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1 LyondellBasell named to Newsweek Magazine's list of "America's Most Responsible Companies"
2 Carbon-Schuylkill Endoscopy Center ranks 7th in Newsweek poll
3 The Palace Nursing & Rehab ranked second best in state by Newsweek
4 Michael Flynn's Call for 'Martial Law' Comes Amid Violent Threats Over Trump Election Defeat
5 GOP Lawsuit to Overturn Election Included My Name as Plaintiff Without Permission, Wisconsin Ex-Candidate Says
6 Pat Patterson, Creative Genius Behind WWE Booking, Dead at 79
7 Arizona Governor Ducey Appears to Ignore Call from Trump or Pence While Certifying Election Results
8 Mitch McConnell's Revised Stimulus Proposal Still Not Enough, Economists Say
9 U.K. First Country in the World to Approve Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Use: 'Help Is on Its Way'
10 Trump Lawyer Calls for Ousted Cybersecurity Chief to Be 'Taken Out at Dawn and Shot'
11 Trump Campaign Hits Barr for No 'Semblance' of an Investigation After AG Says No Evidence of Widespread Fraud
12 A Mysterious Object Is Hurtling Towards Earth, and Scientists Don't Know What It Is
13 Pastor Urges Trump Admin to 'Shoot' Democrats, Journalists if They Conspired to 'Rig' Election
14 Ellen Page Is Now Elliot Page as Actor Shares Transgender Identity
15 Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Says Lack of Empathy During Pandemic Cost Him the Election
16 Proud Boys Member Threatens Armed Revolt Outside Giuliani Meeting
17 Trump Calls DOJ 'Bribery for Pardon' Probe 'Fake News' As Schiff Suggests He Could Face Criminal Charges
18 Manchin Says Ocasio-Cortez Tweets More Than She Legislates, but He's Missed More Votes
19 'The Prom' Review: James Corden Offensively Miscast in Messy Netflix Musical
20 Thousands Sign Up to Throw Eggs at Margaret Thatcher Statue
21 Newsweek Magazine November 27, 2020 Issue
22 Lindsey Graham Calls Neera Tanden a 'Nut Job' as Republicans Signal Confirmation Battle
23 Obama Faces Progressive Backlash for Disparaging 'Snappy' Slogans Like 'Defund the Police'
24 Trump's Border Wall Nearly 90 Percent Complete as CBP Races to Finish Before Biden Takes Office
25 Trump Supporters in Georgia Ask RNC Chair Why They Should Vote in Runoffs When System Is 'Rigged'
26 A New COVID Side Effect: Bad Reviews for Scented Candles
27 Fort Benning Soldier Faces Murder Charge After 'Unruly' Boy Forced Out of Vehicle and Hit on Highway
28 Prince Harry's Godmother 'Died Suddenly, but Peacefully,' Family Reveal
29 Newsweek College Football Rankings, Heisman and CFP Predictions—Week 14
30 Donald Trump Is Losing Thousands of Twitter Followers After Election Defeat
31 Senate Minority Whip Predicts Biden to Have 'Little' Impact on Judiciary as GOP Will 'Freeze' His Picks
32 Twitter Says Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano's Account Was Suspended In 'Error'
33 Multiple Amazon Workers Hospitalized, Warehouse Evacuated after Exposure to 'Unknown Substance'
34 Joe Biden's NSA Nominee Says U.S. Would Send a Message to China Over Coronavirus Response
35 Anti-Lockdown Protesters Chant 'Open L.A.' Outside Health Chief's Home Before New COVID Restrictions Begin
36 Stimulus Funding Needed for Mass Transit Systems Nationwide to Avoid Service Cuts
37 Utah Monolith Mysteriously Vanishes, Replaced By Pyramid
38 Donald Trump Performed Worse With Voters in Counties Where He Held Large Rallies
39 Whole Foods CEO Rails Against Socialism, Says 'Capitalism Is the Greatest Thing Humanity's Ever Done'
40 U.S. Records More COVID Infections in a Single Day than Japan Has Throughout Entire Pandemic
41 America's COVID Deaths May Be Equivalent to a 9/11 Every Day by Christmas
42 Retired Admiral Says He's 'Very Concerned' About Trump Loyalists at Pentagon During Biden Transition
43 Trump Set to Leave Office with at Least $850,000 of Unpaid Campaign Rally Bills
44 Trump Telling Reporter 'Don't Ever Talk to the President That Way' Watched 8 Million Times
45 Trump-Funded Recount Turns Up More Votes for Biden Ahead of Wisconsin Certification
46 Apple Hit with $12 Million Fine over iPhone Waterproof Claim as European Penalties Top $1.36 Billion in 2020
47 What Is Section 230 and Can It Be 'Terminated'?
48 Costco Facebook Scam Claims to be Giving Away Free Christmas Food Boxes
49 A Warning From Europe: Trump May Be Leaving, but Right-Wing Populism Is Not
50 Pressed About Election, Senior GOP Senator Admits 'I Don't Think It Was Rigged'
51 Virus Expert Says COVID Will 'Not Go Away' and Could Be Around for 'Rest of Our Lives'
52 Stimulus Clock Ticking as Congress Has Just 14 Days To Work Out Relief Package This Year
53 Comedians Buy Trump 2024 Website Domain to Call President a 'Loser'
54 School Board Member Finishes Wine Glass, Flips Off Zoom Meeting, Prompting Demands for Apology
55 Georgia Secretary of State's Message to Trump After State's Election Recount: 'You Should Leave Quietly'
56 Twitter Labels Sidney Powell's Website 'Unsafe' After Trump's Ex-Election Attorney Files Typo-Riddled Lawsuit
57 When is the McRib Coming Back? McDonald's Sandwich Returns For First Time Since 2012
58 Donald Trump's Facebook Engagement Surges as He Spreads Election Misinformation
59 African Asylum Seekers Accuse ICE of Torture and Forced Document Signing
60 Read Michael Flynn's Statement Following Trump's Pardon of Former National Security Advisor
61 Doug Collins Attacks Raphael Warnock by Saying 'There's No Such Thing as a Pro-Choice Pastor'
62 'Free Speech' Social Network Parler Allegedly Censoring #WriteInTrumpforGA
63 A Call for Late Justice for Col. Larry Franklin | Opinion
64 Fauci Says He Lacks Power to Get Trump to Discourage Holiday Travel, Warns of Surge Upon COVID Surge
65 If Donald Trump Refuses to Leave the White House, Secret Service Will Escort Him Out
66 Mike Tyson Admits He Smoked Weed Before Saturday's Fight: 'I Can't Stop Smoking'
67 Newsmax CEO Defends Airing Unverified Election Fraud Claims in the Name of Free Discourse
68 Trump Accuses Twitter of 'Discrimination,' Suggests Section 230 Is National Security Threat
69 27 best ASCs in Pennsylvania: Newsweek ranking
70 How Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Will Be Tracked in the U.S.
71 FDA Recalls 215 Hand Sanitizers as COVID Cases Ramp Up For The Holidays
72 BLM Protesters Chant 'F*** Garcetti' Amid Rumors L.A. Mayor May Join Biden Administration
73 Amazon Black Friday Strike in Germany as Amnesty Urges Workers to Unionize
74 As Iran Vows to Avenge Slain Scientist, Saudi-Israel Peace Talks Reportedly Break Down
75 It's Been Exactly One Year Since the First Case of COVID Was Found in China
76 Trump Supporters in Georgia Threaten to Destroy GOP, Boycott Runoff Elections
77 Sidney Powell Undermined Georgia GOP During Crucial Senate Runoff Before Trump Campaign Cut Her Loose
78 'Do Not Fear Death': China's Xi Orders Soldiers to Train Harder to Win Wars
79 Tulsi Gabbard Urges Donald Trump to Pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange
80 Newsweek magazine names First Palmetto best small bank in state
81 Police Officer Sacked After Buying $13 of Krispy Kremes for 9 Cents
82 An All-American Immigrant's Thanksgiving Story
83 Ivanka Trump Called Out for Boasting About Drop in Greenhouse Emissions
84 Trump Calls Fox News 'Virtually Unwatchable,' Points Followers to OANN and Newsmax
85 Pfizer COVID Vaccine Flown Into U.S. Ahead of Planned Nationwide Rollout in December
86 Bizarre Swan Deaths Reported in Europe As Birds Die After Bleeding From Nostrils and Spinning in Circles
87 Trump Supporters That Harassed Biden Bus Organized in Private Facebook Group That Touted QAnon
88 'Stop Golfing and Concede': Maryland GOP Governor Larry Hogan Spars With Trump
89 More Champagne Sold in Washington DC Today Than Last 2 New Years Combined, Liquor Store Owners Say
90 NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3060 Ti Release Time and Best Tips for Ordering One
91 Fox News, Tucker Carlson Ratings Slipping in Key TV Audience Demographic
92 Homeless Activists Condemn 'Inhumane' Removal of Families From Vacant Houses as California COVID Cases Soar
93 Proud Boys Infighting Sees Leading Member Form Breakaway Group to Fight 'White Genocide'
94 PS5 Restock Updates from PopFindr, BrickSeek, Walmart, Target and More
95 Amy Coney Barrett Plays Decisive Role As Supreme Court Bars New York COVID Restrictions on Religious Services
96 Conservative Pastor Who Said 'I'm Not Going to Get the Coronavirus' Gets the Coronavirus
97 Best in STEM 2021
98 Chinese Doctors Harvested Organs of Car Crash Victims and Patients with Severe Brain Damage
99 Video Shows Huge Line of Travelers at Orlando Airport Before Thanksgiving
100 NBA Chief Adam Silver Says There Is "No data" to Support Trump, Cruz Claims That Backing BLM Hit TV Ratings