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1 How to enable logging in Nextcloud 16
2 How to install Nextcloud 16 on Ubuntu 18.04
3 How to enable caching on Nextcloud 16
4 How to back up Nextcloud
5 How to restore a Nextcloud backup
6 How to enable 2FA on a per-user basis in Nextcloud
7 Unity to Use IPO to Move Past Games to Real-World Challenges
8 How to set a password policy for Nextcloud users
9 How to create data reports in Nextcloud Hub
10 How to enable the OnlyOffice document server in Nextcloud 18
11 How to install and enable Suspicious Login on Nextcloud 16
12 How to integrate Nextcloud into Chrome OS
13 How to add a password manager to Nextcloud
14 Nextcloud 16 Is Now Available, Facebook Open-Sources the C++ F14 Hash Table, the Prophet & The Warlock DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER II Is Here, Nintendo Announces Closed Beta of Mario Kart Tour for Android and Google Earth Timelapse Updates
15 How to install Nextcloud 18 on Ubuntu Server
16 What's inside SJVN's home office after 30 years of working from home?
17 Build your own cloud infrastructure with Nextcloud and Collabora
18 How to authenticate Nextcloud to an OpenLDAP server
19 Why Google plans to cut off support for third-party cookies in Chrome
20 Nextcloud Hub Announced For Offering On-Premises Content Collaboration Platform
21 FBI warns of global DDoS extortion campaign. Iran-aligned cyberespionage group sells network access on the side. ISIS propaganda trove discovered.
22 Nextcloud Hub Launches, Google Reportedly at Work on Unified Communications App, More News
23 How to install Nextcloud 15 on Ubuntu Server 18.04
24 How to install Nextcloud Talk for private communication on your cloud server
25 How to connect Thunderbird contacts to Nextcloud
26 How to add a new trusted domain to Nextcloud
27 How to add email to your Nextcloud server
28 NextCry Ransomware Goes After Linux Servers
29 How to add external storage on your Nextcloud server
30 How to install Nextcloud on Ubuntu Server 16.04 with snap
31 Nextcloud adds new feature to enable creation of forms or gather data
32 How to install the Tonido Personal Cloud Server on Ubuntu Server 18.04
33 Nextcloud 11 cloud server: An impressive, security-focused update
34 The best free and open-source alternatives to Google Keep on Android
35 How to enable server-side encryption in Nextcloud
36 The best free and open-source alternatives to Google Drive on Android
37 Cisco Licks Wounds, Targets Next Cloud Computing Wave
38 Weekly Wrap: Cisco Licks Wounds, Targets Next Cloud Computing Wave
39 Best free cloud storage service of 2020
40 How to add GitHub support to Jenkins
41 The best free and open-source alternatives to Google Calendar on Android
42 How to install Jenkins on Ubuntu Server 18.04
43 Calculate Linux 20th Anniv: Consistent by Design | Review
44 How to connect the Buttercup password manager to a cloud account
45 Ubuntu Launches Appliances For Raspberry Pi
46 Nextcloud is the open source answer to mass surveillance
47 For global diplomats, Zoom is not like being in the room
48 How to install OpenNMS network manager on Ubuntu 18.04
49 How to install Nextcloud server on Windows 10
50 Canonical and Western Digital launch Ubuntu Linux 'Nextcloud Box' powered by Raspberry Pi
51 Nextcloud adds security and scalability to its private cloud offering
52 How to Setup Your Own Cloud Server with NextCloud
53 Nextcloud: Starting a new company using an open source model
54 5 Best Free Cloud Storage | Secure & Privacy Focused
55 VMware Webinar: Cloud Economics – Estimating the TCO of moving to the Cloud, Friday 5/8/20 at 9:00 AM
56 We could still have a 'Year of the Linux desktop'
57 Has the home server gone the way of the Dodo?
58 The semiconductor surge continues despite trade worries, and options traders see no end in sight
59 The Week in Ransomware
60 5 Open source tools every digital nomad needs
61 How to install mcrypt for PHP 7.2
62 Nextcloud adds enterprise support and iOS app
63 Linux Fu: Keep In Sync
64 How to back up to your Google Drive cloud account with Déjà Dup
65 How to sync your Dropbox or OneDrive files on a Chromebook
66 Free Cloud Storage Options
67 Google Duo support for 32-person calls is now live in Chrome
68 Network appliances: A third way when servers and cloud just won’t cut it
69 Money Moves: July 2020
70 What's The Deal With Snap Packages?
71 Linux Mint 20: Still the best Linux desktop despite one quirk
72 Does PHP Have A Future, Or Are Twenty Five Years Enough?
73 How to improve battery life in Android 10
74 Collabora Office updates its office suite for Android with support for Chromebooks
75 The Mass Effect trilogy remaster everyone wants is already here
76 Sharing files across clouds with Pydio and ownCloud
77 Weekday Weather Lesson: Types of Clouds
78 KeePassium is an open-source KeePass client for iOS
79 New Year Habits – What Do You Do For Data Storage?
80 Sailfish OS 3.3 "Rokua" Released With Many Improvements For This Mobile Linux OS
81 ISIS magazine tries to instigate Indian Muslims on CAA-NRC
82 How to Use the Azure API Management to Proxy a Public API
83 Personal Cloud Storage: Best DIY Options for 2020
84 How to back up your WhatsApp pictures in Google Photos and texts in Google Drive
85 Consumer Cloud Services market worldwide is projected to grow by US$247.8 Billion
86 Going Google-less: How to install a custom Android ROM with no Google apps or services
87 Novel imaging application illuminates processes in cancer, COVID-19
88 CNCF's Lyft adoptee, Envoy, attacks edge, is 'next Kubernetes' candidate
89 The Growing List of Coronavirus Cancellations in San Francisco
90 QOwnNotes 19.11.19 Build 4938 [Update]
91 With gold near August lows, traders bet on more pain for one mining stock
92 10 open source tools for your sysadmin toolbox
93 We Tested these 50 Apps like Slack to Bring you the Best
94 This is what it's like using only open-source software on Android
95 134 thoughts on “The Atomic Pi: Is It Worth It?”
96 TurboGrafx-16 Mini Is Now Available For Pre-Order, After COVID-19 Delay
97 Colombian App That Fights Hunger to Present at Cloud Summit 2020 in Miami
98 Best Linux web hosting services of 2020
99 Is Amazon primed for an earnings breakout? Options traders aren't so sure
100 GitHub: We won't take down any of your content unless we really have to