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1 Nigel Farage sparks fury after falsely claiming that 12 migrants who arrived in UK all had Covid
2 Nigel Farage's anti-lockdown party: Future force or busted flush?
3 Blame Nigel Farage for Brexit betrayal of UK fishing fleets – Yorkshire Post Letters
4 Nigel Farage Supporters 'Least Likely To Take Up Covid Vaccine' Among Voters
5 What does Nigel Farage’s Reform Party stand for
6 Nigel Farage claim of 'EU Human Rights Act' is False
7 Nigel Farage calls for scrapping of EU Human Rights Act on Twitter (but one problem... it doesn’t exist)
8 Nigel Farage may be all for Reform – but he is still going nowhere | John Rentoul
9 Nigel Farage issues Keir Starmer prediction as Labour leader backs 'tearing down' statues
10 NIGEL FARAGE: A Communist takeover of our schools that Britain must end at once
11 Firms owned by Nigel Farage, John Bercow and a royal benefited from furlough
12 Richard Madeley blasted Nigel Farage with 'too stupid' remark in heated Brexit debate
13 Nigel Farage makes big claim over Nottingham Forest star after LBC interview
14 Nigel Farage calls for BBC licence fee and House of Lords scrapped in new manifesto
15 The rise of Florian Philippot, France's answer to Nigel Farage
16 Cambridge Analytica Psychologist Advising Global COVID-19 Disinformation Network Linked to Nigel Farage and Conservative Party – Byline Times
17 How 'Detroit of the U.K.' went from thriving suburb to Covid hotspot
18 Farage warns UK's fishing industry 'hangs in the balance'
19 Firefighter says he was sacked from FBU role due to pro-Brexit views
20 Nigel Farage orders Boris to seize control of UK fishing: 'Ban super trawlers NOW
21 Nigel Farage's savage reaction to Megxit confirmation
22 Desperate Rejoiners plot 'anti-Farage' party to reverse Brexit by 2026: 'Count me in!'
23 Nigel Farage and more than 35,000 others sign DUP petition calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to trigger Article 16 of NI Protocol
24 'Irrelevant extremists!' Rejoiners torn apart over desperate plot to launch pro-EU party
25 Nigel Farage: Brexit Party to focus on fighting lockdown
26 Merkel under pressure to 'break away from EU' over vaccines
27 Farage's views on human rights are a danger to us all
28 The Post Brexit UK- Biranavan Lambotharan | This Is Local London
29 Nigel Farage heaps praise on Donald Trump at Arizona rally
30 Nigel Farage turns his attention to opposing lockdown – should we care?
31 Brexiteer Farage says UK will be too closely aligned to EU
32 Hartlepool councillor switches allegiance to join Nigel Farage's Reform UK party
33 Farage tries to harness COVID lockdown anger to take on PM Johnson
34 Here's why lockdown is Nigel Farage’s new target
35 Farage party's relaunch marked with low-key anti-lockdown protest
36 Fire Brigade Union leader was forced out over Brexit support, tribunal hears
37 Nigel Farage accused of breaking quarantine rules with pub visit
38 Acts of pettiness delight me – they’re a reminder of the toddler in us all
39 Nigel Farage briefly denied flight boarding to attend Trump rally
40 Nigel Farage leaves radio station LBC
41 Limerick’s mayoral election will attract oddballs and ‘Farage types’, says Willie O’Dea
42 Nigel Farage: The story of 'Mr Brexit'
43 Nigel Farage pivots to crypto
44 Brexit Champion Farage Plans Party Relaunch, Sunday Express Says
45 Nigel Farage says looks like Trump has won U.S. election but not certain
46 Nigel Farage's new Reform UK party is unlikely to succeed – but his next one might
47 Reform UK Scotland urged to sack Glasgow candidate over Twitter interactions
48 Nigel Farage is shilling gold and silver on the internet
49 Why Nigel Farage's anti-Covid-lockdown crusade is a cause for grave concern
50 Nigel Farage investigated over US trip to attend Trump rally
51 Jewish groups and MPs condemn Nigel Farage over antisemitic 'dog whistles'
52 Britain Doesn't Have a Refugee Crisis, So It Created One
53 The Rise in Anti- Asian Hate || Fatima Blakemore CANDI Sixth Form College
54 Scottish Digital Marketing Expert Redirected Nigel Farage's Website to Michel Barnier's Website
55 New poll shows patronising right-wingers are wrong, the 'Red Wall' does care about the environment
56 Time's up, Nigel Farage, and I'm not just talking about your role on LBC
57 We have short memories when it comes to remembering how we compromised with paramilitaries
58 Nigel Farage's populist instinct has failed him over lockdown
59 Nigel Farage loses UK radio show
60 The Alarming Return of Nigel Farage
61 Farage's anti-cyclist article shows car users fear loss of control
62 'Completely dehumanising': Nigel Farage describes group of children and adults landing in Kent as 'invasion'
63 Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Leader, Says He Won’t Run in Election
64 Book review: a treatise of Britain's time in and out of the EU
65 ‘Lunacy,’ says Nigel Farage after police visit over lockdown trip
66 Nigel Farage declares 'war is over' as Brexit deal is done
67 Nigel Farage loses £10,000 bet on Donald Trump winning the US election
68 Dominic Cummings departure means ‘Brexit sell-out’, says Nigel Farage
69 Nigel Farage’s anti-lockdown party is just his latest political bandwagon
70 Nigel Farage is angry that the EU has taken control of its own borders
71 What is the convention Trump, Pence and Farage are speaking at and why is it so influential?
72 Yule never believe it – Nigel Farage is on my naughty list this year
73 Nigel Farage's China curveball should worry the Tory party
74 The Populists Finally Breaking With Trump
75 The race to be Italy’s Nigel Farage
76 Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Leader, Lends Hand to Boris Johnson. Mostly.
77 Nigel Farage: I danced to Queen and Trump invited me on stage — my time with his fanatical support base
78 Nigel Farage Doesn't Need to Win This Election
79 Nigel Farage warns Democrats: If you 'martyr' Donald Trump what follows 'could be very sinister indeed'
80 Farage wants tougher stance on China, says Trump needed to 'stop it'
81 Nigel Farage called 'big joke in Europe' by Chinese reporter
82 Opinion | Nigel Farage Is the Most Dangerous Man in Britain
83 Five years ago Boris backed Brexit by joining the leave campaign
84 Gogglebox's Steph and Dom have practically doubled the value of their grand home
85 Father of Brexit NIGEL FARAGE tells Boris Johnson: The war is over!
86 The working-class boy, the Balliol bar and an encounter with the young Boris Johnson
87 Nigel Farage's 'crisis' in the Channel is a second wave of nonsense
88 Nigel Farage loses 50,000 followers after Twitter crackdown
89 Trying to Rebound After Painful Losses, the UK's Labour Party Is Courting Conservative and White Voters—and Losing Its Core Principles in the Process
90 Gary Lineker brutally mocks Andrew Neil’s GB News with shameless Twitter swipe
91 Control or catastrophe? Farage, fortune, freedom and a £199 subscription
92 Nigel Farage, Brexit’s Loudest Voice, Seizes Comeback Chance
93 Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party to target pro-cycling councils in next year’s local elections
94 Farage is right, migrants should do some honest work and hold a pint
95 New book chronicling Boris Johnson's history of deceit
96 Covid and the myth of liberty-loving England
97 'Don't kill off last UK trading floor,' says Nigel Farage
98 Nigel Farage’s latest grift? A newsletter telling you how to ‘take back control of your money’
99 The Government is playing into the hands of Nigel Farage over Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
100 Nigel Farage, changing British history from the margins