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1 Tag: Niels Bohr
2 Dueling Outlooks Disagree About Discount-Driven Holiday Selling
3 Measuring the expansion of the universe: Researchers focus on velocity
4 Planets with many neighbors may be the best places to look for life
5 Design Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to All
6 Can machines replace human workers? Ben-Gurion weighs in
7 61 weird and wonderful ways to measure a building with a smartphone
8 Four German-speaking philosophers in search of a theme
9 Carlsberg Beer, Niels Bohr, and the Infinite Pilsner Pipeline That Wasn't
10 Report: Janet Yellen Is Biden’s Pick For Treasury As Brainard Fades
11 Niels Bohr: Biography & Atomic Theory
12 A strange game of dice
13 The curtain rises again at Hatbox Theater in Concord
14 13 Facts About Physicist Niels Bohr
15 Inbox: That level of play has to continue
16 Western Union Expands Real-Time Digital Payments To 100 Countries
17 Photon Connection Helps Researchers Entangle Large, Distant Objects
18 The atomic bomb and common security
19 Stimulating new version of Michael Frayn's 'Copenhagen' by Indra's Net Theater
20 Niels Bohr's Quantum Mechanics and Philosophy of Physics
21 Einstein and Bohr
22 Niels Bohr's Flight From the Nazis Was a Science Drama
23 The making of Niels Bohr
24 12 Chattanooga-made craft brews for the adventurous drinker to try this summer
25 Niels Bohr: Life Behind the Physics
26 What Erwin Schrödinger Said About the Upanishads
27 Quantum Entanglement Realized Between Distant Large Objects – Limitless Precision in Measurements Likely to Be Achievable
28 A new interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests reality does not depend on the measurer
29 NIELS BOHR DOODLE GOOGLE: Great quotes from a man at the nucleus of atomic understanding
30 How are galaxies formed?
31 75 years after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, their shadows loom over the nuclear age
32 David Nightingale: Niels Bohr (1885-1962)
33 Scientists Show Microwave-Optical Entanglement via Mechanical Interface
34 Schrödinger's cat: The favorite, misunderstood pet of quantum mechanics
35 Gaps between night and day heat drive severe storms
36 Much of the science behind COVID still unproven | Letter
37 When Niels Bohr Met Jonas Salk
38 How understanding nature made the atomic bomb inevitable
39 The Idea That Changed The World: 100 Years Of Quantum Jumps
40 Shocked by Schrödinger's Cat
41 Newsletter: The Wrath of Mother Earth
42 How Einstein Failed to Find Flaws in the Copenhagen Interpretation
43 New quantum paradox throws the foundations of observed reality into question
44 Bringing new perspectives to astronomy
45 1885: Nobel-winning physicist Niels Bohr is born
46 The Steady State: When astronomers tried to overthrow the Big Bang
47 Niels Bohr Library & Archives
48 Cue the lights: Hard-hit stages in NH eye a return to the spotlight
49 Two Different Macroscopic Objects Have Been Put In Quantum Entanglement
50 For Winning The Nobel Prize, Niels Bohr Got A House With Free Beer
51 Unlimited Information Is Transforming Society
52 Niels Bohr: Expertise is Achieved Through Failure
53 Separating gamma-ray bursts: Students make critical breakthrough
54 New knowledge about what causes thunderstorms and cloud bursts: Study delivers new knowledge on thunderstorms and heavy rain
55 Why It's Okay to Teach Wrong Ideas in Physics
56 This Man Was Einstein and Bohr's Relationship Counselor
57 Scientists successfully entangled two very different quantum objects
58 Quantum research unifies two ideas offering an alternative route to topological superconductivity
59 Einstein Vs. the New Generation of Quantum Theorists
60 The Nobels Overwhelmingly Go to Men — This Year's Prize For Medicine Was No Exception : Short Wave
61 The Most Interesting Scientific Idea of the Decade: Time Is More Real Than Space
62 Karen Blixen And Niels Bohr To Get Screen Biopics From Nordisk Film – Deadline
63 Bohr's quantum theory revised
64 New Study Warns of Abrupt Arctic Warming as Canadian Ice Shelf Collapses
65 Quantum-entangled light from a vibrating membrane
66 Lawsuits Challenge ICE Demand That Students Attend Class In Person or Leave US
67 How an Article about the H-Bomb Landed Scientific American in the Middle of the Red Scare
68 Three-body calculations suggest how black holes get close enough to merge
69 What's on TV: Thursday | Culture
70 Microsoft and Copenhagen University develop new quantum computing material
71 The core of massive dying galaxies already formed 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang
72 How to get more women and people of colour into graduate school — and keep them there
73 In quantum entanglement first, scientists link distant large objects
74 When Feynman met Dirac. “I am Feynman. I am Dirac. (Silence)” | by Jørgen Veisdal | Cantor's Paradise
75 AIP Addresses Complex Scientific Legacy of Manhattan Project
76 Physicists Just Found a New Quantum Paradox That Casts Doubt on a Pillar of Reality
77 Scientists Catch a Quantum Jump as It Happens
78 Niels Bohr letters reveal trials of his time in England
79 Bohr an interesting personality in science
80 A new quantum paradox throws the foundations of observed reality into question
81 Physics meets America's defense agenda | Books, Et Al.
82 Dissolve My Nobel Prize! Fast! (A True Story)
83 Aage Bohr dies at 87; Danish physicist and Nobel Prize winner
84 The Schizophrenic World Of Quantum Interpretations
85 New study warns: We have underestimated the pace at which the Arctic is melting
86 The path to the quantum atom
87 Quantum leaps are real – and now we can control them
88 Einstein’s letters illuminate a mind grappling with quantum mechanics
89 Pandemic Taking Heavy Toll on Physics
90 A 2020 Global Auditing Forecast
91 Beware of 'Theories of Everything'
92 Fable: The Genius Who Was Given Free Beer For Life
93 8 truths to remember before starting another military campaign
94 Discovery shows early galaxies could have very short lives
95 The Three Pictures of Reality
96 The Future Of Payments Beyond The Pandemic
97 Alaskan volcano linked to mysterious period with extreme climate in ancient Rome
98 Newly Published Einstein Writings Show the Prehistory of His Debates with Niels Bohr [Guest Blog]
99 Jets of bacteria carry microscopic cargoes
100 Sweden's coronavirus pandemic 'may be finished': Danish researcher