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1 Measuring time accurately increases the entropy in the universe
2 Physicists have measured an atom's 'neutron skin' for the first time
3 People who live past 105 years old have genes that stop DNA damage
4 Alien plants: The search for photosynthesis on other worlds
5 Ant species given first gender-neutral scientific name
6 How to boost your self-awareness and make better decisions
7 What the battle between Epic Games and Apple could mean for you
8 Chinese rocket is hurtling back to Earth after space station launch
9 Science with Sam: Do aliens exist?
10 Owl-like dinosaurs had remarkably good hearing and night vision
11 Brain's movement control centre may have had key role in our evolution
12 Flat pasta that morphs into 3D shapes when cooked saves on packaging
13 Worrying about bad jet lag could actually make your jet lag worse
14 King Henry VIII's warship the Mary Rose carried crew from North Africa
15 Blood test could predict when pregnant women will give birth
16 10 of the best popular science books as chosen by authors and writers
17 IBM's minuscule new computer chip could cut energy use by 75 per cent
18 Suzanne Simard interview: How I uncovered the hidden language of trees
19 Enormous kites flown by robots could help power a Mars colony
20 Quantum computers are revealing an unexpected new theory of reality
21 Arabian cult may have built 1000 monuments older than Stonehenge
22 Climate emergency: The new science showing it's make-or-break time
23 A baby's first poo reveals if they are at risk of allergies and asthma
24 We've measured the size of Venus's planetary core for the first time
25 Stowaway review: A claustrophobic and philosophical space thriller
26 Apples review: A tender and absurd story of a memory loss pandemic
27 I lived under a glacier for two weeks looking for life
28 Glancing at your phone quickly prompts other people to do the same
29 India's covid-19 crisis: What happens next and how long will it last?
30 Older children in the year group are more popular than younger peers
31 Antimatter stars may lurk in the solar system's neighbourhood
32 The Disordered Cosmos review: An insider take on physics and injustice
33 Blue Origin is auctioning off a seat on its first crewed space flight
34 Around 2.5 billion Tyrannosaurus rex ever walked the Earth
35 The frequencies of a vibrating spider web have been made into music
36 Frozen cloud of molecules acts as a single quantum object
37 Wild horses and donkeys dig desert wells that boost biodiversity
38 Bats don't have to learn the speed of sound – they're born knowing it
39 NASA's Parker Solar Probe has gone faster than any spacecraft ever
40 Trump ban decision shows the limits of a Facebook 'Supreme Court'
41 Ecocide may be on its way to becoming a new international crime
42 Human cells grown in monkey embryos raise ethical concerns
43 Viking remains lost for more than a century rediscovered in a museum
44 'Smart' immune cells kill tumours and stop them regrowing in mice
45 Physicists have created a new and extremely rare kind of uranium
46 Hitting Paris climate goal could cut sea level rise in half by 2100
47 Earth's land may have formed 500 million years earlier than we thought
48 The New Science of Motherhood | Science
49 Algorithms can sway people when making online dating decisions
50 Chemical code used to store Jane Austen quote in plastic molecules
51 Floating googly eyes on a stick scare seabirds away from fishing nets
52 Why is the UK warning Facebook not to encrypt its messaging services?
53 The science of how lockdown messes with the way we grieve
54 Grasses pass genes from one species to another but we don't know how
55 Earthquakes in Taiwan are linked to seasonal changes in water levels
56 Facebook says its AI could help find drug combinations to treat cancer
57 Japanese bay full of fish scales could mark start of the Anthropocene
58 Robot taught table etiquette can explain why it won't follow the rules
59 Wristband that turns body heat into electricity can power an LED
60 Can the European Union prevent an artificial intelligence dystopia?
61 AI analysis shows two scribes wrote one of the Dead Sea Scrolls
62 Remains of a 3-year-old child are the oldest known burial in Africa
63 Whitest paint ever reflects 98 per cent of light and could cool homes
64 Why haven't aliens made contact? Science with Sam explains
65 Untouched nature was almost as rare 12000 years ago as it is now
66 Malaria vaccine from Oxford covid-19 team is most effective ever made
67 Reporting of US police killings harms Black people's mental health
68 More space, updated tech in Turlock High's new Science Building
69 Graffiti can now be removed in minutes without damaging underlying art
70 Artificial nervous system senses light and learns to catch like humans
71 Mighty Morphing 'Flat-Pack' Pasta Changes Shape in Boiling Water
72 NASA's new fleet of satellites will offer insights into the wild cards of climate change
73 Wild Donkeys and Horses Dig Wells That Provide Water for a Host of Desert Species
74 New WHO Science Council takes on genomic technologies
75 As COVID-19 rages in India, scientist warns further waves 'inevitable'
76 Scientist, Health Director Warning About New Tick Species, Diseases, Exploding Populations
77 Lofted by NASA Balloons, New Experiments Will Study Sun-Earth System
78 New Species of Tiny, Poisonous Frog With Glowing Bones Discovered in Brazil
79 After year with virtually no flu, scientists worry the next season could be a bad one
80 President Biden Proposes Creating Two DARPA-Like Agencies
81 New Anti-Covid Drug That Reduces Dependence on Oxygen Will Be Out in a Month: DRDO Scientist
82 Covid-19: Double mutant strain might be evading vaccine protection in India, says top WHO scientist
83 The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof
84 Is India's coronavirus death 'paradox' vanishing?
85 Can we create a universal vaccine for future coronaviruses? These Canadian scientists want to
86 ENERGY TRANSITIONS: What solar pioneer's turbulent path means for Biden
87 Henry VIII's 'Mary Rose' Warship Had Diverse Crew | Smart News
88 Daily Mail owner buys New Scientist magazine in £70m deal
89 2020 in review: How science scrambled to decipher the coronavirus
90 Can’t leave your phone alone? You’re just trying to blend in
91 President Biden Announces 12 Key Climate and Infrastructure Administration Nominations
92 Books round-up: Tracing the pandemic and how to prevent the next one
93 Scientists created the whitest paint ever
94 Inside the incredibly slow race to reinvent time
95 Video Game-Playing Monkey Offers Glimpse at Brain Implants
96 A warp drive that doesn't break the laws of physics is possible
97 Spinach has less iron than you think and can't even send emails
98 Physicists finally worked out why ice is slippery after 150 years
99 The best science books to read in 2021
100 Artificial life made in lab can grow and divide like natural bacteria