protests. It's already claimed the first casualty
7 In fighting Netanyahu, all Israelis should learn from the ultra-Orthodox
8 Two Gulf nations recognized Israel at the White House. Here's what's in it for all sides
9 'Mr. Prime Minister, do you believe what you’re saying? It's embarrassing': The Netanyahu interrogation transcripts
10 Submarine affair? Netanyahu actually showed great foresight
11 Netanyahu Is Trying to Coast on His Reputation as a Grandmaster of National Security, Diplomacy, and Economics—But It Isn't Working.
12 Anti-Netanyahu protesters keep up pressure on Israeli leader
13 'Get out of here': thousands in Israel call for Netanyahu to resign
14 How Netanyahu's attempt to limit anti-government demonstrations backfired
15 Thousands protest Netanyahu; many ignore Israeli virus rules
16 Remarks by President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Minister bin Zayed, and Minister Al Zayani at the Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony
17 Israel's Netanyahu demands probe of investigators in his corruption trial
18 Netanyahu adviser, under quarantine order, left home to film protesters
19 Netanyahu: Bahrain-Israel normalisation heralds 'new era of peace'
20 Netanyahu's strategy at play: Go into an election with the whole world against him
21 'This day is a pivot of history': Netanyahu on peace accord
22 Netanyahu is pitting Jews against Jews
23 Thousands gather in Israel for anti-Netanyahu weekly rallies
24 Netanyahu’s tirade against protests reprises German 'stab in the back' myth
25 Netanyahu Privately Condoned U.S. Plan to Sell Arms to U.A.E., Officials Say
26 Yom Kippur is Netanyahu's last chance to ask for forgiveness
27 Netanyahu’s greatest failure: Iran. Here’s a complete breakdown
28 World Likud splits after Netanyahu takeover fails
29 Why Benjamin Netanyahu keeps on winning
30 F-35 snafu rains on Netanyahu’s UAE-deal victory parade
31 Netanyahu orders construction of 5000 new settlement units in West Bank
32 Picture of Netanyahu apparently sleeping on plane floor stirs debate
33 Israelis protest outside Netanyahu’s home after bid to curb demonstrations
34 Netanyahu imposes lockdown in Israel to stem coronavirus infections
35 Trump offers pal Netanyahu free White House laundromat
36 Netanyahu’s coronavirus failure
37 Will the Arabs save Netanyahu's political life? – Middle East Monitor
38 Netanyahu’s ‘brilliant’ Mideast peace strategy has a big problem
39 Netanyahu: 'Many more' secret talks with Arab nations after US-brokered UAE agreement
40 In DC for peace deal, Netanyahu’s son tweets in support of Duma killer
41 Likud minister: AG is ‘wholly invested’ in Netanyahu’s ‘political liquidation’
42 Thousands protest outside Israeli PM Netanyahu's residence
43 Nearly 3,500 Palestinians killed during Netanyahu era
44 Netanyahu's diplomatic success
45 Netanyahu’s Likud vs. Israel’s judicial system
46 Restaurateurs serve Netanyahu a 'final meal' as chaos mounts over Israel's coronavirus restrictions
47 In the absence of leadership
48 Israelis protest against Netanyahu despite stricter lockdown
49 Netanyahu says Serbia will move its embassy to Jerusalem
50 Israel-UAE deal: Israeli TV show mocks Netanyahu, MBZ and normalisation
51 Netanyahu Imposes Draconian Lockdown Against Experts' Advice
52 Netanyahu’s not alone in taking liberties when staying in a hotel
53 Five international stories of the week
54 What To Know As Israel's Netanyahu Goes On Trial For Corruption Charges
55 Israel's Netanyahu accepts compromise, avoids election
56 After Early Success, Israel’s Netanyahu Faces Fury for Flubbing Virus Fight
57 How Netanyahu managed to come out on top again
58 He Indicted Netanyahu, but Sees No Reason to Bar Him From Office
59 Israel's Netanyahu Wins Bid To Remain As Prime Minister In Deal With Election Rival
60 Ending Crisis, Israel Swears in Netanyahu-Led Government to Rescue Economy
61 Thousands throng central Jerusalem in anti-Netanyahu protest
62 Israelis angry at Netanyahu over new outbreak, economic pain
63 Israelis accuse Netanyahu of exploiting virus to keep power
64 Netanyahu To Remain Israel's Prime Minister In Deal With Election Rival
65 Israel’s High Court Clears Way for Benjamin Netanyahu to Form Next Government
66 Netanyahu Drops Troubled Annexation Plan for Diplomatic Gain
67 Ace of Base: Why Netanyahu Seems Unsinkable
68 Thousands of protesters in Israel call on Netanyahu to resign
69 Israel’s Netanyahu Tries to Rally Support for Annexation Amid International Criticism
70 Netanyahu's graft trial resumes amid Israeli virus anger
71 Israel's Netanyahu rails at media over protests against him
72 Israel's Netanyahu tests negative for coronavirus after aide confirmed as carrier
73 Can a Protest Movement Topple Netanyahu?
74 Israeli Voters Protest After Center-Left Candidates Partner With Netanyahu
75 Israeli Opposition Splinters, Paving Way for Netanyahu to Remain Prime Minister
76 Israel's Netanyahu indicted in corruption cases, hours before Mideast peace plan announced
77 Citing Threat to Israeli Democracy, Netanyahu Opponents Take Battle to Supreme Court
78 Netanyahu Withdraws Immunity Bid, Shifting Election Battleground
79 To Annex or Not to Annex: What Will Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Do Next?
80 Israel’s Netanyahu Indicted on Charges of Fraud, Bribery and Breach of Trust
81 Benjamin Netanyahu ordered to appear at opening of criminal trial
82 Netanyahu accused of 'bribing the masses' with cash handouts to Israelis
83 Israel Postpones Netanyahu Trial as It Steps Up Coronavirus Fight
84 Pompeo, Netanyahu Praise Israel-UAE Deal
85 With a pandemic as cover, Netanyahu is carrying out a coup in Israel
86 Why Israel is stuck with Benjamin Netanyahu
87 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted for Bribery, Fraud, Breach of Trust
88 Netanyahu trial clouds last days of Israel election campaign
89 Netanyahu focus of Israeli protests against 'the king'
90 A Would-Be Netanyahu Nemesis Snipes From the Sidelines
91 Netanyahu indicted in court on corruption charges after dropping immunity bid
92 Settler leader: Netanyahu moving ahead with annexation plans
93 Israel's Gantz vows to form government without Netanyahu
94 Netanyahu Won Over His Party. Can He Win Over Israel?
95 Netanyahu Will Miss Trump, But Can Live With Biden
96 The Benjamin Netanyahu Twitter hack that never was
97 Netanyahu: The Palestinians have to concede, not Israel
98 Netanyahu’s Annexation Day Arrives, but All That Emerges Is Delay
99 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Asks For Immunity From Corruption Charges
100 Israel's Netanyahu formally indicted in court on corruption charges