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1 Nigel Farage called out over 'worst government ever' tweet
2 For Britain's sake we need to fight this LOCKDOWN TYRANNY – NIGEL FARAGE
3 Nigel Farage ‘proven right’ as he speaks out after Boris's Brexit plans spark fury
4 Nigel Farage promises to target Tory MPs who vote for ‘Brexit in name only’
5 Nigel Farage issues stern warning to Boris Johnson – 'You need to sack them!'
6 Nigel Farage responds as ‘UK grows a backbone’ in EU talks – Barnier's true aim exposed
7 Nigel Farage expresses anti-semitic and anti-asylum seeker sentiment during interview with CUCA
8 Farage says public should ignore ban on gatherings of more than six
9 Farage lashes out at ‘draconian’ coronavirus restrictions in HUGE rant – ‘Why should we?!'
10 Farage dodges questions over suspicious Brexit Party donor
11 Farage, Ferrari and a Bafta Rising Bile award: Welcome to Fox News UK!
12 Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen counting on Trump win
13 Nigel Farage invited into anti-EU coalition by Frexit campaign to take France out of bloc
14 Brexit prediction: Farage explains how Boris can still outsmart EU for last-minute triumph
15 Politicians like to posture about Northern Ireland. But no one really cares about us
16 Time to RIP-UP Withdrawal Agreement and tell Brussels how it's going to be
17 Nigel Farage defends Tony Abbott's UK move amid scathing criticism
18 This Morning hit by 350 Ofcom complaints after Nigel Farage clashes with BLM campaigner in Proms row
19 'Bunch of metro-liberals!' Farage blasts Boris Johnson over bowing down to 'woke agenda'
20 Andrew Neil to lead new right-leaning UK TV news channel
21 Lockdown POLL: After Farage attacks 'draconian' new measures, has Boris gone too far?
22 English Channel migrants would prove Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and small-minded racists wrong if we let them – Susan Dalgety
23 Gary Lineker claims BBC 'trust' him to tweet carefully...BEFORE he takes swipe at Farage
24 Trump and his envoys have trashed Europe's confidence in the US. The damage might be irreparable
25 Nigel Farage leaves radio station LBC
26 Coronavirus: Nigel Farage pub trip raised with Kent Police
27 Who knew Kent would beat Scotland to become a separatist state in 2020?
28 BREXITEERS OF THE WEEK: New Scottish Tory adviser found Brexit vote 'too difficult' to decide
29 Brexit domino effect: EU braced for bombshell France exit as plot emerges
30 EU clowns: Brussels splurged £23 million on circus acts – and YOU paid
31 The Kent border: I have a secret plan to reunite our divided country – and it involves traffic jams
32 Kexit: 14 Funny reactions to ‘internal border’ Post-Brexit being created in Kent
33 Nigel Farage: The story of 'Mr Brexit'
34 Frexit champion warns France could follow UK out of bloc after Brexit
35 Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Leader, Says He Won’t Run in Election
36 Nigel Farage has made a huge Brexit concession
37 Nigel Farage’s Brilliant Failure
38 More migrants have crossed Channel and arrived in UK this month than in all of last year
39 Migrants' passage to the UK is driving political backlash
40 SNP plot: Sturgeon unveils PLAN B to tear Scotland from UK
41 Nigel Farage gets his way, and last laugh: Brexit is coming
42 Migrants who crossed Channel could be sent to controversial detention centre
43 Jewish groups and MPs condemn Nigel Farage over antisemitic 'dog whistles'
44 DHS investigated by House after Nigel Farage enters US for Trump rally
45 Brexit Champion Farage Plans Party Relaunch, Sunday Express Says
46 Exclusive: French Navy seen shepherding migrants into UK waters, and abandoning them
47 Time's up, Nigel Farage, and I'm not just talking about your role on LBC
48 Nigel Farage's 'crisis' in the Channel is a second wave of nonsense
49 Trump calls Nigel Farage to praise Boris Johnson and criticize Jeremy Corbyn
50 Farage wants tougher stance on China, says Trump needed to 'stop it'
51 'Completely dehumanising': Nigel Farage describes group of children and adults landing in Kent as 'invasion'
52 William Davies · Short Cuts: Woke Conspiracies · LRB 24 September 2020
53 Tensions build over migrant camps | News
54 Nigel Farage urges Republicans to donate to Bernie Sanders to boost Donald Trump's re-election hopes
55 Biden should learn the lessons of Love Actually: worry about US problems and keep your nose out of Brexit
56 Nigel Farage 'will not take a penny' of £153,000 MEP golden goodbye
57 The majority of people in Kent voted leave – but not to leave the UK
58 Tories getstrong opposition to Internal Market Bill
59 Fresh off a Brexit victory, Nigel Farage tells Liberty students they are 'living in extraordinary times' » Liberty
60 Outrageous. Provocative. Unapologetic. Nigel Farage finally clears out his Brussels bunker
61 Brexit caps Nigel Farage's unexpected rise, and the triumph of nationalism over liberalism
62 Farage appeared with antisemitic pastor on US web radio show
63 General election 2019: Nigel Farage defends decision not to contest Tory seats
64 TV tonight: how Nigel Farage pulled off Brexit
65 Watch: Nigel Farage in flag-waving row during Brexit bill debate
66 General Election 2019: Nigel Farage's interview fact-checked
67 Nigel Farage threatens to form rebranded political party 'if Boris Johnson goes soft on Brexit'
68 Nigel Farage hints he will join Donald Trump’s presidential campaign next year
69 Nigel Farage has worst reaction to Andrzej Duda's re-election in Poland
70 Nigel Farage likened to Alan Partridge as he's pictured on a beach looking for migrant boats
71 Folkestone charities fear far right will target asylum seeker base
72 Nigel Farage's brilliant response to Tony Blair's referendum attack revealed
73 Nigel Farage claims VICTORY as Boris Johnson 'adopts Brexit Party plan'
74 Nigel Farage won't join Donald Trump's presidential campaign to ensure Brexit is delivered properly
75 Campaign genius Nigel Farage has totally self-partnered himself
76 Nigel Farage will fight Labour seats after pact with Boris Johnson fails – so what's he up to?
77 Nigel Farage Is the Most Dangerous Man in Britain
78 General election 2019: Nigel Farage wants election 'alliance' with Tories
79 Nigel Farage's fury at Piers Morgan racism allegations exposed: 'I'm sick of this!’
80 Nigel Farage demands apology from Remainers after claiming Russia report clears him of any wrongdoing over Brexit
81 Nigel Farage, a fierce Brexit supporter, endorses ‘Vexit’ at Liberty University
82 Nigel Farage reveals what happened at his mystery meeting with Julian Assange in Ecuadorian embassy
83 Nigel Farage: I'm not sure I can face another uphill battle against our corrupt Establishment
84 Nigel Farage asks voters to elect at least some Brexit party candidates
85 Lukashenko Sworn in as Belarus President as EU Mulls Sanctions
86 In betraying his party, Farage has exposed its latent instability
87 Nigel Farage, Brexit’s Loudest Voice, Seizes Comeback Chance
88 Who is Nigel Farage? The now man or the never man?
89 Nigel Farage says Leave voters will not get what they voted for at end of Brexit transition period
90 Nigel Farage's End of the Pier Show – Byline Times
91 Is this finally the end of Nigel Farage's political career?
92 Nigel Farage says NINE boats carrying migrants are already on the Channel this morning
93 'This is the Britain I want to see'
94 Is this the date we could finally overturn this Brexit mess?
95 Britain's Conservatives Must Rebel Over Huawei
96 Nigel Farage ridiculed after he took to Twitter to complain about police visit
97 Nigel Farage under investigation after flying out to US Trump rally
98 Give Nigel Farage a peerage, say almost half of Tory voters
99 Give Nigel Farage a peerage
100 Brexit party candidates have been 'hounded', says Nigel Farage