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1 The Space Force's next missile warning satellite ready for 2021 launch
2 Northrop Grumman Celebrating 50 Years of Successful USAF Defense Support Operations
3 Lockheed Martin announces completion of SBIRS GEO-5 satellite for launch in 2021
4 USSF OKs Lockheed Martin's Fifth SBIRS GEO-5 Satellite – SatNews
5 Northrop Grumman gets $2.3 billion Space Force contract to develop missile-warning satellites
6 GAO Report Warns of 'Multiple Challenges' to Next-Gen OPIR Missile Satellite Program
7 Infrared sensors for the Space Force's future missile-warning satellites pass key milestone
8 Northrop Grumman Completes Preliminary Design Review for Next-Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared Subsystem
9 SMC Seeks Info on Classified Enterprise IT for Next-Gen OPIR, ESS Satcom Programs
10 2021 Budget Will Fully Fund Next-Gen OPIR, Says Roper
11 Two payloads qualified for US Space Force early warning satellites
12 GAO flags concerns about procurement of DoD's early warning satellites
13 Military early warning satellites to begin migration to new ground system
14 polar orbiting space vehicles under OPIR system
15 Northrop-Ball Team Hits OPIR Satellite Payload Design Milestone
16 Appropriators Boost Air Force's Next-Gen OPIR Program
17 New missile warning satellites pass design test
18 Northrop Grumman Nabs $2.3 Billion for Two Satellites in Space Force's Next-Gen OPIR Program
19 The Air Force's new system to process missile warning data
20 Congress reviewing new request to reprogram funds for next-generation OPIR satellites
21 On National Security | New blood wants a real chance to challenge DoD's big space primes
22 Shifting Gears, DoD Moves To LEO For Future OPIR Sats
23 Lockheed Martin to integrate missile warning onto EGS via FORGE
24 AF plans to accelerate defendable space with Next-Gen OPIR
25 US Space Force selects Northrop Grumman to provide next-gen missile warning satellites
26 U.S. Air Force Awards $2.3B Next Gen Satellite Deal To Northrop Grumman
27 USSF's Next Gen OPIR Missile Warning Satellite System Completes Payload PDR
28 Air Force reports progress in missile defense satellite programs
29 Northrop receives $2.4bn for two missile defense satellites
30 infrared sensors space
31 Lockheed Martin selects payload providers for next-generation missile warning satellites
32 Northrop rides space boom ahead of a potentially quieter 2021
33 Collins Aerospace gets $19M satellite contract | Business
34 How a new missile warning system benefits industry
35 Next-Generation OPIR Program Cost Grows By $2B
36 Next Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared GEO Satellites Embracing Rapid Acquisitions with successful System Requirements Review
37 Northrop Grumman selected to provide next-gen missile warning satellites
38 A new orbit for some of the Pentagon's missile warning satellites
39 Should the Air Force spend even more on missile warning satellites?
40 Congress asks how the Air Force will pay for new missile warning satellites
41 U.S. military selects Denver-area space companies for lucrative work on the ground
42 Congress wants more clarity on space-based missile warning
43 The Space Force's next missile warning satellite is one step closer to a 2021 launch
44 Space Force buyers want a classified cloud to manage satellite programs
45 Northrop Grumman To Provide Next-Gen Polar Missile Warning Satellites For USSF
46 Northrop Grumman gets a start on next-gen missile warning satellites
47 Air, Space Force Leaders Near Missile Warning Plan
48 Lawmakers Fund OPIR Upgrade But Fear Overlap
49 Lockheed Martin Space Sees Government Business Boost in Q3
50 NGG completes preliminary design reviews
51 New Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) Ground System Embracing Rapid Acquisitions
52 L3Harris to begin pre-launch work on 'Wide Field of View' missile defense satellite
53 OPIR Missile Warning Sats Plow Ahead Amid $$ Turmoil
54 Air Force moves to acquire new missile-warning satellites: What we know so far
55 SDA Missile Tracking A ‘Strategic Win’ For L3Harris, SpaceX
56 USAF Hands Lockheed Billions For New Warning Satellites Amid Rush For More Space Sensors
57 Why the Air Force needs more money for next-gen OPIR
58 Space Force's 2021 budget plan is heavy on satellites and launch
59 Agency Awards Contracts for Tracking Layer of National Defense Space Architecture
60 HASC, SASC Aim To Add Third NatSec Launch Provider
61 Northrop Grumman receives $222 million contract to update aging missile-warning satellites
62 Will small satellites help stop big threats?
63 Next-Gen OPIR Mission Payload Clears Design Review
64 First Modernized LM 2100™ SBIRS Missile Warning Satellite Completes Thermal Vacuum Testing
65 Air Force to award contracts to Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman for future missile-warning satellite constellation
66 Raytheon Designs Sensors For Blackjack — & OPIR
67 FORGE, OPIR’s Ground System, Deal Due March 2020
68 Raytheon to help US Air Force modernize missile warning architecture
69 The INSIDER daily digest -- June 8, 2020 |
70 Northrop Grumman Posts 1Q Growth in All Four Segments
71 Northrop Grumman completes PDR for Overhead Persistent Infrared Subsystem
72 Raytheon Aims to Straddle DoD Missile Defense Satellite Portfolio
73 New Space Force Requests $15B in Fiscal Year '21
74 GPS, Nex-Gen OPIR dominate space investments
75 Missile warning satellite completes space environment testing
76 Northrop Grumman : to Provide Next-Generation Missile Warning Satellites for US Space Force
77 Air Force Budget Shifts Funding from SBIRS to Next-Generation Missile Warning Technology
78 SpaceX, L3Harris Get Second SDA Tranche 0 Contracts
79 satellite infrared sensor payload
80 Northrop Grumman Providing Two Polar Orbit OPIR Satellites for the Air Force
81 Air Force seeks $2 billion increase for space programs in 2020 budget
82 DARPA’s Blackjack Jumps Forward With Payload, Bus, Demo Awards
83 The Data Forge
84 Lockheed Taps Raytheon to Help Design Payload for Next-Gen Missile Warning System
85 L3Harris, SpaceX to Build SDA's First Missile-Tracking Satellites
86 Modernized LM 2100 SBIRS satellite completes thermal vacuum testing
87 Lockheed Martin Reports Double-Digit Space Sales Growth in Q4 2019
88 How America Hopes to Defend Against Enemy Missiles in the Future
89 Air Force Cuts Aircraft To Fund Space, Multi-Domain
90 Raytheon Technologies Lands $251M USAF Contract to Continue Satellite Data Ingestion Framework Dev't
91 Next Gen Jammer Deliveries & OPIR: New Raytheon SAS Boss
92 SDA Will Control Many Sat Buys, But NOT NROs: Tournear
93 Lockheed Martin Reports 10% Increase in Q1 Space Sales
94 Maxar Selected by U.S. Space Force to Develop Prototype Mission Data Processing Applications
95 Raytheon wins $37 million DARPA contract for Blackjack payloads
96 Air Force seeking new partner to complete work on experimental missile warning satellite
97 The end of SBIRS: Air Force says it's time to move on
98 US military may start moving towards launching fleets of tiny satellites
99 Deals this week: Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Oasis Systems, Leidos
100 Northrop largely evades Covid-19 effects in second quarter