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1 Nick Kyrgios trolled by Boris Becker again, as German hints he's 'giving him a taste of his own medicine'
2 Tennis legend's brutal swipe at photo of Nick Kyrgios
3 “Hoping to Get More Likes and Follows”: Nick Kyrgios and Boris Becker Reignite Ugly Spat
4 “I Have Better Friends”: Stefanos Tsitsipas on his Bromance with Nick Kyrgios
5 “Desperate Need of a Paycheck”: Nick Kyrgios Takes a Dig at Boris Becker Yet Again
6 Nick Kyrgios Engages in a Philanthropic Venture to Promote Tennis
7 Nick Kyrgios lays boot into fallen German great Becker as war of words drags
8 “Trying to Pull People in Line”: Nick Kyrgios Takes a Subtle Swipe at Novak Djokovic and Others
9 Dominic Thiem Puts Aside Feud With Nick Kyrgios, Calls Him a ‘Very Nice Person’
10 Nick Kyrgios Trolls Novak Djokovic After His Disqualification From US Open 2020
11 Nick Kyrgios Supports Campaign For New Local Tennis Facility
12 Nick Kyrgios accuses Novak Djokovic of 'lacking leadership and humility'
13 Nick Kyrgios accuses French Open of 'not taking safety seriously enough' and confirms he's unlikely to play
14 'Why would you': Legend's fresh swipe at Nick Kyrgios 'shame'
15 'Nick Kyrgios? When he comes back to tennis, we'll talk about him again,' says Spanish star
16 'Novak Djokovic? We don't like him but he brings in the crowds'
17 Nick Kyrgios Puts Himself at Par With Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in an Elite Category of Tennis
18 Nick Kyrgios Virtually Visits Patients At Queensland Children's Hospital
19 “He Must Be Pretty Bored” – Pablo Carreno Busta on Nick Kyrgios’ Controversial Sta ...
20 “Sick to Watch”: Nick Kyrgios Praises Felix Auger-Aliassime With a Cryptic Reference
21 “We Don’t Like Him”: Nick Kyrgios Yet Again Takes a Sly Dig at Novak Djokovic
22 Nick Kyrgios video | Australian Open hopes, Novak Djokovic jibe on TODAY
23 Nick Kyrgios Makes Controversial Claim Regarding Pablo Carreno Busta in a Deleted Tweet
24 An act of unsporting behaviour, outburst in the world of sports
25 Nick Kyrgios backs Australian Open plans to accommodate tennis stars
26 Savage Nick Kyrgios Tweet Brings Novak Djokovic Right Back Down To Earth
27 Nick Kyrgios on Novak Djokovic: We don't like him but he brings some crowds
28 Love Him or Hate Him, Tennis Needs Nick Kyrgios
29 Boris Becker reignites spat with Nick Kyrgios by criticising Aussie for skipping US Open over coronavirus
30 French Open Odds: Bettors Favor Novak Djokovic Over Rafael Nadal | Insight
31 Zlatan Ibrahimović Now Owns the RTX 3090 and Is Ready for Some High-Octane Gaming
32 Tennis star Nick Kyrgios slams Dominic Thiem for defending players at the controversial Adria Tour
33 VIDEO: Andy Murray shows off his ball skills as he helps donate 20000 meal kits to families in need
34 Nick Kyrgios calls Boris Becker a 'doughnut' after being labeled a 'rat' by tennis great
35 Nick Kyrgios pulls out of U.S. Open, rips other tennis players in Instagram video
36 How tragedy and heartbreak brought out the best in Nick Kyrgios
37 “Seriously F**k Me” – Nick Kyrgios Slams ATP Chairman By Calling Him ‘Potato’
38 Nick Kyrgios Holds His Temper, and Australia Holds Its Breath
39 Five Things To Know About Nick Kyrgios
40 Nick Kyrgios earned the respect of fans and foes during the Australian Open
41 “Almost Slim to None” – Nick Kyrgios Shows No Interest Towards Tennis in 2020
42 Knock, Knock: Nick Kyrgios Could Be At Your Door
43 For Better or Worse: The Nick Kyrgios Dilemma
44 Nick Kyrgios lets fly at Novak Djokovic in lockdown chat
45 Knight moves: How a teen tennis prodigy became feared NRL enforcer
46 “This is Abuse This is Depression”- Nick Kyrgios Opens up on Instagram
47 Ricciardo, Feds and Kyrgios Get Creative With Ads During COVID-19
48 Nick Kyrgios makes tennis breakup more painful: I sleep with fans weekly
49 Fans lift Nick Kyrgios to win in Australian Open showstopper
50 Nick Kyrgios blasts Novak Djokovic over 'scary' new virus claim
51 Nick Kyrgios joins a chorus of tennis pros worried about safety at U.S. Open
52 Rival shares Nick Kyrgios' number online in brutal birthday prank
53 Australian great says 'it is good' Nick Kyrgios is 'calling people out', but wants it done behind closed doors
54 “It’s a Shame He Doesn’t Try a Little Harder” – Toni Nadal on Nick Kyrgios&# ...
55 Nick Kyrgios slams Novak Djokovic for partying and getting coronavirus
56 “This Guy Is Unreal I’m Not Gonna Lie” – Nick Kyrgios Lauds Rafael Nadal
57 “It’s All Rubbish” – Nick Kyrgios Attacks Media For Spinning News
58 “You Are a Champion”: Australian Club Thanks Nick Kyrgios for His Extraordinary Efforts
59 “I Don’t Have A Goal Of Winning Grand Slams” – Nick Kyrgios
60 Former British No 1 tears into Nick Kyrgios, saying 'I don't really respect him as a human being'
61 Nick Kyrgios blasts Alexander Zverev, tennis world
62 Nick Kyrgios goes for broke in tennis punch-up but ends on the floor
63 Stefanos Tsitsipas Starts Another Cheeky Banter With Nick Kyrgios
64 Nick Kyrgios has called out bitter foe Rafael Nadal to air their rivalry via an Instagram Live
65 “Don’t Forget About Kyrgios” – Nick Kyrgios Taunts The Next Gen
66 Showing Rare Focus, Nick Kyrgios Still Falls to Rafael Nadal
67 'Do you have rocks in your head?': Kyrgios returns serve at Coric
68 Nick Kyrgios' Atlanta Slam Dunk
69 “He Never Won a Grand Slam”: Boris Becker Feels Nick Kyrgios Needs a Coach
70 “Roger Federer Is the GOAT” – Nick Kyrgios on Mimicking Federer’s Shots
71 2020 Australian Open: Nick Kyrgios lashes out at umpire over time violation, 'What are you, stupid?'
72 When Nick Kyrgios Stunned No. 1 Rafael Nadal On His Centre Court Debut
73 “The Athletes I Have to Deal With”- Nick Kyrgios Continues to Taunt Borna Coric
74 Are You Not Entertained?! Nick Kyrgios' Tips & Deliveries In Washington
75 “I Don’t Like Some of the Things Djokovic Does” – Nick Kyrgios
76 'Still doesn't understand': Nick Kyrgios lashes ruthless rival
77 ONES TO WATCH: Nick Kyrgios
78 Tennis: Nick Kyrgios goes public with new flame
79 “It Is His Right” – Dominic Thiem Responds to Nick Kyrgios Criticizing His Intellect
80 “Swaggy As F***” – Nick Kyrgios Recalls Times With Eugenie Bouchard
81 The 11 most ridiculous things tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios has ever said or done
82 “I’m Not Going to Judge Whether It’s Good or Bad” – Karen Khachanov Defends Nick Kyrgios’ ...
83 Tennis star Nick Kyrgios gives expletive-laden media conference after being booed off court
84 “You Can’t Touch His Serve” – Boris Becker Lauds Nick Kyrgios Leaving Aside Recent ...
85 Rehabilitated Kyrgios going it alone for the fans? Now that's audacious
86 “Don’t Try and Push the Blame” – Nick Kyrgios Criticizes Novak Djokovic’s Father
87 Nick Kyrgios: how tennis's loudest talent became a hero to the quiet Australians
88 “Nick Kyrgios Has Built a Lot of Nonsense Himself” – Dominic Thiem Hits Back in Support ...
89 Rafael Nadal Refuses to Go Live With Nick Kyrgios
90 Nick Kyrgios Set to Skip US Open 2020 Amid Travel Fears Due to Coronavirus Pandemic
91 Nick Kyrgios blasts 'selfish' organisers in US Open controversy
92 “You Wouldn’t Last If I Put You in My Shoes” – Nick Kyrgios Shares ‘Mocking ...
93 “Most Ridiculous Dive” – Nick Kyrgios Trolls His Amazing Volley Shot
94 Nick Kyrgios says he sleeps with fans ‘weekly’ and reveals he became infatuated by a ‘hot girl’ in crowd durin
95 “We Shouldn’t Merge” – Nick Kyrgios Does Not Agree with Roger Federer
96 “Any Questions Boys?” – Nick Kyrgios Yet Again Takes a Dig at Dominic Thiem, Alexander Z ...
97 “How it is Good For Us?” – Nick Kyrgios Questions Roger Federer’s Statement
98 Nick Kyrgios Discusses Emotional Australian Summer, Kobe Bryant Inspiration
99 'Bad person': Former lover's brutal parting shot for Nick Kyrgios
100 Australian Open 2020: Nick Kyrgios 'shattered' to lose but appreciates 'champion' Rafael Nadal